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Critter-pocalypse Continues

As I mentioned before our guild, small though it may be, is intent on getting the armadillo pup that comes with the critter killing guild achievement.

We have now made it to the 20% mark.

I have added to the critter count myself by slaughtering the flocks of fjord penguins that can be found around Icecrown.

Many a penguin victim

I have to wonder what PETA thinks about this sort of incentivized critter slaughter that Blizzard has set up.

Actually, given their behavior back in 2009, I suppose I don’t really have to wonder.

Incenting Guild Behavior

Of course, you can probably guess what our guild started doing once Potshot discovered this achievement.

Guild Achievement Target

Who doesn’t want an armadillo pup?

I haven’t hit 81 with a character yet or done any of the new or redone instances.  But I’ve killed a lot of critters.

Like Thanksgiving gone wrong

This one has brought the guild together… or at least the pet obsessed factions of the guild.

And we can watch as our count climbs.

I wonder if this is going to keep us from swapping over to play Horde at a later date, this investment in our guild.

Still, it is nice to see WoW guilds evolve from a being a mere chat channel to a shared bank resource to… well… this.