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Items from the GameSpy “To Do” List…

Passed to me by a mole at GameSpy HQ, it turns out that yesterday’s “Imagining of Diablo III as a first person perspective game” is just the first in a series that the site is planning.

Going forward we can look forward to imagining:

  • Portal as an Infocom text adventure (tentative title “Get Cake”)
  • Pokemon played from Pikachu’s perspective
  • Quake as a collectible card game
  • Star Wars Galaxies in a universe where Anakin Skywalker died at birth. (Wait, we’ll be getting that after December.)
  • MUD1 as a graphic novel

The list appears to be only the first of several pages.  Has anybody picked up on any other titles they might be working on?

Quote of the Day – If Only Blizzard Would Try This…

I’d love to see what Blizzard could do with a first person view. I love the freedom that this camera system gives us to explore the virtual worlds we’re inhabiting. I can only imagine what a Blizzard first person game would feel like; I’m guessing it would be astonishing given the company’s eye for detail, provided it had an engine powerful to give the designers free rein.

Bennett Ring of GameSpy, Diablo III Beta Musings

Fine, you want to imagine Diablo III as a first person perspective game, go right ahead.  I’ve written dumber things than that.

But if you’re going to aspire to be a real, actually paid to do it, gaming journalist, never having heard of World of Warcraft seems like it might be a bit of a draw back.

(Zonkeriffic hat tip)