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Rewards and More Training

Late last week I hit the magic mission number with Wilhelm and he was given a storyline mission.

You get a storyline mission in EVE Online after you complete 16 regular missions.  The rewards for storyline missions are usually significant both in cash and items as well as in the increase in standings you get with the faction that offers you the mission.  I have gotten many valuable implants as well as not inconsiderable amounts of ISK for.

Basically, you do not want to pass up a storyline mission.

The missions themselves come in various flavors.  Often you need only acquire something off of the market like 8,000 units of kernite or 10,000 units of omber to complete the mission.  Once I was given five million ISK for hauling a piece of paper four systems over.

And some times you actually have to do some fighting for your prize.

This time around a drew a fighting mission called Shipyard Theft.  While the exchange of goods or delivery missions are easy, and actual combat mission is usually more lucrative.

The mission itself was worth just shy of 8 million ISK when rewards and bounties were counted, and probably a good chunk more if you include the salvage.  But the best part was the implant that came with finishing the mission.  No mere attribute augmenting implant this time around, but the thing for the miner who has just about everything: A mining foreman mindlink.

This implant is probably the most valuable item I have ever received as a mission reward.

Of course, everything has a cost of its own.  I could sell it for quite a nice price, but if I want to actually use it… well… in EVE there is always one more skill to train.

To use this implant I need Cybernetics V.  I am already trained up to Cybernetics IV, so it is just a matter of dedicating nearly 13 days of training time to get there.

And once I have that, I need the skill Mining Director trained up to level V as well.  Mining Director does not seem to be that expensive.  The training time is more of an issue, as it will take 26 days to train it to level V, making it 39 days overall to use the implant.

I can get right on that training plan once I finish up my current 20 day training plan to cap off my missile skills and then the 14 day training plan to sharpen up freighter handling abilities.  So I might be able to use this implant in 73 days.  And, at that point, I’ll want to figure out Mining Foreman Link modules, about which I have no clue currently.

That is, if I do not come up with some other training plan I must have in the mean time.  I have a lot of training plans sitting around that I have not quite gotten to because there has always been something more urgent.

But that is EVE Online.  You have to make tough decisions in the short term, but if you have patience, you get what you want in the long term.