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Thrilling Internet Spaceship Stories!

Goonswarm has put together a new guide for new players and made it available publicly in .pdf form.

Traditionally, the new player portions of their Wiki (which is a gold mine of information, lore, and bee caricatures that I have spent hours pouring over) has been viewable by all.  Their recent effort to update their guide for new players took an odd turn and eventually came out in the form of a pulp science fiction magazine, complete with ads and tales of the astounding.

Rifters of Outer Space!

Rifters of Outer Space!

The .pdf is available for download here.

Amazing Scientific Discovery!

A Great Scientific Discovery!

While oriented towards Goonswarm, the whole thing is worth a look whether you are a newbie, an old hand, or have no real interest in EVE.  Better than Breathtaking Dogfights.

When in Rome Do as the Goons – Jita, Hulkageddon, and the EVE Economy

The order of upcoming cataclysmic player events in EVE Online looks to be coming in the following order:

  1. Destroy Jita
  2. Hulkageddon V
  3. The Economic Aftermath

Or as Helicity put it...

The first two you have probably heard about one way or another.  The third might be news to you.

More after the cut since this whole thing became much longer than I anticipated.

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Have the Goons Wrecked the EVE Economy Yet?

Because they were threatening to do that like a month ago with their Goonswarm Shrugged operation, and I haven’t seen much in the news about it since.

Sure, The Mittani brings up ganking regularly on Twitter.

And over at EVE News 24 there are editorials about CCP vs. the Goons or making high sec PvP free, both of which reference the the Goonswarm Shrugged ops, but which do not really go into detail.

So what is going on?  Have oxytopes quadrupled in price as predicted?  Are the Goons having an impact?

We’re going to wreck the entire EVE economy

Goonswarm Shrugged.

It’s time to inflict Goonswarm’s rage on Empire once again. Jihadswarm was a way for Goons to cause suffering and rage in unsuspecting pubbies, who (naturally) had no idea that they could be hurt in empire space. Unfortunately, Jihadswarm had few lasting effects on the EVE universe. By hitting everywhere, it failed to hit hard enough in any one spot. That all has changed now, as the finance team has come up with a way to hit a small slice of empire space, and yet have a much larger impact. The isolated pain of random pubbies is not enough. It is time for Goonswarm to hurt everyone in EVE, and so reap the misery of a wronged universe.

I knew it had been too quiet in EVE.

CCP hands out new captain’s quarters.

The Mittani throws the mob red meat.


Goonswarm in Esteldin!

Doesn’t look all that fearsome, does he, standing around in the crafting hall at Esteldin?

Is he looting the bank?

Still, what could he be thinking?  Is he planning to infiltrate us even now?

Some sort of mail fraud?

Not the most role play compatible name I’ve seen certainly.

He’ll probably disappear only to be replaced a short time later by a character name Goonwaffe due to political intrigue.

In the mean time, since they’ve done some music videos, do you think they’d cover my “Kill 10 Boars” idea?

EVE Online Makes the BBC

The defeat of BoB in EVE Online was big enough to make it to the BBC it seems.

The story is short and to the point.  The best quote for me was from Mittani:

“We don’t have any advantages, so we can’t obey your stupid ‘space bushido’. We’re going to spy, we’re going to use defectors, we’re going to lie, cheat, steal and be bastards.”

Space Bushido!

But can you say “bastards” on the BBC, or is that reserved for the web site?

Thanks to my friend Steven for IM’ing me with the link!