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The Handy Dandy Guild Hall in Norrath

More going on about EverQuest II.

I was on about leveling up crafting in EverQuest II last, but I decided to cut out a portion of the post where I drifted off into how much having a guild hall helped out.

EQII had housing… good, game integrated, flexible housing… at launch, but it took four years for the game to get guild halls.  In 2008 Game Update #48 kicked off an event that culminated in guild halls being released into the game.

And some of the guild halls are quite impressive.  I still have a character in the Revelry & Honor guild from way back in 2009… they never kick anybody I guess… and I can recall being quite impressed with their guild hall.  I mean, it was on an island visible from the shores of Antonica.  I wrote a post about it even.

So back in 2011 when the instance group made their one attempt to adapt to Norrath, a guild hall was on the shopping list… once we made a guild.

Guilds have been around since day one as well, and were considerably more complex than the World of Warcraft guild features, which consisted mostly of a chat channel, a guild roster, and a MOTD.  EQII guilds had levels and ranks and access to special perks like subsidized housing and early mounts and such, to the extent that there was a lot of whining in the forums about how you had to be in a guild to get some of these special things.  But there is always a lot of whining in the forums about everything, so welcome to the club.

So being in a guild was very much a thing, if you could form one.

There is always a barrier and it is amusing to go back a read some of the posts from that time as they are, like my current day posts about EQII, rife with confusion as to how to get things done… like how to make a guild.

The Guild Creation Window is more promise than details

At the time, because we were in EverQuest II Extended, the free to play experiment before the whole game went that route, you needed the following to create a guild:

  • A guild charter – 450 SC from the Station Store (60 silver won’t cut it)
  • Guild leader/charter buyer must be a subscriber
  • A full group – that means 6 people
  • The whole group in the same zone with the guild registrar
  • Everybody the same alignment (no mixed Qeynos and Freeport, even in New Halas)
  • A guild name that hasn’t been taken and meets the filer standards

According to the wiki we’re back to just 60 silver for the guild charter, but the other items still apply, the most difficult of which, for the random individual, is probably forming a full group of six and getting them together in the zone with the guild registrar.  Still, we managed to do it back in the day.

That gets you a guild.  But for a guild hall your guild must be level 30.  Having divided up labor for crafting (to do trade skill writs) and set our eyes on some heritages quests, we went to work to level up the guild.  It took us about a month, though almost two weeks of that time SOE was offline due to the great 2011 hacking of their (our) data. (Though the post hack exp boost that SOE gave people probably helped us along.)  Anyway, the we got the guild to level 30.  We could buy a guild hall.

In hindsight it is amusing how much of a burden the cost of buying the hall and playing for the upkeep seemed to be.  Now, with the usual ongoing inflation, the sums, both in coin and status, seem laughably small.  But that is what time will do.

50 Platinum seemed like so much back in the day

We bought the standard guild hall in New Halas, which turned out to be a boon in the long term as that allows both Qeynos and Freeport players to get to it, and started setting it up.  While decor was on the list, amenities were the key item.

Amenities added to the upkeep cost… you buy the hall then have to pay for upkeep every seven days… but were essential to making the whole venture worthwhile.  We setup a whole crafting room down in the basement with all of the crafting stations. (We did have to push the guild to level 40 to unlock enough amenity slots to get all the things we wanted, and some amenities require a specific guild level.)

The crafting room

The harvest supply depot, which lets you store crafting materials that you can automatically draw from if you craft in the guild, was placed in the center of the room.  This is perhaps the most handy feature, as you don’t have to keep raw materials on your person.

The supply depot limit has expanded over the years

We also opted for a fuel merchant, as crafting requires a fuel component for each run.

Then, behind a counter are the gathering hirelings, which which can be sent out harvest common crafting materials every two hours (you get to pick which level range you want them to harvest), and which Gaff and I shepherded pretty regularly in order to build up a healthy store of materials.

Guild gatherers ready to go

Then there were the two trade skill writ NPCs, one for normal and one for rush orders, with their clipboards on the wall behind them, which is where you pick up your crafting assignments.  And, of course, a banker and a broker NPC so that stored items and the market were only a few steps away.

The names were funny at the time

As I said, all of this cost coin and status and, at the time, it was a bit of work to keep it open.

The upkeep with amenities

Fortunately, nothing goes away if you don’t pay the bill, and for a long stretch when 136K status seemed like a lot, we would let the guild hall sit idle, locked, waiting for our need.  A feature of my return to the game every year or two would be the unlocking of the guild hall to do a bit of crafting.

The years have helped out when it comes to paying for the guild hall.  back in the day that price was something I had to think about.  Now, with the usual amount of inflation that goes on between expansions, keeping it open is a no brainer.  The signature and crafting quest lines hand out an abundance of status.  While it is pegged to the pricing of status items that come with the newer expansions, older items have become quite affordable.  The status is so free flowing at times that the guild has leveled up a few times.

So with the guild hall open and the NPC gatherers filling the supply depot every two hours… at least when I remember to go speak to them, as it is not automated… I managed to build up quite a supply of raw materials to draw on.

For items that I need to craft inside of an instance I look at the wiki about the quest line, specifically the supply list, and pull the items from the supply depot.

If there are items I can craft outside of an instance, and there are a number of steps that just have you craft items that get used as part of the crafting quest lines, I use one more feature of the guild hall.

A very short cool down

The guild hall homing beacon is one of the amenities, but it is a nice one.  You got in and attune yourself to the beacon… click on it… and then you get the skill that brings you straight into the guild hall.  And to compliment that we also have a mini spire for the in-game transport system so I can finish up and head straight back to Luclin. (The Luclin spire is not on the “I’m a subscriber, teleport me at will” list of options yet.  At least not for me.  You might have to finish the signature quest line to get that.)

Anyway, the work we did back in 2011 keeps paying off for me whenever I return to play.  If nothing else, I spend a lot less time out harvesting raw material for crafting than I used to back in the day.

Kids in the Guild Hall

There we stood out in front of the Halas guild hall door, money in hand, a buying decision to be made.

The Halas Guild Hall Door

I had insisted on the Halas guild hall.

First, Halas seems to be a lot more lively than Qeynos, chopped into so many little zones, and a lot less prone to falling deaths than Kelethin, up there in the trees.

Second, The guild hall in Halas is right next to the broker, the bank, other player housing, and other things that are nice to have close to hand.  Yes, we could but guild hall amenities to replace most of those things, but we are only allowed so many at level 30 and they can be pricey.

And finally, I just picked the rent free five room Halas house as my Legends of Norrath choose your loot reward. (I guess you had to be active in LoN before the outage to get that card, as nobody else I know got one, but none of them had opened up LoN before.)  So I was committed to the neighborhood.

Gaff, who had been sitting outside the Qeynos level 1 guild hall waiting for me to log in, consented to the choice of locations and showed up with the cash to get us in the door.

Just 50 Platinum

I clicked “buy” and in we went.

The Halas guild hall, unlike the player housing in the area, is exactly the same as the Qeynos guild hall, so far as I could recall.  That was mildly disappointing, since I like the Halas housing, but not all that big of a deal.

Gaff had enough on him for us to buy the gatherer hireling from the list of trade skill amenities.  That was another 20 plat plus 2 million status points.  It is a good thing that status copies over from EQ2 Live.

That added to our weekly rent, but I was hoping we could cover the cash part of hit by selling some of the harvesting take on the broker.  Then I figured we could reduce the status overhead with some house and guild items.

Gaff dropped off a couple of crafting stations he had then logged off.

I went looking for some good house items.

I laid out a few items that had big status reduction values, 500 to 1,000.  Then I looked at the access panel to see how much of a dent I had made.

The items made no dent at all.

6 items, no reduction

It appears, after some digging around, that status reducing house items only reduce the status upkeep costs on personal housing.

And you can accuse me of being optimistic, but when I read the description on these items, the idea that they work only on personal housing does not leap to mind.

Rent Status Reduction... except for guild halls

Live and learn I suppose.

Potshot showed up and began laying out a few items of his own with the very same idea, including the marble effigy of Al’Kabor, which I immediately christened “El Kabong!”

Inspecting El Kabong

He had the same “you’re kidding, right” reaction to the status reduction thing, so I feel a bit vindicated in my expectations.  I suppose we should have checked with Karen of the mighty guild Revelry and Honor on the Guk server (and also at Massively of late… and whom I have actually met in person), of which I think most of us are still members, if not members in good standing.  I think Reynaldo Fabulous isn’t the lowest possible rank in the RnH, but he is pretty close.

Anyway, she would know the answers to our guild questions.  RnH has quite a guild hall.

Potshot and I ran around putting up items here and there.  Since there was a lot of space, we went for the “big as possible” theme for items.  Hold down the shift key and you can use the scroll wheel to make your house items huge.

Then Mrs. Potshot showed up.  She is actually interested in decorating the guild hall and was, I suppose, keen to find out exactly what we were up to.

Some pictures

I was unable to convince her that these pictures were scenes from The Good Earth.

I am also pretty sure that the Firiona Vie picture was a bit too much.

Never too much Firiona!

Note the giant (ogre size, in Potshot’s terms) bonsai along the wall.  We were definitely on a “bigger is better” kick.

Still, aside from some of our more egregious decorating faux pas, she seemed to like the place.  I’m not sure she got all the details on the cost, but she was happy.

Our own loan crisis looms?

We will have to see if we can come up with the weekly toll for the place.

I think, if we stay committed to the game, it will not be a big issue.  The first few rounds of harvested roots covered the cash side of another weeks rent.  But we’ll probably have to look into doing some heritage quests along with the usual writs to build up some status points across the group.

Guild Hall Obsession

I previously mentioned my quite modest goals for the double experience event.

One of the special things about the double experience week that just passed was that double guild experience was part of the package.

I wanted to get the guild to level 10, which would get us a bit more space in the guild bank, or maybe level 15, which would give us access to the first status mounts.

Gaff, however, wanted a guild hall.

A guild hall becomes available to a guild when it gets to level 30.

That seemed like quite a stretch for our cast of low level characters.

But the idea took root.  Characters were transferred from EverQuest II Live.  Writs were run.

The guild was level 20 by Friday, when the effort began to slow.

Further characters were transferred, old friends were recruited.

And, after a 7 hour triple-boxing marathon by Gaff running tier 9 writs on Sunday, we finally arrived.

Guild Level 30 - May 22, 2011

Guild level 30 in under a month.  And the game was down for two of those weeks.

Now we can get a guild hall… if we can afford one.

I think we can scrape together the 50 platinum coins to get the guild hall, but the weekly upkeep of 50 gold and 200,000 status points might be a stretch unless we really commit to the game.

And, of course, with a guild hall we would like to get some amenities.  We are allowed 5 at our level, and the trade skill related ones are very tempting.  But they cost and have upkeep as well.  In some cases the upkeep is as much as the guild hall itself.

That might be a bit tough to maintain for a guild that is still mostly at or around level 20.