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My First Kill Mark

We got the word recently that it was farewell time for Harpy fleet.  There has been a big revamp of fleet doctrines and one of them to fall by the wayside was Harpy fleet.

My Harpy, with the Wiyrkomi SKIN

My Harpy, with the Wiyrkomi SKIN

Which is a shame, because of all the doctrines we’ve had of late, I would say that Harpies were pretty high on the fun factor.  I’ve gone on a lot of good runs with Harpies, where we drop on people at range and snipe away.  I haven’t even lost very many.  It has been a very popular and forgiving doctrine, one that they used to let any new FC take out, because even if you wipe, you just lost some Harpies.

In addition to missing the doctrine, I am also left with nearly a dozen Harpies scattered about Deklein, Tribute, and Pure Blind.  It was always easier to just buy a fresh one off of contract than try to jump clone or travel to grab one I already had.  They aren’t that expensive.  But that means I did tend to collect them over time, bringing them back from one deployment after another to park in YA0-XJ.

As it happened, I had a Harpy in our deployment station in D2-HOS.  I also had a double clone problem, where I had a jump clone in the station with an implant, so I would have to monkey around with things before I could jump if I didn’t want to destroy that clone, losing the implant along the way. (It was a cheap implant, and one given to me for that pipe bombing op a while back, but I still hate to squander it just for a clone jump.)

So I decided to fly the Harpy back to YA0-XJ.  Another ship moving adventure and all that.  And once there, I would have to figure out what to do with it and its siblings.  Repackage them and have them shipped back to Jita was high on the list, something I just did with all my Tengus, so at least I could get some ISK out of them.

I peeked in early Sunday evening, but New Eden was still active and MOA was playing games with our undock, trading ships with a small defense fleet, so I decided to come back later.  Once some time had passed and all the Euros went to bed, I logged back on to find quiet in our staging system.  I set the route for Deklein, undocked, and warped off to the first gate.  I’d be there in a little while or back in the staging system, where my death clone was set.  Either option was fine.  The ship was insured, if nothing else.

Literally a jump out I warped through MQ-NPY, which had one neutral in local.  I saw him in a Caracal as I landed on the RZC-16 gate, but just jumped through.  He jumped through with me and I saw him decloak as I was aligning for the next gate.  I knew I was safe.  I was already entering warp, so he couldn’t point me, and I was faster in warp than him, so I would be to the next gate and gone before he even landed there.  Trouble avoided.  And then he said something in local:

Bomb isthebomb > fight me :(

Fight me?

My history with EVE Online has trained me to always avoid trouble.  My track record indicates a 100% certainty of death whenever I activate a weapons system in a one on one situations.  For me, getting away is the win, because fighting means getting blown up.  Fight me indeed!

But hell, here I was in this Harpy, flying 15 jumps back to Deklein just to dump it there.  What did I have to lose?  Plus I figured an assault frigate like the Harpy might have a shot against a standard cruiser like a Caracal, even allowing for the fact that he was probably fit for PvP while I was in a fleet doctrine fit.  Fleet doctrine fits assume you’ll have other ships with you, so are generally shite for any sort of solo work.  But what the hell, right?  So I wrote back in local:

Wilhelm Arcturus > Sure, come to the FWA gate
Wilhelm Arcturus > I’m stupid and this ship is no longer doctrine

I got back:

Bomb isthebomb > omw
Bomb isthebomb > sweet
Bomb isthebomb > I know that feeling, lol

So there we were.  I landed on the gate and started motoring away, afterburner lit to give me some distance while I tried to figure out what I might do best.  I had a range script in the sensor booster and long range Spike ammo loaded in the guns, which is the sniping load out for our Harpy doctrine.   I just wasn’t sure if I could get far enough away for that to give me any advantage.  I certainly wasn’t that far away when he landed.

I locked him up and he returned the favor.  I fired a few salvos before I decided just to get in close, switching the to only other ammo I had, Caldari Navy antimatter.  He had already put a point on me, which was a nice thought, but unnecessary.  I had already decided to fight to the death.

Pointed by the Caracal

Pointed by the Caracal

I put myself in orbit around him, turned my hardeners on, and started blazing away at him, hoping that my high damage resists and small signature would be enough to let me overcome his overall hit point advantage.

He obliged by loosing missiles back my way.

Exchanging fire

Exchanging fire

Things went on like this, slowly, for a minute or so.  I was whittling down his shields pretty well, nearly eating through his main tank while I has only a quarter of the way down and was just starting to thing about overheating my invlun, when suddenly my damage output seemed to get quite the boost.  I was tearing through his armor and into structure and boom.

But as his ship went up, I saw this in local:

Bomb isthebomb > aww man
Kesper North > welcome to the north~
Bomb isthebomb > don’t be like that
Kesper North > thanks for soaking all the aggro harpy :v:

Kesper North… which is actually one of those “names I know” in The Imperium… he was CEO of Gentleman’s Agreement back in the day, if I recall right… had jumped through the gate into our little fight in a Svipul and lit up the Caracal, adding his firepower to my own.  This had caused the spike in damage and yielded the dialog above.

I guess we should have fought at the sun rather on the gate on the pipe through that part of Pure Blind.  See, if you PvP for real, I bet you know these things already instead of having to figure them out after the fact.

I moaned a bit in local that Kesper might have just robbed me of my first ever, completely legit, 1v1 PvP victory in EVE Online.  Ah well, when you see a non-blue in our space, you shoot it.  Kesper was apologetic, though he had no reason to be so.

Kesper North > sorry, i don’t log in much these days
Kesper North > i got a little excited

I did point out that at least I had gotten the final blow, and thus the kill mail, which entitled me to something new; a kill mark.  It is there on my Harpy hull in the screen shot at the top of the post, but I’ll zoom in and highlight it.

In the red circle

In the red circle

That’s it.  That little mark means that I have gotten a kill mail with this ship.  And the mark stays with the hull.  It doesn’t follow me around to other ships.  If I want to keep it, I can’t scrap the ship.

There was a bit more chat in local and then we all went on our various ways.  I didn’t even loot the Caracal wreck.  I never think about looting unless I am killing rats because the opportunity almost never comes up.

Anyway, now I have to figure out what to do with my Harpy.  I don’t want to ditch it now, so perhaps I should go looking for a better fit.  Of course, that is hubris talking.  The moment I try to fit it for solo PvP I’ll get ganked on a gate and lose it.  We’ll see.

The Long Wait for the NS2L-4 Incursion Fleet

Another moment of opportunity.  I missed a fleet call early in the evening, but happened to sit down at my computer just as a broadcast went out from Reagalan for a Harpy fleet with the hook:

This is going to be funny . . . Seriously, join this fleet, if it gets 100 dudes there’s gonna be something hilarious, Hilariously hilarious.

Hilarious works.  The time in-game happened to be 03:37 when the message went out.

I logged in and realized I didn’t have a Harpy handy.  No problem, there were a bunch up on contract, so I just bought one, jumped in it, insured it… since hilarious pretty much requires bloodshed… and sat waiting for the word to undock.  Finally, Rudazara gave the word to undock and warp to the titan that would bridge us out.  I popped out of the station with about 100 other Harpies and warped to the person indicated in fleet, only to realize, just as I entered warp, that all of the modules on this fresh Harpy were offline.  Somebody else mentioned the same thing in coms, so it was a quick U-turn for a couple of us back to the station to quickly online everything.  Then back out to the titan for a short wait until the bridge went up.

Bridge up for Harpy Fleet

Bridge up for Harpy Fleet

Things moved along and inside of 25 minutes we had formed up, bridged out, and were sitting on a gate out in Immensea waiting for the word on what was going to happen.

And we waited.  And waited.

Eventually Reagalan passed along the word that we had intel that an N3 fleet consisting of Domis, Ishtars, Onerioses, and Guardians, was running an incursion in NS2L-4 and that we were there to catch them after they finished up.

Only they were not finishing up very quickly.  The command site they were doing was taking a lot longer than anybody seemed to think it should.

Eventually we poked our nose into the system and even took the warp gate into the first area of the site to see what was going on.  Then we moved over to an adjacent system with the plan to catch them leaving when they were done… whenever that was.

We formed up on the anchor and flew around the gate waiting for something to happen.

Finally, just past the 90 minute mark since the call went out for the fleet, we moved back into range of the gate to NS2L-4 and held.  Then Rudazara gave us the word and we jumped in, interdictors heading to the hostiles to bubble them up.  We were warped to the action and started targeting the hostile logistics.  And the same time a Black Legion Zealot fleet jumped in as well and started tearing into the N3 fleet as well.  Then it was just a matter of shooting the targets as they were called.

There were, of course, issue.  The EVE-kill related kills list is a mess because we ended up shooting Black Legion and they ended up shooting at us on occasion, so the sides are completely intermingled.  I tried to clean it up using the Battle Summary Doctor. (I think I got that mostly right.  I know the big names, but I am rubbish when it comes to the smaller alliances.)  That summary shows we ended up popping more than twice as many ships as we lost… 49 killed for 20 of ours down… and that we lost some relatively inexpensive ships compared to what we killed.  I will call that a clear win.

And then it was time for a swift retreat.  We headed back to G-0Q86 via gates, avoiding any retribution (and the potential gaze of Black Legion now that our cooperative operation was over), only running into a drag bubble one just one jump out from our base, which caught a couple of people before the sole proprietor of the bubble was chased off.

In the end it was a long wait, but a fair ration of kills pays for a lot of hanging about on gates.  Most of an expensive incursion fleet killed, hilarious indeed.

And the usual share of snap shots from the battle after the cut.

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