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Reviving My ISK Reserves in the Post War Era

I went into World War Bee with approximately 15 billion ISK on hand, spread out across various accounts.  About 11 billion ISK of that was on my main, while other key alts had a billion here or there in order to be able to buy things at need.

When I got to the end of the war my main had about 2.5 billion ISK on hand, with another 2 billion ISK still scattered about.

Where did all that ISK go?  Was the war that costly?  Didn’t I run on about how SRP was paying the bills previously?

Well yes.  Mostly.  Of my total losses in the war, I war reimbursed for every ship I lost on a strategic war op… as long as I remembered to fit the rigs. (That only happened once though.) My losses:

  • Ares interceptor – 18
  • Malediction interceptor – 7
  • Drake battle cruiser – 7
  • Atron entosis frigate – 7
  • Cormorant destroyer – 5
  • Purifier stealth bomber – 5
  • Crusader interceptor – 5
  • Rokh battleship – 5
  • Scimitar T2 logi – 5
  • Ferox battle cruiser – 4
  • Jackdaw destroyer – 4
  • Scalpel T2 logi frigate – 3
  • Guardian T2 logi – 2
  • Sabre interdictor – 1
  • Eagle heavy assault cruiser – 1
  • Scythe T1 logi – 1
  • Raven battleship – 1
  • Crucifier ECM frigate – 1
  • Gnosis battlecruiser – 1
  • Bifrost command destroyer – 1
  • Hurricane battle cruiser – 1
  • Sigil entosis industrial – 1
  • Mobile Small Warp Disruptor I – 1

I did not, however, get reimbursed, nor file for reimbursement, for off the books ops I took upon myself.  I did a bunch of entosis ops in Catch and Querious at various times during the war and ate all of those losses.  That added up to about 1 billion ISK.

I also put 5 billion ISK into Imperium war bonds.

And then there was the big build up for the final battles in 1DQ1-A.  The Mittani encouraged us all to have multiple reships for key doctrines ready to go because, in a massive tidi fight you cannot rely on the market or contracts to work reliably.  I can attest to that.  So we might only have what we was in our hangars for a big fight.  So in July I stocked up on doctrine ships, buying battleships, battlecruisers, HACs, and logi ships to the tune of about 3 billion ISK… which honestly didn’t buy me all that many ships.  With the industry changes and mineral prices, a fit doctrine battleship was going for 400 million at Jita prices.

Add in other ships I bought over time and still had in my hangar, and I was down to 2.5 billion ISK on my main.

I was, however, rich in assets according to the in-game wealth appraisal, which said I was sitting on almost 50 billion ISK in ships, modules, and whatever else.  So my first step in reviving my fortunes was to sell some of that.

Doctrine ships are tough to unload when there is suddenly no war.  Those are all still sitting in my hangar.  But I clone jumped back to Jita on my main, which I had not done in almost a year, and started sorting through all the stuff that has accumulated there over the year.  I shipped some of it to 1DQ1-A, as the market there still looked good for some items… and some items had grown so expensive over time that I figured they would be better to have handy there if I needed them.

The big money item for me was a SKIN I had laying around, the SARO Black Troop SKIN for the Marshal, which came as the final mystery code reward a little over three years ago.

The mystery code’s last payout

I hadn’t activated the code because the fate of the Marshal was a bit uncertain back then, and then forgot I even had it.  But now, three years down the line, with a Marshal hull exceeding 4 billion ISK last I looked, I figured that was never going to be on my shopping list.  So I could part with the SKIN… which was going for two billion ISK.

I was also sitting on 100 doses of Quafe Zero.  I decided to hold onto that, but sold ten of them just for a bit of cash.  Selling two more than covered the costs of me shipping a bunch of stuff to 1DQ1-A.

Some ISK sales injection

There is probably a lot more stuff I could sell off.  I am always leery of dumping stuff I might need for a fit later, so my hangars tend to be full of modules.

So that was one shot of ISK.  And the Imperium war bonds drip a little bit of ISK into my account every month, to the tune of 41 million ISK.  That won’t buy you much, but it is something.

Meanwhile I have also been ramping up on planetary industry.  A while back I started training up my unused alts on active accounts in PI.  A few run around in high sec, where the payout isn’t that great, but it is very low effort.

I also trained up my KarmaFleet characters so they all have max PI skills and have started those running now that things are somewhat quiet in Delve.  I had given up on PI in Delve for a while because my main had all his PI stuff in 39P, which fell to PAPI.

I am not quiet ready to get into ratting or mining, but I might start doing abyssal pockets again for a bit of ISK.  I need to build up my reserves.  The big war is over for now, but there is always another war or deployment or whatever just over the horizon, so I need to start saving up for that.

Time to Earn some ISK

Back in the late summer of 2017 I was feeling done with null sec life.  I wasn’t sure where I was going to head, but I started pulling up stakes and shipping everything to Jita to facilitate my exit.  I had cleaned up, turned off, and shipped out just about everything when a Reavers deployment came up and I figured that would be my final act in null sec.

And then the deployment and subsequent war lasted for about a year and I was invested again and decided to carry on.  During that time and since I haven’t focused on earning any ISK, save for a brief experiment with Myrmidon ratting, which was as much about seeing how long I would survive as anything.

Being a target for ISK

I have been living off the stack of ISK I had accumulated before along with what I got for selling off various assets in Jita and whatever SRP the coalition has had to offer.  But now that stack of ISK, never that fat to begin with, has stated to dwindle.  I really don’t spend that much ISK, with ships and refits for doctrine changes being my major expenses, but the prices there have been going up thanks to CCP, while SRP hasn’t kept up.

So I want to at least start a trickle of ISK coming back into my wallet.  The catch is that I don’t really want to do any of the standby methods.  I’ve ratted, mined, and played the market enough to bore myself to tears.  So the options I have in my mind.

Sell Stuff

I still have a pile of stuff… piles of stuff…  sitting around in various stations, so this would be less playing the market and more clearing out hangars.  A bunch of it is nicely in Jita already, left over from the great clearing out of 2017, and I can contract other valuable caches to a high sec alt to move and sell.

Good: Easy-ish money, prices are up

Bad: Even I only have so much stuff stashed away, so this would be a short term-boost and not a long term strategy

Planetary Interaction

I pulled up my PI stuff back when and since then there was a UI update to improve the usability of the feature, so I already started on this just to see how much it had changed.  It is, I will admit, better than it was, but it is still opaque enough that I don’t know how anybody figures it out without a guide or a mountain of patience.  As before I set myself up to make components for fuel blocks, as there are always buy orders for that.

Good: Low effort, constant drip of income

Bad: Not really that lucrative unless you make it a job

Abyssal Sites

I have a high sec alt trained up enough to do fierce sites, the middle of the five levels of difficulty, in a Gila.  I have no mind to do any of the higher level ones as you get flagged as a target, but I could see myself running these a bit more regularly.  The problem is that the payout is very much RNG based.  I got a Leshak BPC once, built it, and sold it for a serious payout.  But more often I get dinky stuff to the point that losing a drone makes the whole thing a wash.  And I’ve yet to do anything but ruin modules with mutaplasmids.

Good: Not really that difficult, short duration, can listen to podcasts and audio books, lots of great screen shots

Bad: Payout is all over the map, feels a lot like ratting after a run or two, lost a half a billion ISK Gila stuck on an rock once so I’m already ISK negative

Skill Injectors

This is the “make money fast” arrow in my quiver.  I have a character setup to poop out a large injector every week and they are still going for more than 700 million ISK.  That would refill my wallet much faster than my ship losses are draining it.  There are two issues with it for me though.

First, though I am sure they make a ton of money for CCP, I feel that skill injectors diminished the game.  If I bitch about something and then make ISK from it there is an obvious level of hypocrisy present and, while no life is free from contradictions, I try to at least examine the more obvious ones I find in myself.

Second, while you can do it as an all in-game ISK operation, you are rewarded for spending money.  If I pay cash for the subscription and the extractors, I get to keep the full 700 million ISK per injector.  If I buy extractors on the market that goes down to about 350 million ISK.  And if I PLEX the account I end up getting a few million ISK per injector, which can can make a farm of many accounts lucrative, but makes the single character routine a bit paltry.  And if I am going to spend cash to make ISK I could just save the effort and buy PLEX to resell.

Good: Low, low effort, easy money

Bad: If I PLEX the account payouts are pretty thin, if I pay cash why not cut out the middle and simply buy PLEX to sell


I need to go back and look at that that “everything in New Eden” chart again to see if I am missing something that aligns to my level of commitment.  I remember a time when just collecting datacores once a year would sustain me for a while.

I’m not dying for ISK.  I could easily wander along as I have done for a couple more years before things became dire.  But I feel like I need a plan for the longer term, even if it means just getting a trickle of ISK flowing in regularly.  All I want to be able to do is keep on getting in sub cap fleets for fights.  That’s what keeps me logging in these days.

ISK – Even Easier To Buy

CCP has introduced PLEX, the 30 day Pilot License EXtension.

It is essentially a 30 Day EVE Online game time card that has a physical manifestation in the game. (Or a virtual physical manifestation, I guess.)

That means you can buy and sell them on the standard market place, create contracts involving them, and get yourself scammed out of them.

You think I’m kidding about that last part?  Go read the PLEX entry on EVElopedia, the official EVE Online Wiki.  CCP says, and I quote:

Warning: ‘CCP has not made any special exceptions for the PLEX items. They are treated as regular in-game items with regards to market orders and contracts. Scams are easily avoidable by careful scrutiny of market orders and contracts and we urge anyone to be alert when dealing in PLEXes.

Welcome to EVE Online.

They cost $34.95 for two, which is the minimum quantity you are allowed to purchase.  At that price they are not a viable alternative to a regular subscription, which I suspect was quite deliberate.

Currently, around Amarr space, PLEX seem to be running around 300 million ISK, which seems a bit steep to me.  My whole fortune would get me 7 months of play, so I will probably pass on that until the price drops.

The only thing that disappoints me about the whole thing is that CCP wimped out a bit, in my opinion, in making PLEX non-transportable.  Once you buy them and claim them, they are locked into the station where you are currently docked.

While this will no doubt reduce the number of people getting their PLEX taken away from them, it will remove some potential drama from the game.  There won’t be any tales of PLEX convoys in 0.0 getting betrayed and destroyed by rival alliances or blogs dedicated to low sec PLEX pirates.

And while is sucks to be on the losing end of such stories, I think they are still the best recruiting tool CCP has.  Things like the latest Goonswarm adventure, destroying the BoB alliance by intrigue, bring people to the game just to see what kind of oline environment lets you get away with such things.