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Over Abundant Gifts in Telara

In the mix of old and new in Rift Prime, the daily gift box apparently made the cut for inclusion.

In its Rift for this is the daily rewards calendar.  You get something every day you log in.

The Daily Rewards you get Daily

I was on day six last night, which entitled me to a box of crafting materials.

Box of Materials

Previous days were fireworks or void stones or other little things.  So I claimed the box and opened it.

Oh, one of the things I didn’t bother to bring up in the last post was inventory management.  Being a new character on a new server and all that, I had only the 20 slot starter bag… World of Warcraft finally matched that… plus whatever other bags I have been able to scrounge.  That total hasn’t been much, leaving me with a grand total of 38 bag slots, which sounds like a lot, but really isn’t all that much for a packrat like myself.

I have tried to be good, vendoring things mercilessly to try and keep things from accumulating.  Still, I keep getting little things that I hate to toss, but haven’t gotten around to using.  How many stat buff scrolls can I use at once if they’re all for wisdom, right?

As I said, I opened the box, only to find it trying to dump in excess of 25 stacks of crafting materials on me.  I probably had a dozen slots free, tops.  So there I was with the clown car-like box waiting for me to clear bag space.

Inventory full and then some

Fortunately I logged off in Meridian the night before, so I only had to walk across town to the bank NPC in order to start depositing thing.  I’d hate for that to have happened if I were out in the field.

Like I said, I shouldn’t look a gift box in the… opening I suppose.  But sometimes the generosity is a bit too much.

Still, if I remember to claim every day and get to Day 21 before it resets a mount is waiting for me.

Trove of mounts at Day 21

We’ll see if I can wait that long for a mount.  Freemarch is a tight zone, but when you’re in an invasion event group and everybody mounts up and rides off while you’re trotting along behind, it can try a player’s will.

Multibuy – A Vanguard Feature I Totally Underrated

When the Vanguard expansion for EVE Online hit last week, I was quick to highlight a few of the obvious “big” features that it delivered.

There was the boost in skills and skill points for new players.  Kind of a big deal, going from 50K to 400K skill points when starting off, though even if you’re just chugging along at 1,500 skill points an hour that puts you less than two weeks ahead.  Meaningful when you’re new, but not something that changes much for the long term.

Then there was the removal of Entosis Link module abilities from interceptors.  People can no longer troll with a cheap, interdiction nullified, speed boat.  The list of systems in play over at Timer Board seem to be down a bit.  Certainly I am getting less notifications when logging in about things being attacked, though I thought I heard somewhere that MOA moved down to Geminate for a bit to harass LAWN for a change.

Finally there was the combat battlecruiser rebalance that held the promise of bringing back battlecruisers.  Granted, we were already flying Feroxes for homeland defense fleets.  But now they are even better and there are already some possible Hurricane fits being passed around.

And then there was everything else, which I lumped into a bullet point list, drawing more attention to the fact that you could now mount festival launchers on your Archon than anything else.  Multibuy was in there somewhere, mentally dismissed by me as basically the flip side of multisell, which showed up with Phoebe.  I glanced at the dev blog for it, said “nice little feature” and moved on.

You can buy multiple things, how nice

You can buy multiple things, how nice

Unfortunately, in my cursory glance at the dev blog I missed the key item, which is summed up in a single button and which, if I had been writing the dev blog, I would have highlighted with giant flashing letters or, barring that, at least a big red arrow.

The big red arrow...

The big red arrow…

That is a “Buy All…” button in the in-game saved fitting window that lets you, with a single press of a button… um… buy all the things!

Multibuy instantly went from “How nice…” to “BEST FEATURE EVER!1!!1” in my book.

Literally, the main pain point in the game as I play it today was buying doctrine ships in Jita and making sure I had all the right items before I had them shipped out to our staging system.  You cannot press the “fit” button… another favorite of mine… to see if all the modules got picked up because rigs are one shot.  They get destroyed if you repackage a ship before having it hauled out to null sec, and you pretty much have to repackage for that.

Now I just import the fit into the game… thank you “Copy from Clipboard” feature… open it up,  press the button, and hey presto, I can buy it all!  And I can even buy multiples!

Sell me five Ishtar fits!

Sell me five Ishtar fits!

Once I saw this I was grinning like a baboon.

Baboons grin, right?  That is their thing, isn’t it, that and having a red ass?

Also, I think that is the original Reaver Ishtar fit I used as an example.  Not something we fly any more.

Anyway, I was so happy at this that I bought and shipped 10 Claw interceptors and associated fittings and shipped them all out to our staging system just because I could with a couple of clicks.

A Claw up close

A Claw up close

Then I fitted them all out and listed five on contract for pretty cheap just to get some of my money back.

(And then, in some sort of karmic circle of life thing, Norrec Lafisques, for whom that particular fit is named, bought a couple them, so I have that going for me… or something.)

Basically, instant quality of life improvement!  And, an added side benefit, since it prices out the hull and all the fittings for you, I also get a per-unit cost per ship without having to go back and add everything up manually.

Granted, buying whole ship fits right off the market really only works well if you’re buying Jita… or maybe Amarr… but since Jita seems to be the main supply point for our part of null sec, that works out for me.  I wouldn’t press that button in any other station.  We are pretty good at price gouging ourselves on in null.  Our Ferox fit had a rig change with Vanguard and, what do you know, the price of those went up ten fold.

All in all though, a great new feature.

Of course, as with any system, once you clear up one bottleneck you quickly find the next one.

In this case, I now really need some better way to organize my inventory.  I get by in Jita by keeping nothing in my station inventory, so when I am buying everything I buy gets shipped and when I am selling everything I have shipped in gets sold.  Nothing is allowed to linger aside from an Ibis and a couple of shuttles in the ship hangar.

That works great in Jita.

That doesn’t work at all for me in YA0-XJ or any other staging system where I may have stockpiled ammo or have drops looted from rats or after a battle or modules that have been replaced in doctrine fits or whatever other garbage I may have collected over the years. (A quick look at one of our coalition utilities shows I have 156,224 items in that station.  And while most of it is ammo, that still leaves a lot of items knocking around in the inventory window when I open it up. And the estimated value of all that is nearly 5 billion ISK, so now you know.)

So when I dump stuff into the inventory window to ship back to Jita… because you cannot contract it out of your ship’s inventory or a sub-container the last I looked… it gets mixed in with everything else and I inevitable end up sending a few items on a round trip.  This week I had a blockade runner filled with loot from ratting.  I shipped all that back to Jita to sell, but once I got it there I found a stack of Nanite Paste I needed back in the staging system as well as rigs for a couple of hulls I hadn’t gotten around to fitting yet.

So that is now my main pain point in the game, inventory management.

Of course, that is usually a major pain point for me in any game where you can accumulate things but have limited space… or even unlimited space, since even then you still have to be able to find things.

How CCP can fix that I am unsure, but I hope that is on their list somewhere.

Misplaced Space Ships and Other Lost Junk

EVE Online is a game where you can actually lose things… or at least lose track of them… quite easily.

You can find things if you know what you are looking for.  There is a reasonable in-game way to find specific things.  But if you have forgotten about an item, you are not going to be reminded that you have it by looking in your bags or your bank slots.

The only other game that comes anywhere close to that in ability to lose things is EverQuest II where you have huge bags, many bank slots populated by even larger boxes, shared bank slots, home storage slots, and whatever you have listed on the market to contend with.

And that really isn’t all that close to what happens in EVE Online.  Maybe if you spread that over multiple characters, each with all that storage, you start to get a hint about how easy it is to lose things on a single character in EVE Online.

The thing about EVE Online is that there is no magic bank or like inventory system that you can access from multiple handy locations.  In World of Warcraft, if I put something in the bank in Ironforge I can go pull it out of the bank in Dalaran.  In EVE, if I drop something off in Jita and fly out to Amarr or Hek or Dodixie, what I dropped off is still in Jita.  If I want that item I have to either go get it or create a courier contract so somebody else can bring it to me.  And if I left something in one of my favorite unpronounceable systems, like Uosusuokko, I am as like as not to forget that the item even existed over time.

Been there enough times

Been there enough times

Just in high sec space I have stuff spread out all over the place.

Inventory is serious business in New Eden.

But so are utilities.

As a game it sometimes seems like CCP threw together a bunch of cool ideas at one point, implemented them, and then have spent the remainder of the time trying to actually make them work.  There are times when the game seems just stubborn about yielding information.  As was the gist of my post the other day, it is often tough to figure out what you don’t know about the game.  And while that has been getting better over time, the opacity of in-game information combined with the innovative data sharing API structure have spawned a small army of essential out-of-game utilities.

So we have EVE Mon and the EVE Fitting Tool and Neocom on iOS and EVE Maps at DOTLAN and Null Sec Influence Maps and probably a bunch more I cannot recall off the cuff.  Everybody has their favorites.

Over in my part of the woods, there is a new web utility.  It is actually a Goonswarm utility, but we get access to it.  It is part EVE Mon, with access to training plans to help people get where they need to go, and part financial tool to keep track of what you have up for sale.  But it also has a tab for in-game assets that sums up what you have system by system, but also totals the whole lot up.

It was in this utility where I discovered I had more than 15 million “things” in EVE Online.

That was the sum total of all of my possessions.  That actually lead to a quick windfall as I found out that six million of that was minerals I had socked away at some past date.  I sold those off, which left me with a total of 9,092,769 items.

That is still a lot of things, counting everything from individual rounds of ammunition to battleships sitting in hangers.

And, since thing in EVE Online have volume, which is the constraint on how many things you can carry, it also summed up the total cubic space all of my things took.

62,312,747.20 m3

That is a lot of space.

I was looking for some web utility that would tell me something like “a cube of that volume would be n meters on a side” or some such, but ended up with a site where I converted cubic meters to liters, then liters to gallons (I had a milk/cow metaphor in mind), and then, just to check the result, back into cubic meters.  When the answer came back as “62” I began to suspect that things were not hooked up correctly and moved on.  My hand calculation says that it ought to be about 1,646,302,775 gallons of milk, which would require about 750K cows to produce in a single year, if you believe that “6 gallons a day per cow” number I pulled off of the internet.

Which I suppose is an awkward way to say, “That is a lot of space” without actually giving you something you can relate to in your every day life.  But I am not sure that you can relate to a number that big.  Anybody?  Anybody?  Bueller?

All of this sums up to an estimated 8,172,418,954 ISK.  A tidy little sum, if I broke everything down, hauled it to Jita, and was able to sell it for the estimated market price.  That is unlikely to happen, but I suppose some estimate is better than no estimate at all.

Of course, in all of this, the biggest and most valuable items are ships.  And I couldn’t possible lose track of those, right?

You might be surprised.  I seem to leave those all over New Eden.  For example, when I limited my asset view to show just ships, I found that I had a Scimitar cruiser docked up at Misaba V, Moon 3 in the Zoar and Sons Factory station.  I cannot explain how that got there.

Wilhelm's first Scimitar

Have you seen one of these?

That is kind of a useful ship to have misplaced.  And I have more of those about.  My total ship count was larger than I thought, summing up to about 100 ships scattered about New Eden.

The biggest count went to shuttles, of which I have 14 at various stations.  Those are cheap, disposable ships which I generally repackage and put back up on the market when I have used them to travel.  Apparently I do not do that every time.

There there was the Ibis count, which stood at 11.  When you clone jump or die and reanimate at a station without a ship, the game hands you the default starter ship for your faction automatically.  I have a surprising number of those, considering I lost one the other day sneaking over to Fountain in order to move stuff back to Deklein.  It was a substitute shuttle, though probably less valuable.

Then we get into real ships.  I have 6 Scimitars at various stations, including the one in low sec mentioned above.  No doubt a measure of my commitment to the logistics role.

Then there are 5 Drakes, a measure of my commitment to everybody’s former favorite battlecruiser.

4 Each: Badger, Caracal, and Harpy

3 Each: Manticore

2 Each: Buzzard, Catalyst, Crane, Heron, Mackinaw, Mammoth, Megathron, Rifter, Thrasher, and Zephyr

And in the 1 each category, the list gets huge.  This is probably a testament to my not keeping backup ships around.

Apotheosis, Bantam, Burst, Celestis, Cormorant, Dominix, Eagle, Echelon, Executioner, Exequror, Ferox, Gnosis, Hound, Hulk, Hurricane, Iteron Mk. V, Kestral, Magnate, Moa, Noctis, Oneiros, Primae, Punisher, Raven, Raven Navy Issue, Reaper, Rokh, Scythe, Slasher, Tengu, and Tormentor

All of those are just on my main.  My alt has about half that many ships floating around as well.

Where are of these ships?  About two thirds of them are in clusters in Deklein, Delve, Domain, Fountain, or Curse, close to where I might need them.  The remainder, like my little lost Scimitar, are scattered all over.

As for what to do with the scattered ships… well… like all my other scattered goods, I will probably leave them where they are and forget about them until I pass through those systems again.  I always check systems when traveling to see if I have left anything behind.  I am surprised how often that is the case.