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LOTRO Flash Lottery – Everybody Wins!

Or so it seemed.

There was a Lord of the Rings Online flash lottery yesterday morning.  LOTRO Flash lotteries pop up in Twitter, if you’re following LOTRO, and have a very short duration, usually 30 minutes or less.

When I saw the tweet, I popped over to the LOTRO community site and entered all of my characters on Firefoot.  Those are the characters I actually play, unlike the ones on Windfola and Nimrodel.

And much to my surprise, they all won.

That is every character I have on Firefoot.

The community team at Turbine did have something to say about the higher than average rate of wins.

Still, every character I entered won.  That is some boost in the win rate.

How about you? Did you get in on that flash lottery?


I suppose I might mention what I won.  Some might find that relevant.

Each of my characters got between 50 and 300 silver and a package.

I’m not sure I’ve been gone long enough to need a welcome back, but I appreciate the thought.  The Welcome Back Pack contained:

Not bad for a lottery win.

Cloak for a Snowy Day

In the face of the freezing weather facing much of the country, Turbine had a flash lottery yesterday with a storm theme and gave out nice and warm looking snowy cloaks.

I’m out here in California where it was a brisk 63 degrees yesterday, so of course I won the cloak.  Gotta keep warm!

Snowy Cloak Front

While only a cosmetic item (only?) it is a very nice looking cloak.

Snowy Cloak Back

As I was complaining a few months back, it still doesn’t look like a real cloak.  You couldn’t wrap it around yourself to keep warm.  Still, I am happy to have it in the collection.

I actually won two of these cloaks, which is a bit of overkill, since you can share cosmetic items among all of your characters via the wardrobe feature.

Maybe I should have a contest to give it away?  Who on the Firefoot server has the most pathetic cold weather tale?