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Halloween Comes to EVE Online with Login Rewards and PvP Changes

I’m back from EVE Vegas and am still digesting some of what I heard, but just as I was leaving they were starting to announce some of their Halloween plans, which includes another round of login rewards.

Daily horrors indeed

The good news is that this time around it isn’t ALL just skill points, though there are still some skill points if that is your thing.

The reward matrix

There are even SKINs, though some of them look to be the same SKINs from last year, so I have them already.  As usual, there is an Alpha and Omega division, with encouragements to upgrade if you want all the rewards.

The login rewards are claimable from downtime on the 28th… today… through until downtime on November 3rd, so log in to claim now.

In addition, there is a bit of a spicy PvP incentive from the newly formed Team Talos.

Be the house with the full size modules

The details for this only came out at EVE Vegas, but from downtime on the 29th through to downtime on November 5th ALL PVP kills will drop 100% of the modules and and cargo contents.  The loot fairy will say YES the whole time.  I expect a spike in suicide ganking if nothing else.

Also coming is the Howling Interceptors update.

Combat Interceptors Arise

This was also something where the details only came out on Saturday as part of the Team Talos changed.  Combat interceptors are getting a boost to make them more viable when compared to assault frigates.

Combat Frigate Buffs

These updates are not an event but a permanent change… or at least as permanent as anything is in New Eden.

And that is what we are getting for Halloween.  Unfortunately we don’t seem to be in line to get another event like the Crimson Harvest from last year.

The Crimson Gauntlet banana

No banana of death this time around.

Addendum:  CCP announced that the Trick or Treat event and the Howling Interceptors update have been delayed a day, so will stat on the 30th.  Trick or Treat will then run through November 6th.