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Post NDA CSM Tales

The past week of tales of bots and invasion plans and what not got me peeking in /r/eve on Reddit, something I tend to steer clear of.  As with many open forums the signal to noise ratio is too high and I prefer to follow somebody on Twitter or elsewhere who will pull out the choice tidbits worth reading rather than chase them down myself.

But today my curiosity with what was going on in EVE Online paid off, as Jester of the now silent Jester’s Trek blog, known in-game as Ripard Teg, had an AMA going Reddit earlier today.

The only time I can recall seeing him in space

Jester was on CSM8 and his five year NDA expired recently, so he decided to, if not tell all, then at least provide insight on his time on the CSM and his dealings with CCP.

You can find the Reddit post here.  He has tried to reply to serious questions and has recounted a few tales he had previously promised to tell, including the reaction of CCP executive staff to the Dominion trailer.

There is certainly some new information to be gleaned from his responses.  The tale of his posting about Erotica 1 and the bonus room controversy certainly sheds new light on the affair, and not in a way flattering to CCP.

Probably the biggest surprise for me were kind words said about the former CCP Pokethulu, David Reid, who is now running MetaArcade.  My somewhat sour outlook about him involves his hyperbole around Rift and the infamous Tabula Rasa is Triple-A and Here to Stay story over at Massively when he was president of the newly created NCsoft West, shortly before they announced they were shutting the game down, something that ground Editor-in-Chief Michael Zenke’s gears quite severely.

It can be hard to discern from the outside what sort of impact any one person has on a company, but Jester seems to think he was doing a good job given the resources he had.

Aside: While digging up the Tabula Rasa story on the Wayback Machine I ran across what may be the first post fretting about titan proliferation in New Eden.  Band of Brother’s 13 titans were viewed as frightening.

TEST at J5A – Saving that Last Rifter for Another Day

MY PEOPLE: TEST is vowing to stand down and cede us J5A, leaving the first ‘battle’ of Fountain to us. Why? Of 900 online in their alliance, barely more than 300 are in Karan, their new lowsec staging point. Our response to this will be more sieging and flaying. TEST is vowing to return for the J5A armor timer.

DBRB is going to go on a rampage to hurt the remaining infrastructure

-Jabber Broadcast from The Mittani to a thousand online CFC pilots

One of the theories flying around after the beginning of the war for Fountain was that TEST was a sure thing to win because they bring the numbers, as happened at NOL last earlier.  Meanwhile, it was speculated that Goons wouldn’t show up in numbers for a fight that is over mere ISK.  Gevlon, ever the people person, assured us that is not how Goons are motivated and that The Mittani has made a fatal mistake in that regard.

Now, we are only one fight into the war, but like many pre-war theories from ages past, that one might need to be revised a bit.  We shall see.

Last night we were getting ready for our first big attack of the war and, as noted, TEST was expected to put up a defense.  Time dilation was running in B-DBYQ an hour before the 03:30 EVE time call for fleets.  I sat outside the station and watched capital ships jump in, with as many as nine cyno beacons running at once.

When the time to move off to the fight came, time dilation quickly fell into the 10-15% range as three fleets went to undock and move first to staging points and then to the gate to J5A.


Earlier in the day I had taken a jump clone back to VFK where I bought a Caracal, as that is one of our fleet doctrines for this war.  It is cheap and I wanted to shoot something.  I caught a convoy back to B-DBYQ later, as the route to the front has been heavily camped.  Everybody knows where we are going.

So I got out my Caracal and joined Raeglan’s fleet.  And then we farted around in B-DBYQ for about 45 minutes trying to overcome tidi, mumble issues, and the usual problems of getting a thousand people pointed in the same direction.  At one point we were sitting in a POS and a Ragnarok jumped straight in with use sending people flying.  In Soviet POS, titan bumps you.

Eventually enough people made transitions… they left the station or they jumped into or out of the system… that the tidi went away.  The Caracals moved out and made the jump to J5A.  There, we flew to another POS and waited.  Then the announcement at the top of this post came through.  There would be no contest for the ihub at this time.

We went by and took a couple of shots at the ihub as the cap fleet was putting it into reinforce.  Then we jumped back to our POS while the coalition leaders decided what to with the forces at their disposal.  There was talk of putting more things into reinforce.  While we were there, we got the message about the ihub.


At that point we had been out and about for 90 minutes and I was ready to call it a night.  I had been up early for work that day and I had to get up early again for my daughter’s soccer tournament in the morning.  So I broke off from the fleet and headed for home.

Lulled into a false sense of security by the fact that there were more than a thousand of us in the vicinity, I jumped back into B-DBYQ and headed straight for the station undock without checking anything.  This was, of course, a mistake.  I set myself in motion and tabbed out to another window, then tabbed back to find that Rote Kapelle had set up a bubble on the way to the undock.  Ripard Teg, aka Jester, was there, making it the first time I have seen him in game, even if the meeting was  extremely short.

B-DBYQ undock welcoming committee

B-DBYQ undock welcoming committee

There went my Caracal and capsule.  You snooze, you lose.

My first loss in the war.  It certainly won’t be my last.

I had at least set my medical clone to the station, so I popped right back into game at my destination.  And it looks like more ships are going up on contract at B-DBYQ, so I shouldn’t have to fly back to replace my loss.  And I have my two logis and a Celestis that Gaff hauled out for me.

Gaff got tapped for cap fleet and took a few screen shots of their op for me.  I have some of my side of the operation as well.

And the war goes on.  Gaff has been out and about with cap fleet today.  I am sure there will be more to follow.  Fights loom.

Meanwhile, Endie has a summary of the war so far.