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Seeking the Hydrocane

We returned to Gnomeregan few times, back when we were doing Gnomeregan, in search of a couple of specific drops.  Moronae, for example, wanted the Manual Crowd Pummeler drop from the Crowd Pummeler 9-60.

Moronae with the Manual Crowd Pummeler

Having moved some levels beyond Gnomer, I figured I wouldn’t be going back.  But then I wanted to wrap up some of the Mirage Raceway and Stranglethorn Vale quests, which include a couple of underwater runs in the Vile Reef off the coast.

I gave it a try with Tistann, but the time limit for being under water was pretty restrictive.  WoW Classic is hard mode these days when compared to retail.  I thought, perhaps, I could work around the underwater issue with water breathing.  Warlocks have the spell, but I didn’t have one handy to keep it on me.  Water breathing potions are a thing, but I was not inclined to waste cash at the auction house buying them.  But I remembered that the first real boss in Gnomeregan dropped the Hyrdrocane, a staff with water breathing as an attribute.

The Hydrocane

All I would have to do is run into Gnomeregan, get to the Viscous Fallout, that first real boss, slay it, and loot.  The odds were not bad for the drop and Skronk had been talking about rogues sneaking in to farm the Viscous Fallout for the dagger drop.  So in I went.

It isn’t too far into the instance even.  You just zone in and run to the edge of the of the pit in the Hall of Crafters.  It is visible from the entrance.  Just watch for the mob that runs past that spot… though he is non-elite… and even if he was elite, you’re here to kill a boss so you had better be able to take on a single elite.

Gnomeregan Map segment from Retail WoW

From there you just jump from the ledge onto a big gear down below.  The fall knocks you down to about half health, but that isn’t so bad.

You can see the top of the gear from here

The Viscous Fallout wanders around down there.

A picture from later in the story, but you get the idea

You just get him alone, easy enough, and take him down.  My first run in went very smoothly.

Unfortunately, he dropped the Acidic Walkers instead of the Hydrocane.  And then I had to get back out.

I could, of course, stone out.  But that is a once-per-hour thing.  I decided to see if I could just blast my way out.  Rogues have stealth to solve this problem, but a hunter with a pet… you are not very stealthy and your pet is bouncing around a bit so you cannot slip past mobs.

So I tried to do a runner and died.  Even gray elite can bring you down if there are enough of them.  So I ran back to the instance, revived, then stepped out again to reset the instance.  Once reset, I ran back in and did it again.

With the same result.  Acidic Walkers.

So I fought my way out more slowly this time.  It took a bit, but I got out safely, reset the instance, and did it again.  Acidic Walkers again.

Finally, on the sixth try I got the Hydrocane.  I had already trained staves on Tistann, so I could wield it, I just needed to run on back to the Vile Reef to finish things off.  Worked like a champ, especially since I didn’t have to fight with it, taking on the murlocs at range with my gun.

Later I had Viniki with the same set of quests.  Again, I figured the Hydrocane would be a good choice.  I had even learned a thing or two from my first runs.  Also, being small and without a pet wandering around him, he was able to bypass a lot of the mobs, and simply absorb hits from others being a warrior and all.

Viniki slips past the troggs with ease

It was a good thing that I learned a few thing, as it took even more tries this time around.  Viniki had four Acidic Walkers and two daggers drop before he got the Hydrocane.

Hydrocane in the loot finally

From that set of runs I learned that if you try to reset an instance more than instances more than five times in an hour the game will stop you and make you wait for a while.  Ah well.

And then he had to go train staves and skill it up because to use it under water he would have to equip it as his weapon.  There was some work in that, but it ended up doing the job.

So when Wilhelm, my paladin was at level 38 and looking at the Vile Reef quests my mind immediately went to the Hydrocane.  I figured he could manage getting in at level 38, so I flew him to Ironforge and ran out to Gnomer for another run.

Like Viniki, he was able to slip past the troggs on the way in by running up the rail outside the instance.  Once in, he went to the edge of the pit and jumped in.  The Viscous Fallout rolled by him and he took it down and, on the first try, he got the Hydrocane!  Mission accomplished.  No need to worry about sneaking out, he could just stone home.

Once he recalled back to Stromwind I ran over to the weapon trainer.  I needed to train up staves and get Wil working on skilling that up, when I tumbled over a fact I should have remembered.  Paladins cannot train staves.

I don’t know why.

As I complained to Skronk in chat, a paladin can train polearms.  Those are pretty much sticks with a blade attached to the end.  Wil’s weapon even then was a polearm.  And a stave is pretty much a stick without the blade bit.  But I guess paladins need that sharp bit to get things done.

So he ran out to Vile Reef and did the quests the hard way, holding his breath, diving down, then rushing back up to the surface.  It didn’t take too long.  Less time that it would have taken to do eight runs at the Viscous Fallout most likely, as I had done with Viniki.  But it is still nice to have the water breathing on hand, just in case.

And I was able to stop Skronk from wasting his time trying to get the Hydrocane with his pally.  Or anymore time.  He’s already gone zero for four trying to get it as a drop.  Lessons learned.

I was thinking about Alioto, my druid, who might be doing those quests some day soon.  With cat form he could stealth on out of Gnomer.  But druids also have aquatic form, so maybe he won’t need it.

Return to the Crowd Pummeler

The group didn’t really align itself over the past weekend, so we spent some time doing quests in smaller groups.  On Saturday Fergorin and Alioto finished off they elite quests in Duskwood and Alioto got to 30, so we have a backup healer close in levels to the group.

Had to wait a bit for Morbent Fel

Earl, Skronk, Ula, and I also spent some time on as alts, first chasing down some basilisks in the Charred Vale for a mage quest and then just running around leveling up a bit out in Loch Modan.

Trying to flee from our wipe… it didn’t work

Come Sunday it seemed possible that there might be a big enough group for a try at the next Scarlet Monastery instance at some point, but as the day wore on into evening, we could only scrape together three of us.  Our small group consisted of:

  • Viniki – level 32 gnome warrior
  • Skronk – level 32 dwarf priest
  • Moronae – level 32 night elf druid

That makes up the holy trinity of WoW groups, but it is a little light on the DPS front.  Also, it was getting a little late to start on a big new endeavor.  I have a rule about not starting anything new after 8pm on work nights, built on a long history of kicking of something small that ends up keeping me up well past my bed time.

But I did have one idea, a scheme that would either be short or extremely short, depending how well we did.  So I brought up that now tired name, I said, “Gnomeregan.”

Gnomeregan Establishing Shot

We weren’t going to do the whole thing.  Even I wasn’t that mad.  But I figured it was worth a shot to go in the back door and see if we couldn’t get to the Crowd Pummeler 9-60.  He had denied us that two handed mace, the Manual Crowd Pummeler, that Moronae had be looking for.  In three attempts the Crowd Pummeler had dropped the leather boots each time.

Also, at this point, I was taking a bit of perverse joy in returning to Gnomer yet again, it being such an unloved instance.

If we were good enough getting to the Crowd Pummeler wouldn’t take too long.  And if we were not good enough, well, that would take even less time unless we chose to bang our collective heads against a wall a few times.  So we met up in Ironforge and trotted on down the road to Gnomer.

Getting to the back door was a bit of a pain.  As it turns out, past 7pm Pacific Time on a Sunday night isn’t a popular time to run Gnomer.  Every possible mob that could lay between us and the back door was up and awake while the tunnels were just narrow enough that we couldn’t avoid an ongoing slog through trash mobs.

All the leper gnomes came out to play

Still, trash is just trash.  It took us a bit to chop through it all, but we made it to the back door, opened it up.

The door rises

On the far side was out first challenge, a pair of elites and a couple of non-elites around them, the Gnomer special.

The first hurdle past the side door

It was time to put our little group to the test.  I chose the flamethrower mech as the first target.  We got ourselves buffed.  Then I did the pull.

Getting straight to the point, we won.  And pretty convincingly.  I was able to hold most of the aggro, Skronk kept me healed, and Moronae shredded each target in turn in cat form.  The main annoyance was the occasional wrench throwing non-elite that would fixate on Skronk in the middle of the pack.  But otherwise it seemed like we could get through to the Crowd Pummeler.

Battling our way into Gnomer

There were a few tense moments and a couple of lucky pulls, like the time another pair of elites waiting walked just far enough apart that I was able to pull one but not the other.  Eventually though we made our way around and stood just up the tunnel from the Crowd Pummeler.  Would we be able to take him down?

We can see the Crowd Pummeler across the way

Once we were ready I pulled him back into the tunnel, if only to constrain the space in which he could toss us around.

As I said with the last run into Gnomer… or was it the one before… it is much easier to deal with one big mob than a crowd, both when you’re healing and when you are tanking.  And aside from the knock-back, the Crowd Pummeler doesn’t do anything special.

Facing the Crowd Pummeler

The fight was over pretty quickly, and we sent Moronae up to check the loot.

Checking for the pummeler

And… it was the leather boots again.  Fourth time in a row for that drop.

That was a let down.  But it didn’t take us all that long to get to the Crowd Pummeler, so we decided to run back out the way we came, reset the instance, then try again.

Back in the instance we managed to move back through again.  The three of us at level 32 seemed capable of handling each encounter.  Our first run was not a fluke.  It was just the usual dangers of the place.

Have to kill that alarm bot before anybody hears him

In not too much time we were back at the Crowd Pummeler again for another shot.  As with the first fight, the second went very smoothly with just the three of us.  When he was down Moronae once again went to check the loot status.

Here we are again!

And this time it was the Manual Crowd Pummeler that dropped.

Manual Crowd Pummeler stats

There are only three charges for that increased attack speed, which didn’t show up when I clicked the linked weapon.  But even without that it is a hard hitting mace, and has a reasonably distinct look.

Moronae out of cat form with the Manual Crowd Pummeler

That was what we came for, so it was time to head home.

Stoning out of Gnomer again

So maybe that was our last run into Gnomer.  It has equipped the group pretty well, with the Acidic Walkers and the Electromagnetic Gigaflux Reactivator hats having dropped a couple of times each.  Still, I wouldn’t mind a Manual Crowd Pummeler for my retribution pally.  We shall see.

Gnomeregan Again but Backwards

Did I say we were done with Gnomeregan?  Clearly I was in error.

Gnomeregan Establishing Shot

Sunday saw us online again.  The weather outside was foul, with heavy rain and high winds, so my plan to go out and hang the holiday lights on the house was postponed.  Time for games. (It was a bountiful Thanksgiving week for that.)  We got together to decide what instance we ought to do, since we had five of us on. (It was Monday morning for Earl in Japan, so he was off the list.)

The discussion went around, but Moronae still wanted that staff, the Manual Crowd Pummeler, from the Crowd Pummeler 9-60 boss in Gnomer.  And I can’t blame him, it is a great item.  I’d love one for my pally.  So we figured we would just run in through the back door, get to the Crowd Pummeler, and take him down.  Easy days.

But then we needed a group.  Skronk and Ula wanted to go with their alts, Fergorin and Scscla, so I rolled out Alioto, who managed to survive our Scarlet Monastery graveyard run, giving us a group that looked like this.

  • Alioto – level 26 night elf driud
  • Scscla – level 28 gnome warrior
  • Fergorin – level 28 dwarf paladin
  • Obama – level 29 human warlock
  • Moronae – level 31 night elf druid

And with this group we had some fresh faces for Gnomer.  Alioto had collected up some of the Gnomer quests the day before when there was a question as to where we might head and what the group composition would look like.  Scscla and Fergorin had some as well, so we shared them out amongst outselves.  After all, going in the back door meant going past Techbot, and that would be a quest done.  And you have to fight your way in there, so you’ll probably get the white punch card, so you might as well start that quest off.  And, who knows, you might get enough “coke machines” along the way to finish that quest off.

So off we went.  Alioto, still not quite 27, made some early decisions for us, along the lines of, “should we kill this mob?” just as Alioto managed to proximity pull the mob with his aggro radius of doom.

As expected, we managed to pick up the white punchcard and upgrade that at the first set of machines.  Then it was off to wait for Techbot to spawn.  Despite those who rushed to level cap in the first month, there are still a substantial number of people running lower level instances.  Techbot has been dead whenever we have run by.  And he was yet again.

We were crowded around the spawn point, but a group having just left and another lurking around nearby.  Not content to wait quietly, Obama started calling the other group “Republicans.”  He is young, and in youth you find many things funny.  But he has also gotten a fair share of grief for his name choice.  At least my druid’s name, also political, was just that of an SF mayor.

My reaction to events

Anyway, that didn’t turn ugly and we took down Techbot, finishing that quest, and headed over to the back door.

The back door has mobs too

At this point I do not recall the first time that Alioto died.  Nor do I recall the situation of most of his deaths during the run.  I just know that Recount says he died 6 times.  Two of those were wipes, and one was a special case, but the other three were all pretty much the same scenario, one that occurs often in Gnomer.

A lot of the trash in Gnomer consists of groups of non-elite mobs, often centered on one elite main mob.  What happened those five times was that Scscla would go in and get everybody on her.  Then the rest of the group would join in, focused on the elite mob, which was the main threat.  At some point I would need to heal Scscla, often a big heal as the mobs would be beating her down pretty aggressively.  A rejuvenation just wasn’t going to cut it.

So I would toss our a regrowth or, if things went south fast, a healing touch.  And as soon as I did I would end up topping the aggro chart for some of the non-elite mobs who would rush me or start throwing wrenches at me.  Gnomes, right?  With the mage plus warlock group this gets handled with fire and ice, but with no Ula we just have fire and a bunch of loose gnomes running  around.

All fire, no ice

Even at level 26 I could probably handle one of these level 28-30 non-elites, but when two or three started in on me, I was in trouble.  It was time to run to the tank, say “save the healer!” on voice coms, and try to heal myself.  That I only died to this three times was probably a good sign.  An additional heal from Fergorin or Moronae was often the margin needed to keep me alive.

So I died a lot.  fortunately Fergorin could also ress me.  I’ll bypass the trash mob deaths and stick to the more memorable ones.

We made our way to the Crowd Pummeler which, relative to the trash mob fights, was easy to heal through. Aggro isn’t an issue with just one mob, though Moronae’s DPS was enough to pull aggro from the tank now and then.  We even pulled him back into the tunnel to keep the tossing about to a minimum.

We meet again Crowd Pummeler

However, the Pummeler disappointed yet again, dropping the boots rather than the 2H mace.  Moronae already got the boots on a past run, so they defaulted to Alioto as the other leather wearer.  They were a big upgrade, though he needs to get to level 28 to wear them.

Having hit our primary objective, there was the question of what to do next.  Electrocutioner 6000 wasn’t that far away, so we decided to press on to get him.  When we got to the ring area around his platform we decided to clear clockwise.  He was 180 degrees off from us in the circle, and the first group to the left looked a bit easier that the one to the right.

More clearing then up the ramp to the Electrocutioner, where we brought him down in short order.  Again, a single mob fight, no problems for me.  He dropped the Lagnut ring yet again, going 4 for 4 on that now.  It went to Scscla, who had an empty ring slot and who could use it.  There we realized that we had cleared to the third punch card machine, but were missing a previous one back by the dormitory.  Obama had also finished up with “coke machines” and Alioto had picked up collecting those and was nearly done.

So to finish out those quests we thought we would fight our way back to the second punch card machine, picking up the “coke machines” on the way.  It was then that we realized that clockwise was the wrong choice previously.  It left the path to the tunnel we needed to get to still occupied.  So we started to clear our way there.

That was when we had our first wipe.  We managed to get two groups of non-elite gnomes plus two elites.  That led to me dying in the usual, happened five other times, way.  But it also left too much heat on the group to survive.  We all went down.

Complicating things, Fergorin, who had the soul stone, was in the thick of the remaining mobs, so his survival seemed unlikely.  But the soul stone is a “use it or lose it” proposition, so he used it hoping for some luck.

Dead and Fergorin is out in the middle there

There was no luck.  The wipe was complete and we had to release.

Back at the graveyard we began to run back, at which point I suggested that we might as well go in through the front door this time to revive, after which we could jump of the ledge, take on the Viscious Fallout, get the dormitory punchcard machine, and then work our way back to where we died, over by the Electrocutioner 6000, which had the third punchcard machine.  After that we would just need to go back to where the Crowd Pummeler was, use the lift to get down to the bottom floor, and get the final punchcard machine.  Piece of cake.

People agreed, so we went in through the front door, got ourselves together, cleared a few pesky troggs, and jumped off the ledge to the boss fight.  It was a close run thing, and I died there too.  I suppose it was slightly different that the rest of the five deaths I’ve lumped together because my aggro radius drew elite adds, but my healing still drew aggro and I went down again.

Me, face down in the toxic ooze again

However, the Viscous Fallout nicely dropped the Acidic Walkers again, so Obama got a new pair of shoes.

After that we made it to the punchcard machine, then to the gauntlet to fight our way back to the Electrocutioner 6000 area.  By that time Alioto was done with “coke machines” and Fergorin had picked up grabbing them.  We figured it was better for somebody to complete the quest rather than have a few of us mostly done.

We managed to get up the gauntlet fine and cleared our way to the Electrocutioner platform for another punchcard update.  Then it was back to where the Pummeler resided.  At some point Skronk finished up his “coke machines” and Scscla started in on getting her dozen.  Taking the lift down to the floor below the Pummeler, we got into the death I am declaring an exception.

We once again got into the situation of an elite mod with a group of non-elites on the tank who, when I healed Scscla, started to focus on me.  I ran to the tank and went to heal myself when there was an incident.

For healing I use an addon called Healium.  It is a simple addon that keeps me from having to make Skronk’s mouse-over macros for healing.  It just gives me the group list with their health status and some spells next to each name that I can click on to apply to that person.  It doesn’t prompt me, I still decide who and when to heal, it just gives me some simple buttons to mash to make sure I drop a heal on the right person.

The Healium UI

I still screw up, but less so than if I were manually targeting and healing.

Anyway, the array of buttons sits low on my screen, right above the hotkeys.  I’ve move the cast bar up to keep it from getting in the way.  But as it turns out, when somebody loots and there is need/greed dialog up, it blocks the healing buttons for the top two people on the list, which in this case were Fergorin and myself.

And, having set all that up, you can probably guess that somebody looted mid-fight, there was a green level item that popped the dialog, and that this happened just as I was going to cast a heal on myself.

I died.  But what is one more death at this point.  I was already getting the yellow paper doll warning after the last death and we were almost done.  Fergorin ressed me yet again, I got healed up, buffed up, and we carried on.

The final punchcard machine was right there, so three of us finished off that quest.  We cleared a bit more to get to another of the “coke machines” and Alioto hit level 27 at last.  At that point Scscla just needed three more “coke machines” and she would be done.  But where to go and find them?

We did not want to go in the direction of the Dark Iron Agents.  That way lay madness and more wipes.  We also didn’t want to wander all the way back to the dormitory area.  We had enough back tracking for one day.  But looking at a map of the instance, it looked like we could take a tunnel to the floor area below the platform where the Electrocutioner 6000 lived.  Surely there would be a couple quest objects there.  So off we went.

And, there were even a couple on the way, so by the time we got to the big open area below the Electrocutioner 6000, Scscla needed just one more of the “coke machines.”   As we came to the opening to the area, we saw spread before us a multitude of “coke machines.”  It was the promised land for those looking to complete the quest.  Scscla just needed to run in there and grab one.

And therein lay the rub.  The open floor had a variety of mobs and groups of mobs criss-crossing it in overlapping areas of patrol.

Scscla spotted and opening and made a dash for one of the “coke machines” around the center pillar of the room.  However, she strayed to close to a mob and was in combat.  Taking damage we ran out to support her and managed to get a few more mobs on us.  We were quickly in over our head and a wipe seemed imminent.

At that point Fergorin had the foresite to flee back up the tunnel and die there, leaving him safe to use the soul stone to revive.  He could then ress us, though that was easier said than done.

Fergorin going down back in the tunnel

He was able to get Moronae, Obama, and Alioto easily enough, but Scscla had died by the center pillar near one of the quest objectives, and was out of ress range from the tunnel.  We would have to go out onto the main floor to get her.

We picked off a couple of the wandering mobs to thin things out a bit.  Moronae played with stealthing out to get close enough to pop his combat ress, which only takes two seconds to cast, but got himself herded away.  Eventually a big gap opened and Fergorin ran out to do a ress.  I kept just in range to be able to heal should it come to it.  He got Scscla and we retreated to the tunnel.

They were looking longingly at all those “coke machines” out in the center of the room still, but I had noticed, while laying dead out on the floor, that there was one just on the other side of a huge pillar that was next to the tunnel entrance.  You can see it at the far right of the screen shot above, in the dark, but still visible.  Further poking around showed that you could squeeze behind the pillar, well away from the wandering mobs.  We all shimmied past the pillar to get her final quest update, and we were done.

I don’t know why we all had to go past the pillar, but we did

After that it was back into the tunnel where we recalled back home.

Time to hearthstone once again

When I landed in Stormwind I went straight to somebody who could mend because I was red paper doll on a couple of my slots.  Then it was back to Ironforge to turn in the quests.

And so it goes.  Are we done with Gnomeregan now?  Moronae doesn’t have his 2H mace yet, so I won’t commit to an affirmative on that.

Current Guild MOTD

We’ve certainly been into Gnomer more times now in WoW Classic than we ever went as a group in retail.  Also, I guess our path wasn’t really “backwards” so much as multi-directional, or at least somewhat out of the usual order.

Now my task though is to get Alioto and Wilhelm leveled up a bit more so they are not such liabilities on these ventures.

Gnomeregan Quest Cleanup

After our run through the Scarlet Monastery graveyard Earl still had some morning energy in him in Tokyo, while most of us in California were not quite ready for bed yet.  Obama was done for the evening, but with the five of us remaining we could go back to a regular group and do something else.

Moronae was still after the staff from the Crowd Pummeler 9-60 in Gnomeregan, so we thought we might as well run back through that.  However, a potential return to Gnomer meant a shuffle of the team as both Skronk and Ula had quests to finish there as well.  With Skronk healing and tanking covered, I went looking for another alt.  The next highest likely suspect was Wilhelm, my retribution pally.

  • Wilhelm – level 26 human paladin
  • Skronk – level 30 dwarf priest
  • Moronae – level 30 night elf druid
  • Earlthecat – level  30 human warrior
  • Ula – level 31 gnome mage

Again I was way behind level compared to the group, so I had the huge aggro radius issue going against me, plus I wasn’t sure if I was even going to be able to put out any damage worth noting at level 26.  But it was that or a 32 hunter, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to go there.  Plus we were only planning to go in as far as the Crowd Pummeler, so why not get some time on the pally?

We ran on out of Ironforge and down to the instance.  Earl and I shared the quests we had collected between us, so stopped to get the punchcard update and Techbot’s brain.

Some troggs blocking our way to the punch card update

Being melee DPS rather than healing this time around, I immediately started answering the question “Do we get this mob or go around?” by pulling the mob in question with my huge aggor radius.  We had to kill all the things on the way in.

Once into the instance we followed the path that Skronk had come up with for our last run which involved bypassing the Emi Shortfuse event and just jumping straight off the walkway to hit the Viscous Fallout.  With the jump my aggro radius turned out to be quite the liability as I pulled a couple extra trash mobs our way.  I had to lay hands to hold out for a bit, though that amount of healing just bumped up my aggro and I ended up dying.

But with me down the rest of the group was able to hold out, and the Viscous Fallout nicely coughed up the Acidic Walkers, the primo cloth footwear we had been looking for.

Once I was ressed we started our way around to the dormitory and the B model punch card machines.  We cleared to that and we able to run into the safe area to use the Sparklematic 5200, which is good for some exp.

After that we were on to the gauntlet run, where I stayed as close to the right wall as possible as we fought our way through.

Battling a sentry bird

I think I still managed to pull somebody out of the side run, but I managed to stay alive.  Also, I seemed to be hitting okay.  I was in no danger of being top damage, but I was adding as much weight as I could at my level.

We managed to get through that okay and out into the ring that leads to the next boss, the Electrocutioner 6000.  As a fight he was straightforward and, in slaying him, both Earl and I got the back door key for Gnomer along with our next punchcard update.  The Electrocutioner also dropped the Electrocutioner Lagnut ring, which is what he seems to drop every time for us.  It went to Wilhelm as he had empty ring slots, though he would need to be level 29 before he could wear it.

From there it was around to the Crowd Pummeler 9-60.  We have been down this path a few times and, aside from the random alarm bot rolling up behind us, it wasn’t an arduous journey.  We got to the Crowd Pummeler and took the fight to him with Earl’s back to the wall to keep the fight in one place when it came time to get tossed about.

There we go, in the air again

However, he just dropped the leather boots yet again.  The Manual Crowd Pummeler, the weapon that Moronae (and Wilhelm) wanted remained a dream yet again.

With that done I was wondering if we were on our way out.  Skronk, Ula, and Moronae had all finished up their quests and Earl had even managed to get the dozen “coke machines” for one of the quests.  But we decided to carry on, so went up the tunnel that would bring us to the Dark Iron Agents.

Almost there

As in our last run, we cleared the pair upstream from us first, which was easy enough.  Then there was the group of four downstream.  Skronk put target markers up on each of them.  Earl was going to handle two of them, Ula would sheep one, and I got the last one.  I was still level 26, so I was curious as to how I would deal with a level 32 elite, but this was also the test for the group.  If we couldn’t get past this group of four then there was no reason to carry on.

But we managed to get past the first four.  I didn’t even die holding my guy, though I wasn’t going to be able to carry on much longer by the time attention turned to it.  I was running him down the hall to avoid the mines he was dropping.

After that there was another pair, then a second group of four.  I had to hold one of the Dark Iron Agents again, though I did ask for a level 32 mob.  I was initially assigned a level 33, which seemed like asking for an extra ration of trouble.  We managed to dance around them pretty well, along with the alarm bot, though this time Wilhelm went down.

Me down, dead mines about, and one mob left sheeped

That left us with a free run down to the bottom of the ramp where we were able to pick off the mobs at the bottom one by one.  Then it was time to open the big door, take the two groups behind it one at a time.

One last group between us and Thermaplugg

After that it was just us and Mekgineer Thermaplugg.

Last time we put both the casters, the ranged DPS, on bomb button patrol as they could stand at a distance and still contribute damage.   This time it was going to be Ula and Wil, Ula because she was ranged and Wil because I doubted a level 26 pally was going to inflict much damage on a level 34 boss.  I had actually done okay for DPS up until this point, given my level, but this time was probably asking too much.

And so the fight began.  The usual chasing around ensued in the middle as Thermaplugg shrugged off attempts to keep him focused on the tank, while on the sidelines I chased buttons.

In the end, I think my main contribution to the fight was basically eating every bomb that managed to get loose on my side, healing myself up between goes, to prevent that additional DPS from landing on Earl or Moronae.  I don’t know how much that really mattered, but it was what I could contribute, and we won in the end.

The post fight lineup

Thermaplugg dropped the Electromagnetic Gigaflux Reactivator again, which went to Ula.

Ula and her new hat

And that was it for the run.  At Earl’s end there was a meeting he had planned, so he had to go, while it was about midnight local time for the rest of us, which meant we were all off to bed.  It was time to hearthstone and call it a wrap.

Time to stone out

And so went another run through Gnomer.  We ought to be about done with it by now, having acquired a few of the good drops at least.  You can now find Ula doing her relaxation routine with her hat.

Relaxing on the fountain

Addendum: You can see the hat in action here.

Gnomeregan, But with a Plan

Last week’s Gnomer run could be rated as a success.  We went in, worked our way through to Electrocutioner 6000, obtained the back door key, killed the bosses up to that point, had a couple of intense fights, only had one death, and had zero wipes.  Op success.

On the flip side, the five of us went into the instance with six Gnomer quests in our log and only one of us, Skronk, came out with even a single one of those quests completed.  That was not stonks.  I think the first time we did the instance back in 2006 we did better, but still came out with a lot of quests undone.  But we went on to Scarlet Monastery and deleted those from our quest log.

So over the course of the week Skonk looked into what we needed to do and came up with a plan.  It wasn’t a complicated plan.  It was more of a reminder of the things we needed to do to wrap up some of the quests we had.

On Saturday evening we assembled again in Ironforge, set to return and finish things off.  Our group was:

  • Ula – level 30 gnome mage
  • Viniki – level 30 gnome warrior
  • Skronk – level 29 dwarf priest
  • Obama – level 29 human warlock
  • Moronae – level 29 night elf druid

Well, we sort of assembled in Ironforge.  Obama had logged off outside the instance the previous week, so we ran out to him.

Once more through the snow

For some reason he thought it wise to go into the instance, and did so before we grouped up.  Then he got aggro and died at about the time we arrived.  However, because he went in before he was in the group, entering Gnomer ourselves we did not see his corpse so could not ress him.  So he had to release and run back to the instance, go in, come back to life, then come back out to meet up with us.  There is always some complication.

He had to come back out because we had things to do outside the instance first.  We had to run around to where the side door is and find Techbot for the Save Techbot’s Brain quests.  That was a kill and loot.

Techbot’s brain saved, body slain

We also had to get our white punch cards update at the machine that is outside the instance as well.  Once we had done that, it was back to the instance itself. When we were previously at the instance there had something of a scene going on, with a group jumping out of the instance having gotten into some trouble within, only to get jumped by the mobs outside the instance.  This time around all was quiet.

Once inside things went pretty smoothly.  We cleared our way to the edge of the open area, jumped off the ledge, took on the ooze we landed on, then cleared a mob as the Viscous Fallout once again came up behind us mid-fight.

Here he comes, sneaking up again

As with last time, he may have been an add, but we still didn’t have much problem with him either.  However, he dropped the staff again, rather than the cloth boots the casters were coveting.  Such is life with RNG.

We went from there over to the ramp up to the dormitory and the room with the sloped walls where we had such a chaotic battle last time.  This time around we just needed to clear a couple of mobs to reach one of the punch card machines we needed for the second punch card upgrade.  We were on our way.

Then it was off to the gauntlet again, where we managed to clear through to the big room with the Electrocutioner 6000 in the middle.

We’re here already

Elapsed time in the instance at that point was 20 minutes.  We cleared around to the ramp, and got stuck in with the Electrocutioner 6000 pretty handily.

This time fighting in a lit section of the platform

At just past the 30 minute mark we were already up to where we made it last week.  Things were going smoothly as we cleared around to the tunnel that would take us to the Crowd Pummeler 9-60.  Moronae coveted one of the possible drops.

Again, clearing through to him wasn’t a big deal.  We were able to take groups out easily enough and were soon looking at our target.

The Crowd Pummeler 9-60 waits

Like many bosses, he doesn’t have a lot in the way of complicated mechanics.  He stands apart with an attack that throws you back, which could get awkward if you were fighting with your back to the ledge.  However, we had arranged ourselves in such a way that it was not an issue… totally by chance, yes, but it worked out.

At that point we were bopping along pretty well.  We cleared around to the elevator and then cleared the whole room below just to make sure we got all the “coke machines” that were down there for quest updates.

Then it was up the side tunnel that empties out into the ramp which leads down to the final boss, Mekgineer Thermaplugg.  We were pretty close to the end.  And then our troubles began.

Once again, there is something of a sudden ramp up in difficulty mid-instance.  As I have said before, vanilla WoW instances seem like a mix of experiments and assumptions about dungeon design.  And one of those assumptions was clearly that people were going to take multiple runs at instances.  While Gnomer doesn’t have the steep level ramp from start to finish the way Deadmines does, the key you get for the side door is an indication that they expected people to get that far, the work up a bit before going further.

So while things were very manageable so far, the moment we spilled out into the tunnel with the Dark Iron Agents and their mechanical friends, things suddenly got more difficult, though it would take us a bit to notice how much in over our heads we were.

The one wise thing we did was take out a small group that was up the tunnel from us, just to give ourselves more room before we took on the foursome of Dark Iron Agents in the direction we needed to go.  Not only were there four mobs to handle, all level 32 or 33 while we were still 29 and 30 as a group, but we totally forgot about the mines that the Dark Iron drop.  Add in an alarm bot that came up behind us and called in adds and the wheels came off pretty quickly.  We ended up with a wipe on that group, having taken down just one of them.

Dead on the ramp, mines about

But at least we got one, and Skronk had the soul stone ready.  We were not sure what the mines would do, there being one on either side of Skronk’s corpse.  He popped the soul stone and the mines immediately detonated, killing him again.

Strewn about sans mines now, Skronk face down rather than face up this time

That meant we had to release and run back.  In running back we decided to take the side door in, hoping to avoid the stuff we left behind.  We got to the door, over by where Techbot spawns, and found we could not use the key while dead.  Oh no!

And then one of use realize that, as ghosts, we could walk through the door and we were able to get back into the instance.  We buffed up and cleared our way ahead, hitting a second locked door.  I guess they needed a double door solution, the first to keep people from just wandering in if they didn’t have the key and the second to keep people from ghosting in the back door.

We were back and facing the three remaining Dark Iron, still marked with targeting icons.  Three should be easier than four, right?  So we checked our buff and got stuck in again.

And then something odd happened, which I still haven’t figured out.  Somehow we managed to draw what must have been 6-8 additional mobs, Dark Iron Agents and the mechs that are mixed in with them.  Maybe proximity to a group of two down in the lower part of the tunnel?  They swarmed in from up the ramp mid-fight, causing us to wipe again.

Everybody freakin’ shows up to kill us

On the bright side, the soul stone was up again, so Skronk had that in hand before the wipe.  But he was once again dead right next to one of the Dark Iron mines.  It seemed like we were going to have to do the return run again.  But, since the soul stone is “use it or lose it” he gave it a shot.  And, for no reason I can see, the mine didn’t go off.

Skronk escapes the mine

So he was able to ress us.  We buffed up again and carried on, trying to stick to the wall side of the ramp lest we draw a crowd again.

We were also becoming very diligent about zapping alarm bots when they showed up.  They only take a couple of hits, but if you don’t get them you’re going to have some adds.

The only good Alarm Bot is a dead Alarm Bot… from earlier in the instance

On we went, finally clearing that first group of four.  After that there were a couple smaller groups before we hit another group of four where things once again got our of hand and ended up in a wipe.  The soul stone hadn’t been ready yet, so we had to run back again, which is a bit of a pain since the closest graveyard is in Kharanos, which is a bit of a trot from the instance.

Skeletal remains of that wipe

We got one of the fours again though, which left us with a threesome that we could handle.

From there it was another clear and we were at the bottom of the ramp.  There four mobs wander.  As we were sizing that up I looked over the lip of the ramp to see what might wander up behind us.  There was a Dark Iron Agent there and as everybody piled over to look we proximity pulled him.  I figured we were toast yet again.

But he ran up the ramp, turned around and came up our ramp, just shy of where the mobs were roaming and didn’t bring anybody from the door with him. (Though he did bring his own friend.)  Some luck at last.  And then we found we could pull each of the mobs before the big door individually if we let them wander off by themselves.  We opened up the door and found a mixed group there, two elites and some non-elite helpers.  We took them on and managed to muddle through.  It turned out we could have taken each group individually, but I figured that out too late.  Ula went down in that fight, but Skronk was quick on the ress.

That left us looking at Mekgineer Thermaplugg, the big boss.

There he is

Moronae had something to do for a bit IRL, so we camped there at the edge of the big room and planned how to take on the final boss.  That let the soul stone timer run down, which ended up being handy.

As we sat there we saw the Dark Iron Ambassador wander by on his loop.  We would get him too.

We looked up how to deal with the big fight.  We all vaguely remembered something about bombs and buttons and such, but were pretty hazy on the mechanics.  The question was who to put on button patrol.  You have to push the buttons when the bomb towers get activated or they’ll keep unleashing mech bombs to come an disrupt the fun… and help the boss kill you.

There are six towers and buttons, and we decided that the two ranged DPS, Ula and Obama, ought to take three each.  They could run to buttons and cast in between.  I would stay in the middle with Mekgineer Thermaplugg and hold him there, Moronae would DPS, and Skronk would keep us all alive.

This was a tough fight.  The boss was level 34 and, Viniki had just made it to 31, but everybody else was still 30 save Obama, who was 29.  When you’re more than 2 levels below a mob, your attacks and spells and abilities become less effective and much more subject to resists.

So, while it started smoothly, the battle quickly devolved into chaos.  I had to work to build up aggro and two of my biggest aggro generators, sunder armor and mocking blow, were getting shrugged off and resisted more often than not.  With the damage I was taking Skronk drew aggro after not too long, leaving me to chase the boss around throwing a taunt at it every eight seconds, which it seemed to shrug off more often than not.

Skronk went down and I was left chasing Mekgineer Thermaplugg around the room as he went after the casters, then back to me, then after the casters again.  Skronk used the soul stone and got back in the fight again.  But, again, with him needing to pour on the healing… the boss chasing the casters drove them away from the buttons so as I chased the boss the bombs were chasing me… he drew aggro yet again as I tailed the target trying to get aggro back on me.

Skronk went down a second time.  The only bright side at that point was that Mekgineer Thermaplugg was down to his last sliver of health, so we were able to burn him down.  The fight was won.  Moronae used his ress to bring Skronk back.  It was a messy win, but a win none the less.  We took our traditional screen shot with the dead boss.

Victory over Mekgineer Thermaplugg

Thermaplugg dropped the Electromagnetic Gigaflux Reactivator, a very nice cloth head piece that went to Skronk on the caster roll-off.  He earned it with his extra deaths.

Then we went back out to the tunnel and waited for the Dark Iron Ambassador.  He takes a while making his rounds, but we had seen him come and go a couple of times, so we knew we just had to wait until he made his way to us once more.

The Dark Iron Ambassador approaches

As a fight he was pretty quick.  And he had the potential to drop a mace that would have been a serious upgrade for me… or a gun that would have been an upgrade for the one I use to pull.  Instead he dropped the leather wrist pieces, which went to the only leather wearer in the group.

It was a successful run, but not without its share of wipes.  The Recount total of deaths for Gnomeregan round 2:

Repair time

After that we ran around the boss room, there being a memory of a chest or something in there.  But there was nothing, so we all stoned back home to get on the quest turn ins.

All of us stoning out together

On the quest front we had done pretty well.  I managed to get them all done, and everybody else was just one shy.  We may need to go back to find a few more of the “coke machines” to wrap that up.

Quest log for Gnomer

Back in Stormwind I ran over to the Dwarven Quarter to find Shoni the Shilent.  Then it was into Deeprun Tram to get to Ironforge where a bunch of quest turn-ins awaited.

Right there in tinker town

Then from there is was a run down to Kharanos for the final turn in.  That one actually led to another quest back in Gnomer.  Given that, the fact that we need a few more items for another quest, and that a couple of us want boss drops that we didn’t get, and that we could all probably use a few more levels before Scarlet Monastery, we might yet return to Gnomer at least one more time.

I will likely get Viniki out and to level 32 before we go back in.  The final fight would probably be a bit less dramatic if I could hold aggro.

In case we don’t go, I’ll add in the part that links back to our past Gnomer runs below:

  • Gnomeregan – Round 1 – Dec 2006 – Our first run, with an odd writing style. I was still figuring out how to write about instance runs.  Also, there was no “round 2.”
  • Road to Gnomeregan – Dec 2009 – We go as our Horde group via the Booty Bay teleporter.  This was after Gnomer was refactored to be slightly lower level than in vanilla.
  • You Brought Me Here, Now Give Me The Damn Quest! – Feb 2011 – We run the Cataclysm version of the instance.
  • The Key to Gnomeregan – Nov 2019 – I might as well include last week’s post here for posterity.

Addendum:  Ula posted a pair of videos covering the run.  The first video goes up into the Dark Iron Agents.  You can see us jumping off the ledge to get to the Viscous Fallout through until our wipes.  You can see much better how many mobs came and swarmed us on that one wipe.

The second video carries on with the Dark Iron Agents, shows that proximity pull, the final clearing fights, and then the big battle Mekgineer Thermaplugg.

As always, excellent work by Ula!  Go follow her blog.

The Key to Gnomeregan

As I mentioned in the Stormwind Stockade post, we were skipping straight ahead to Gnomeregan, bypassing Razorfen Kraul.  This was, in part, due to Ula demanding that we face something challenging lest her video recaps of our adventures get dull.  We cannot depend on Skronk falling off of things every time to liven up a run.

So it was to be Gnomeregan, with the group capped at level 29 according to the MOTD in guild chat and the pinned notice in our Discord.

Not that we were in danger of getting too far ahead.  When the designated time came on Sunday afternoon, our lineup was still mostly at level 28.  We were:

  • Ula – level 29 gnome mage
  • Viniki – level 29 gnome warrior
  • Skronk – level 28 dwarf priest
  • Obama – level 28 human warlock
  • Moronae – level 28 night elf druid

We met up outside the bank in Ironforge to get ourselves together.  With an eye towards getting things rolling as quickly as possible I brought my warlock, Winki, to the bank to use the summoning skill to bring Obama and Moronae to us, since I could see from the guild roster that they were strewn about the map of Azeroth and there was no need to waste our limited time on travel.

Summoning before the bank

Still, it took us a while to get sorted and to get all of the quests shared out.  Like the Stormwind Stockade, Gnomer has its share of quests.

Most of the quests

We had to trot down the hill into Kharnos in order to pick up an additional one, and I am not sure we got them all.  There is quite a list.  But once set there, it was off for the instance.

Through the snow to Gnomer

Which is a bit of a trot.  And Gnomer is also one of those instances where the elite mobs start before you get to the portal.  But that is fine.  Troggs are for killing.

And more so once inside.  Clearing troggs is a bit like clearing Defias in the Stockade.  They hang around in groups and you get the occasional walker… well, runner… passing through, though the runners are at least non-elite.  As tends to be the case, the mobs on entering the instance were lower level than us, but that changed as we moved further in.

Moving further in though… nobody brought a map and it had been ages since we had been in Gnomer, so we moved through the instance in what was probably not the most efficient method.  But we didn’t fall off of anything, which is a hazard.

We found our way to Emi Shortfuse pretty quickly and ran through her event.

Emi starts us off

The end of that event had no drop.  I was kind of hoping for the gauntlets that are a possibility, but we were denied.

Afterwards there was some question as to where to go.  I had some recollection of jumping off the ledge to get to the Viscous Fallout boss, but I wasn’t sure that was the best idea.  So we decided to just clear our way through to where ever, including that platform in the middle.

Fighting on the high platform

The fact that you can fall off of high places in Gnomer was a bit of a reminder about how things have changed.  I recall being in instances in later expansions and finding all sorts of invisible walls that would keep you from falling off into anything.

Given that we all needed a ton of drops and a bunch of the “Coke machines” that are scattered throughout the instance for quests, taking the long way around and killing as we went seemed like a reasonable approach.

At one point we came out into a room that we had to clear and things started getting out of hand.  We don’t have anybody who can quickly stop troggs when they start to run… the wind up for druid root is a bit long… so there were a couple of adds from that.  We were also fighting on a sloped section of wall with some open doors to other rooms, which ended up in a proximity pull or two.  I hope Ula got Skronk falling into one of those open areas on video.  The fight seemed to be getting out of hand but we somehow managed to come through it without losing anybody.

Taking a breather after the fight

From there we found our way into the safe zone, where we used the vendor and played with the machines.

3 silver for a piece of lead? At least it gives exp on the first try

After that we carried on to the floor area where the Viscous Fallout lives.  We were careful pulling mobs, clearing out a large area around the doorway before venturing in.

Pulling ooze back from the main floor

And then, as we were taking on one of the slimes the Viscous Fallout wandered up behind Moronae and the fight was on.  I honestly thought it was just another elemental, and the fight went pretty fast.  But, it turned out we had another boss down.  He didn’t drop the shoes, which all the casters were looking for.  Instead he had the staff.  It is a nice staff, but not what people really wanted.

After that we cleared our way back around to the out door and into an area I have heard referred to as “the gauntlet” in the past.  It is a long corridor with a walkway up on the left side, both of which had mobs wandering around.  You have to pick one or another to travel down to get to the next area.  The comedy comes when you’re in one and get close to the end of the other and pull proximity aggro and get a few surprise adds.

Here is where we ran into trouble.  At the start we went into the wide section, eschewing the walkway, mostly because there was a “Coke machine” sitting there waiting for us.  The pair of mobs next to it didn’t seem like much of an issue.

And then we got a walker as an add.  Then an alarm bot showed up and called for help before we could kill it.  And then somebody strayed too far left and we got a proximity pull from the walkway.  And then another as a walker on the walkway joined in as well.  Things were becoming a bit chaotic.

Fight in the gauntlet

At one point, with my taunt on cool down yet again… that is a long 8 seconds to wait… Skronk went down.  That was fine, he had a soul stone, we could still pull this out.  But then we had to have a discussion about whether or not we wanted to “blow” the soul stone on a fight with trash mobs.  I was very much on the “yes, revive yourself and heal me now please!” side or the discussion, and he did use the soul stone.  I suppose Moronae could have used his combat ress as an alternative, but we didn’t really have the time to bring that into the debate.

Also, all of our buffs took the opportunity to drop during that fight, just to add to things.

And yet we lived.  I figured, after that previous fiasco in the room with the sloped wall, that there was a good chance of us pulling through.  Despite being older and rusty and not very well coordinated (I’m pretty sure the voidwalker ran off and pulled another add on its own) we are still not as bad as we were back when we were doing this as a group for the first time in 2006.

Once we recovered and got buffs back up, we decided to take the walkway forward.  Its narrow confines had more mobs and would keep us marginally less likely to get proximity adds from the big open trough.  We still managed it, but we never ran into a situation quite that bad again.

Through the gauntlet, we ended up in the big room that had the next boss, Electrocutioner 6000, in the middle.  We just had to make our way around the room to the ramp up to his platform.

Around the platform, working on gnomish aircraft, are groups of five or so gnomes linked together.  They are all non-elite, so the idea was to pull them, group them up, then do “fire & ice” so the casters would burn them down.  And that sort of worked.  There were a few hiccups.  Amongs the groups there is the occasional elite mob.  The pathing for the gnome groups is still as broken as it was back in the day, which makes getting them all together awkward if you try to pull them through one of the areas they refuse to enter.  And, frankly, mage AOE wasn’t as OP effective as I recalled, so we had to get in and chop down individuals.

Still, we managed, nobody died, and we made it to the ramp and laid eyes on the boss in not too long.

There he is

Despite the Electrocutioner 6000 being a few levels above us, level 32 to our mostly level 29 group, with only Ula having hit 30 so far, the fight with him was short.  There are no special mechanics, it is just a “there he is, get him!” sort of fight that went very quickly.  Maybe our DPS isn’t all that bad.  The main complaint was that I pulled him into a dark area on his platform, so the fight wasn’t going to look good on video.

Over the corpse on the dark corner of the platform

The Electrocutioner 6000 dropped the Lagnut ring, which went to Skronk, it being spirit and stamina focused.

At that point we had been running for about 2.5 hours and there was some spouse aggro developing for a couple of us.  We started a bit late in the afternoon and dinner was ready for some of us… I had to pause the group at one point to call in a Thai food order for my wife to pick up on the way home from a listing where she was holding an open house… and pointed reminders that there was food on the table were coming.  So it was time to call it for the day.

Fortunately, the Electrocutioner 6000 dropped the workshop key, which lets people come in the other entrance, bypassing the initial bosses.

They key

So we were set for our next run.  We recalled back from that platform.

…after playing on the planes

So Gnomeregan will be a two-parter for us.  Maybe a three-parter if we decide to finish off all of the quests.  I don’t think we knocked out a single one.  As for next time, the level cap for the group was raised to 30, since Ula was already there.  We will pick up where we left off next time.

Ula has posted two short videos from our run.  The first covers entering the instance through the Emi Shortfuse event.

The second takes us through the Electrocutioner 6000 fight.

Among other things in this video, you can see the Viscous Fallout wandering up on us, the fight in the sloped room, the chaos of mobs showing up in the Gauntlet, the pathing issues I mentioned, and how quick the Electrocutioner 6000 fight and why we took the fight in that dark corner. (Hint, proximity pull again!)

You Brought Me Here, Now Give Me The Damn Quest!

How do you pronounce Gnomeregan?

When I say it aloud, which is more often than you might guess, it comes out “No More Ray Gun.”

It is not as tough to pronounce as, say, Uosusuokko, but I always hesitate a moment before I say it. (I have never even attempted to say Uosusuokko aloud.)

And I had reason to say it this past weekend as the instance group was heading back to Gnomeregan.

We had a new plan.  In search of increased challenge, we were going to try to hit instances at the lowest level the Dungeon Finder.  After all, if you can DF into an instance, you should be cleared for all the quests therein, right?  That is only logical after all.

When we grouped up, we shook out as:

  • Xula – level 25 Gnome warrior
  • Earlthedog – level 25 Worgen warrior
  • Ethelred – level 26 Worgen druid
  • Maloney – level 26 Worgen mage
  • Nancyboy – level 26 Worgen priest

And Gnomeregan was the one instance on the Dungeon Finder list that we had not hit, so off we went.

Only when we got there we found that Xula and Earl, who were just shy of level 26, could not get the initial quest for the zone.  The only saw the dreaded gray exclamation point.

Those of us who were level 26 could get the quest however, and since Xula and Earl were close to level, we decided to just do some clearing of trash until they hit level.  Then we could run back and they could grab the quest.

Clearing Some Troggs

Soon enough, Xula and Earl hit 26.  At that point we found that we could simple share the initial quest.  I was not sure we could do that, as it looked like it came with a quest item, namely a parachute.

You no longer have to fight your way the long way down to the first boss.  You can simply jump over the edge about where we are in the above picture and float down to the Viscous Fallout.

Which is, of course, what we did.  We managed to land all over the place and there was a bit of a hectic fight as we each brought our own elite add to the party.  That was the most dramatic event for… well… most of the instance.

We then chased the Viscous Fallout around for a bit, as he is a wandering boss, until we finally chewed through most of his little helpers and caught him.

Engaging the Viscouse Fallout

He coughed up the Toxic Revenger blade, which went to Xula.

There is a quest turn-in near by, after which you begin the great yard trash clearing effort for which Gnomer is so rightly known.

Of the initial leg of that run, the only item of note is that there is still a bug that causes the gnomes to run around the outside of one of the pillars in the ring around the Electrocutioner 6000.

They Won't Go Through The Arch

We made our way around to the Electrocutioner 6000 after clearing out all the wrench throwing gnomes.

The Electrocutioner 6000

He did not put up much of a fight.  The most notable thing here was that, when he died, Maloney, Ethelred, and Nancyboy all leveled up to 27.

It was then just a clearing effort to get to Mekgineer Thermaplugg.

The Plug Abides

This is an event fight and you have to detail people to watch and disable the bomb chutes that surround Thermaplugg.

Maloney and Ethelred, the ranged DPS, each took one side of the chamber on bomb patrol, and the fight began.

And then it ended.

I think I only had to turn off one bomb chute, turning to hit Thermaplugg while I was waiting, and Ethelred might have had to turn off two.  But we burned down Thermaplugg so fast that not all the chutes came into play.

With Thermaplugg down, the achievement was ours and the instance was complete.

Thermaplugg Defeated

But the whole thing was quite a different experience from what we went through on our first run some four years ago.  Go back and look at all of the stuff I listed out before.  Entering through Dungeon Finder did not give us all of those external quests and so we never had to bother with Coke machines, punch cards, or essential artificials.

It was more akin to our run through the instance as a Horde group.  But it was even a bit abbreviated compared to that.

Gnomeregan “done,” we checked the Dungeon Finder and saw that the Graveyard instance in Scarlet Monastery had opened up to us.  With plenty of time left on the clock, we jumped on in.

And we were once again thwarted on the quest front.  While Dungeon Finder was happy enough to transport us to the dungeon, the quest giver did not find us worthy and we could not get the quest.

No Quest From Joseph

Joseph the Awakened was there and waiting for us, but only had the gray punctuation above his head. (Not visible in the picture due to the UI being turned off.)

Furthermore, the Graveyard, a short instance already, has been dialed back a bit more.  There are a few less trash mobs.  You’ll note that the entry hall where the quest giver now stands is almost completely devoid of any bad guys.  We ran through the instance so fast we were taking a victory shot before I remembered to take any screen shots.

Victory in the Graveyard

We’ll have to come back of course.  Not that we haven’t been there a lot already.  As Xula noted, it wasn’t even Hallow’s End and here we were.

The one confusing moment in the instance was when we finished off the main boss and did not get an achievement.  The Pavlovian response, “kill final boss, get pretty ding!” was interrupted!  It took a minute for us to remember that you have to do all four of the Scarlet Monastery instances to get the achievement.  But during that minute we tore around the instance looking for some hidden or rare boss that we might have missed.

Done so quickly, we decided to hit random and run through another instance just to get us all up to level 28.

The Dungeon Finder put us back in Gnomeregan.  There it was noted that we all had another parachute in our bags, so I guess that you just get one for going into the instance, no quest required.

We took the opportunity to look around for some of the side adventures that used to be a part of the instance.   We found, for example, that Emi Shortfuse was still there with the trogg tunnel event.  You can speak to her to run it and you get to kill troggs as before, finishing with Grubbis and Chomper.

After that we made our way down into the instance, eventually getting the whole group to 28 at about the time we hit the Electrocutioner 6000 again.  Xula got 28 on that fight, the last in the group to get the level, so we decided to stop there and call it a night.

Final Group Shot

Given where we stand on getting quests in instances, we might have to go out into the world and get a couple of levels before we head back to the Scarlet Monastery.

Road to Gnomeregan

We’re off on the road to Gnomeregan
This instance is tough on our time (hit me with some caffeine)
Why we’re goin’, how we’re goin’, we cannot be sure
I’ll lay you eight to five that we’ll meet…

Okay, hold on.

Show of hands… who is going to understand what I am talking about when I make road movie references or inevitably refer to Dorothy Lamour in this post?

Come on… you… you in the back, you’re old enough.

Not many hands.  Who is that… Tipa, Potshot, Genda, and my mom?


Kids these days.

Anyway, when Potshot said that we were on for Gnomeregan, I was not exactly bubbling with joy.  He wanted to storm the place and it was feeling more like a drizzle to me.

Remember when I did that poll a while back?  The one where Gnomeregan came in low on the love meter, and I was not shy about adding my voice to the crowd on that subject.  We’d been there once and that was enough for me.

Still, he had explained that we were not quite high enough level for any of Scarlet Monastery but were were in the prime level range for Gnomer.  Plus, he said,  the horde quests for the instance were much less annoying.

I was worried though.  I got on early and spent some time trying to figure out exactly how we were going to make our way from the nearest horde base we could reach to the what is practically the doorstep of Ironforge.  If nothing else, grief-watch was sure to be all over our case again with us wandering about alliance territory with obvious malicious intent.

Potshot patiently explained that there was a quest that sent us to Booty Bay, from where we would take a teleporter directly to the outside of the instance.  On the third or fourth try I actually grasped what he was telling me.  All we had to do was grab two quests in Orgrimmar, make our way to Booty Bay and we’d be on our way.

So the group for the night began to assemble.

26 Orc Shaman – Earlthebat (Earlthecat)
28 Undead Mage – Bigbutt (Bungholio)
28 Tauren Druid – Hurmoo (Vikund)
28 Blood Elf Paladin – Enaldie (Ula)
28 Tauren Druid – Azawak (Skronk)

Azawak and Hurmoo were hanging out in Booty Bay directing people to get the quest.  In one of the light moments of the night, Azawak was sitting in the Salty Sailor Tavern when an alliance player a few levels higher walked in.  Thinking to pwn the hordie, he took a swipe at Azawak, who was sitting facing away from the door and holding a hand of aces over eights.  The alliance player got that one free hit, which didn’t do much damage, before the level 75 Booty Bay bruiser one-shotted him.

Azawak said he nearly did a spit take he was laughing so hard.

That also answered a question for me.  I had been nervous hanging out in Booty Bay, since it is contested territory, and I wasn’t sure the guards would care it people went after each other.  Now I know.  Potshot says that Gadgetzen is going to feel like Mos Eisley.

As people ran off to get the quests, we ran into our first problem.  Nobody besides Azawak and Hurmoo could get both quests in Orgrimmar.  The first to try was Earl, and we though that maybe he was short a level to get it.  Then Enaldie had the same issue and we knew something was up.

Some research turned up the fact that sometimes you can only get the teleporter quest, but once you run to Booty Bay and turn it in and get the teleport token, you can then run back and get the other quest.  Maybe tauren are exempt?

That turned out to be the case for us, so after some travel, everybody was in Booty Bay and ready to go.  We teleported to the outside of Gnomer and ran into our next problem.

The first effect of the 3.3 patch happened at the instance door, the dreaded “could not create instance” message.

Everybody is so jumped up to run instances after patch 3.3 that we’re stressing the system again.

We ran into an oddity while trying to get an instance.  We all jumped into the swirly portal, but when it kicked us out, we were on the other side of the portal.

Through the looking glass... sort of...

Fortunately, the wait for the instance server did not last too long.  We were able to get in after about a minute and a half of jumping around.  We did try to see if there was something else beyond the portal, but you run into an invisible wall a dozen yards or so in.  There is no open-world version of Gnomer waiting to be discovered it seems.

Once in, we began our quick tour of Gnomer.  All those alliance quests meant nothing to us.  No trogs to kill, not tunnels to blast, no collecting drops, no jimmying coke machines for loose change, and no escort quest.

Well, we saw the escort quest was actually lit for us, but we decided to just say no.

We were just there for the scenery and the bosses, with our only real quest being to slay and loot Mekgineer Thermaplugg.

Gnomeregan Scenery

And, frankly, without some of the bothersome quests, Gnomer isn’t that bad.  Sure, there are some oddities that have been around for ages with NPC pathing and proximity, but overall things were good.  And again being at the low end of the level curve for the instance, the experience was quite good.  Everybody got at least one level along the way.

And the bosses were quite good to us as well.  A blue drop for everybody along the way, at least one of which was a level above the person who needed it.  That is always good, getting a nice rare item just before you need it so you get maximum benefit out of it.

On we went, deep into the bowels of the instance until we finally reached Thermaplugg.  We needed a safe combo from him to open his safe to and steal his blueprints for the quest Rig Wars.

Even after all the time that has passed since we did this fight, we still remembered it.  We put Bigbutt on bomb hatch patrol on one flank, Earlthebat on the other, then went after Thermaplugg.

Mech-fu Fighting

We did the patty cake routine and then there he was laid out on the floor.  He hadn’t seen the movie either.

The fight seemed… easy.

I keep saying that about the boss fights we’re redoing after several years.  Blizzard can’t have nerfed them all.  We must be learning or something.  Anyway, we posed for our victory shot.

Victory in Gnomeregan

We looted the safe combo, and then found the safe in the back of the room.  We all opened it and got the quest item.  All of us except Earl.  His bags were full.  This screwed up the quest, so no item for him.

We were near the back door to the instance and had obtained the key, so we decided to see if we could just fight our way out, reset the instance, fight our way back, and kill Thermaplugg again to get the item for Earl.

That wasn’t too tough and it gave us two shots at the Crowd Pummeler 9-60, who dropped a couple more nice blue items for us.  He only drops two things, and we got one of each.

Back at Thermaplugg again, we defeated him, Earl made sure he had bag space, he looted the combo, opened the box… and nothing.  Again.

Thwarted, we decided to call it a night, lighting up the hearthstones and heading home.

Hearth stones all around

Later, Earl abandoned the quest, picked it up again, and potshot ran him through to Thermaplugg again with his death knight.  Same result.  Somehow that quest got messed up for Earl, which is too bad because it had a nice reward.

In the mean time we have to figure out where to head next week and what the implications are of this new instance group matching system for our regular group.

And I didn’t mention Dorothy Lamour after all.  Well, I mean, aside from the one in the first line of the post… which was frankly all the reference I really needed for those who knew what I was talking about.  There were, however, a couple of references to the road movies.

We Don’t Like Gnomeregan

Well, 43 out of the 199 people who responded to my completely unscientific and statistically meaningless poll didn’t like Gnomeregan.

This is the follow up post to a poll I posted at the start of the month regarding which instance Blizzard ought to ignore when and if they start making heroic versions of old Azeroth instances.

199 people stopped by and voted, and this is what they said:

Instance Poll results

Gnomeregan was #1 on the list with enough of a margin to make in the unambiguous winner/loser.

That was my own pick.  From my view Gnomeregan has some very cool features but is spoiled by being too long and too grindy.  I went back and ran through Gnomer with Vikund to close out some of the quests for the faction back when he was level 79 and it was a pain in the neck even then.

Second place went to Maraudon which seems to have its own fan club.

Then things fell into a pack with Wailing Caverns, Stormwind Stockade, Blackrock Depths, and Sunken Temple which all have aspects that people have issue with.

Interestingly enough, following the rule which says that for any feature, no matter how good or bad it is, there is somebody out there who hates it and there is somebody out there for whom it is the best feature ever, all of the instances listed received at least one vote.

And, of course, 32 people responded that they didn’t care in any case.

I will take as validation of my own choice that while I was writing this, the 200th person came along and voted for Gnomeregan.

Here is to hoping that Blizzard will find some time to revise Gnomeregan some day.  It has potential, it is just buried in too much yard trash.

Gnomeregan – Round 1

It was Saturday night and time to stand tall. And how can you feel anything but tall in Gnomeragan? It is full of gnomes! There are a distressing number of gnomes fleeing the place when you walk in though. They aren’t aggro, at least if you play Alliance, but when you’re in a fight and you see two or three more mobs running your way, it can cause a bit of panic.

We started up a little late and, once we got through a discussion the Discovery Channel’s show “Born with Two Heads,” we “headed” from Ironforge out to Gnomeregan, stopping in Khanos to pick up one last quest on the way.

Quests! Gnomeregan has more quests associated with it than any instance I have seen so far. We went in with six and there were more inside. Speaking of going in, this was our group on entering the zone:

30 Warlock – Bungholio
31 Rogue – Blintz
31 Priest – Skronk
32 Warrior – Earlthecat
32 Mage – Ula

Actually, two of the quests, “Save Techbot’s Brain!” and “The Day After” can be done without entering the instance. Techbot is outside of the instance while “The Day After” requires you to get a sample from any green, glowing mob in or around Gnomeregan.

The instance itself takes a while. It is on the order of Wailing Caverns in duration and a lot of mobs, the Troggs most notably, seem to respawn very quickly. Since we were a good four hours doing this instance I am going to save myself typing all of the “then we fought our way over here” conjunctives and just cover the highlights.


He is outside the instance. He isn’t even elite. Kill him on your way in for the quest.

Eri Shortfuse

This does not appear to be an actual quest as much as an event. You help her blow up a couple of tunnel and you get to kill a lot of non-elite troggs, ending up with the named trogg Grubbis and his pet, Chomper.

A Fine Mess

An escort quest. You have to help Kernobee back to the instance entrance. He has a little alarmbot with him that apparently timed out and killed him. We failed the quest and, once you fail it, you cannot get it back in the same instance. Another night for this one.

Coke Machines

For the quest “Essential Artificials” you have to pick up 12 artificial extrapolators. These come from big box-like contraptions that I began referring to as “Coke Machines” because they were about the right size and shape and because I seemed to be completely incapable of saying “artificial extrapolators” after about 11pm. The machines are single use, so with five of us we needed 60 of them. Earl and I, the melee crowd, got ourselves covered, always being out and front, but Bung, Ula, and Skronk fell short. We plan to head back some time soon, so we will get them then.

Sparklematic 5200

This is an in-instance “quest.” Basically everything in the zone has a chance to drop grime-encrusted objects. When you get to the gnomish holdouts, they have several of these Sparklematic machines. You give the machine an object and 3 silver and you get back something. Most of the time it is malachite or copper ore. Sometimes you get uncommon equipment. And, the first time you do this, you also get 2450 experience, which is worth the 3 silver right there. Bung asked if you got the experience every time at which point I told him if we did, I was never leaving.

Punch Cards

You need a prismatic punch card for the quest “Data Rescue.” You get to that by picking up a series of punch cards, each one giving you access to the next. The first one is from a machine, a Matrix Punchograph, outside the zone by Techbot. After that the punch card dispensing machines are near the instance bosses.

Viscous Fallout

An elemental mini-boss, the Viscous Fallout was nice enough to drop the Acidic Walkers for us. Skronk got them on the roll and put them on right away. They look like white tennis shoes.


These are annoying. Given enough time they will summon a pack of helpers who can make your life rough. They do not have too many hit points, so you can usually kill them quickly, but they have a nasty tendency to wander up when you are already engaged in a fight. Watch for their yells or you could be sorry.

Fire and Ice

Ula took the crown for most damage inflicted during the instance. I run the combat stats addon and usually Blintz, Mr. Damage, is listed on top. But in Gnomer there are quite a few fights with groups of non-elite gnomes. In these fights we use the “Fire and Ice” technique where we pull the group then, as they bunch up, Ula freezes them in place then Bung rains down fire upon them. The freezing plus her follow up spells put her into first place in damage by 2,338.

Electrucutioner 6000

The Electrucutioner is a mini boss. You kill a lot of non-elite gnomes to get to him, which we did through the fire and ice method mentioned above. He guards some of the punch card dispensers. He did not drop anything exciting for us except the keys to the back door of the instance. And with a rogue around, we really did not need that, but we all have something on our key chains now!

Crowd Pummeler 9-60

A short fight on our way down to the main boss, he dropped the Manual Crowd Pummeler which was just right for Earl.

Dark Iron Agents

Near the end of the zone, before the last boss, you run into Dark Iron Agents. This was the scene of our wipe. The Dark Iron Agents drop back in combat and lay down mines. Like the alarmbots, the mines do not have many hitpoints, so they can be disposed of quickly, but you have to keep your eyes open during a fight. If you miss one, they do a lot of damage when they explode.

We had a fight with one mechanical patrol and three agents. After a wild fight where we dropped the ball on mine patrol, all of us were down while the three Dark Iron Agents were still alive. Not a good showing for us.

So we ran back to the instance and recovered a bit. Here we are getting ready for the return bout. You can see Skronk’s new shoes.

We used our back door keys, ran back to the agents and, this time, put them all down in fairly short order.

The Grand Betrayal

“The Grand Betrayal” is the quest that brings you to the big boss, Mekgineer Thermaplugg. This was the last fight, and it was a blast… quite literally at times. When you take down his door guard, Thermaplugg is alone in his chamber. Around the edge of the chamber are what appear to be six big, bronze faces. When you start the fight, the mouths on these faces open and walking bombs drop out, which can ruin your whole day. At the base of each face is a big red button which turns off the bomb dispensing feature.

Our plan for the fight was Earl and Mezzmon attack, Skronk heal, Ula, Bung, and I on button duty until we had each closed the mouths of our assigned faces, then into the fight.

The fight itself was not particularly difficult. Only a couple of bombs got loose. Thermaplugg runs all over the room, so it is an active fight, and he tosses people about for good measure, so it was a wild ride. In the end though, he was dead and we were all still alive. We got out quest update and I got the Charged Gear of Eluding, a nice rogue ring.

Here we are at 2:30am standing over Thermaplugg and ready for bed. This shot is called “The Gnome Elevating Moment.”

You can see one of the big red, candy-like buttons we had to push in the background.


A fun zone even if it takes a long time to do it. It also requires some planning as you face a number of mechanical mobs, so no sheeping.

The experience was huge from quests and kills. I started the zone half way into level 31 and ended up, after turning in the quests much later that morning, about 5% shy of level 33. Everybody came out of the zone a level higher.

The more I look at him, the more Bungholio looks like the Jerry Lewis character in the movie “Which Way to the Front?


Skronk took the damage meter output that I send out to the group after each instance and formatted it nicely. I could not make it fit as nicely into the blog format, so I have a screen shot of it here.

If look at it you will see “detonation” as the second or third biggest inflictor of damage on the whole party. That damage was only from Dark Iron Agent mines and the walking bomb at Thermaplugg as far as I can tell, so I was not kidding when I said that they could ruin your whole day.


We are eyeing Scarlet Monastery for our next venture.