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Visting King’s Breach and the Storm Queen

Four seems to be the magic number for our group, as we again could only assemble 80% of the group on a Saturday night.  It is like we’re adults with outside interests or something.

  • Jollyreaper level 51 mage
  • Zahihawass level 51 cleric
  • Hillmar level 52 cleric
  • Gizalia level 53 mage

Anyway, a short group meant another practice night.

The Carnival of the Ascended was over, so there was no balloon raid to occupy us, so it was straight to the dungeon hunt.

We looked around on the map for another instance would could go after in Expert mode.  Foul Cascade, which would be next on the list, was rejected because it is a pain to get to.  That put us at King’s Breach, which is close to a portal.  So we headed there and jumped in to see what we could see.

The group in King's Breach

The group in King’s Breach

As is the norm for these posts, more after the cut so the front page isn’t loading so many screen shots.

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Clearing Out King’s Breach

Rift?  Why yes, we still do more in Rift that just fish.

It has been a while since I posted something about the instance group actually living up to its name and running an instance.  Last time we had been sent packing from King’s Breach because, frankly, we just were not high enough level.  The yard trash was causing wipes.

So we spent a couple of Saturday’s running quests and chasing rifts out in the Droughtlands, home of the famed caves of Lantern Hook.

Let us ride to Lantern Hook!

And this work payed off in levels.  Finally we were all assembled together on a Saturday night and ready to face King’s Breach again.  The party was:

  • Jollyreaper level 35 mage
  • Gizalia level 35 mage
  • Zahihawass level 35 cleric
  • Earlthecat level 35 warrior
  • Hillmar level 35 cleric

And we were going in… right after the cut… the usual crap ton of holiday snaps and such.

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Driven out of King’s Breach

It was Saturday night and everybody ignored the instructions and brought potato salad.

People were supposed to show up with another level or two on their character.  Our next target instance shows up in the dungeon finder thingy as requiring level 34 to enter and we were… short of the mark.

  • Hillmar level 32 cleric
  • Jollyreaper level 32 mage
  • Gizalia level 31 mage
  • Zahihawass level 31 cleric
  • Earlthecat level 31 warrior

Still, we were a couple of levels up from last time.  So we thought we might ride out there and take a swing at the yard trash at least.  So we headed out to King’s Breach just to see what we could see.

Cool picture unrelated to the narrative

The usual over usage of visuals after the cut.

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