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GAX Online to Close on 8/31

Gary Gannon, one of the founders of GAX Online, posted a notice today on the front page that the community site he helped found saying that it will be closing down at the end of August.

It is with great sadness that I deliver this announcement. On August 31, 2009 GAX Online will be closing its virtual doors. My dreams of creating a user generated/self perpetuating video game social site has proven me wrong.

I had thought that once the site had a user base and was “established” that it would sort of run itself based on quality content/blogging from the community. Unfortunately I have learned that without proper leadership a community of this nature may be impossible. Over time the sites content has slowly degraded and has become less and less valuable to anyone.

As most of you know GAX was created at a time when Ryan and I did the podcast Massively Online Gamer, and even if it was not intended this was the central “core” running GAX. Even though MOG lived at GAX I always saw the two as separate entities. That is where I was wrong. I had hoped for a site that created extremely valuable content for gamers where all of the content was created by gamers. An independent collective community that could give the “big boys” a run for their money. Although many of you created great content since it’s inception, this obviously did not transpire.

I know I had trouble finding meaning in the site for myself.

Gary does have a new blog of his own and is talking about a potential podcast.

We will have to see what develops.

But it seems that GAX will be gone for good soon.

[Of course, Gary went on to found Gamebreaker.tv.]

Gamer Social Networking?

I was looking at my page at GAX Online [long since gone, click links at your peril] the other day and was trying to find the point.

I mean, I get the idea of social networking.  I have a profile on Linked In, a social networking site focused on professional relationships.  I am linked to a whole pile of friends and co-workers and I can see where they are working now and what they are up to whenever the urge strikes me.

And that makes sense to me and because I am me.  For the former, as I said, I can keep track of friends and have a method to get in touch with them, at least so long as their profile is sufficiently up to date.  And for the latter, well, my friends tend to be people with whom I do things on a regular basis and, having had a job since I was 13, there is no more regular group than my coworkers.

But other services and social sites, things like Facebook, Plaxo, or MySpace, don’t do much for me.  There isn’t anything there for me.

But GAX Online is gamer oriented, so I thought I should give it a try.  I do spend a bit of time playing online games after all. (*listens for vocal comment from wife*)  And GAX was put together by the guys from Massively Online Gamer, so I felt I ought to support their endeavor in return for all the entertainment they have provided.

I signed up early one, got my account, created my page, put little bits of information about myself on it, uploaded a picture, added an RSS feed from my blog, asked to be friends with a couple of people, accepted friend invites from a few others, joined some groups, and generally poked around.

And that was about it.

I checked in regularly at first, looked into groups, followed a few of the blogs being run on the site, and watched what was going on.  But over time I began checking in less and less frequently.  Some things I kept up with via RSS, like Brent’s Other Blog back when he was having fun with it and telling people things like their blog probably sucks or that perhaps Tolkien and/or Halo are not that great.  But then he stopped doing that.

It is not that GAX Online is dead.  Every time I go there, activity is apparent, I just have no enthusiasm for it.  It does not seem to be for me.

As a comparison, in a fit of gamer social networking enthusiasm brought on by the launch of GAX Online, I also signed up for GuildCafe just for comparison’s sake.  But GuildCafe stuck even less firmly with me, no doubt because I didn’t even know a half dozen people to put on a friend’s list.  I kept up with that site so little that while they changed their name to GamerDNA in April of 2008, I didn’t even notice until September, and I am not sure I made the mental connection that one was the other until even more recently.  The triumph of apathy.

So there I am.

But just because I can’t find any compelling reason to visit these sites on a regular basis doesn’t mean I know everything that is there.

So my question of the week is what gamer social networking site do you use, if any, and what keeps you coming back to it?  What makes a site like worth it to you?

Or not worth it, if you prefer.

WAAAGH – The Warhammer Online Podcast #2

Somewhere along the line I lost track of the Massively Online Gamer podcast. I used to be a regular listener, but then things started to happen.

There was GAX Online which, understandably, took up a lot of their time.

Then there was the strange temporal asymptote phenomena that seemed to stand between them and MOG show #100. The closer they got to it, the further away that show seemed to be.

So I was glad to see that Gary and Ryan are back with a new podcast called:

WAAGH – The Warhammer Online Podcast!

Episode #2 is worth a special mention because it features Brent from VirginWorlds talking with Gary and Ryan about his “It isn’t fun” post about Warhammer Online, shark jumping as a genre, their expectations, the game itself, and their experiences so far.

Absolutely worth a listen.

You can find the episode #2 right here as well as on iTunes.