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The Hot New WoW Hunter Pet

My daughter, finally evicted from the Cataclysm beta last week, had to come back to live World of Warcraft.  But at least she came with some information she picked up during the beta.  One of the first things she did was run out and catch two of the new hunter pets that showed up with the shattering.

She now has a pair of foxes as pets.

With one of the new pets

They even have a playful option.

Dancing Fox

With the 4.0 patch, hunters can now collect a lot more pets as well as carry up to five along with them.  Having a hunter of my own… okay, a few hunters at various levels… I wanted to know where to get this new pet.

They live in the Redridge Mountains, the zone out past Elwynn Forest.  Redridge, like most other locations in old Azeroth, has changed some since the sundering.

The two different types of foxes live in different parts of the zone.

The black fox, called a Forest Stalker, lives over by Keeshan’s Post (Bob Keeshan?), one of the new outposts in the zone.

Forest Stalker

He can be a tough fellow to find.

The other, known as the Redridge Fox, lives along the Lakeridge Highway along the southern edge of the zone.

Redridge Fox Family

While the Redridge Foxes travel in family packs, a mother and pups, you can only catch the brown coated adult.  The red pelted pups cannot be tamed.

Now I need to get out one of my hunters and see how they perform as pets.

[Addendum: As somebody pointed out, Petopia does have the low down on all the new pets.]