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Burn Jita Makes it to Le Figaro

Dans ce macrocosme fascinant s’est instaurée une société complexe, un far-west spatial où le commerce de matières premières côtoie le crime organisé, la délinquance financière ou l’escroquerie pure et simple.

Le Figaro, on EVE Online

There is a sentence that sums up EVE Online pretty well.  Go on, use Google Translate on it.

So many things are made better by being in French.

And EVE Online making the culture section of Le Figaro… amazing.

Okay, it isn’t quite Le Monde, but it is still one of the “papers of record” in France.

Though I do have to nitpick about their headline.

EVE News 24 logo right at the top...

It translates roughly as “Anarchist Insurrection Launched in Online Game.”

I wouldn’t exactly call the Goonswarm or the CFC anarchists. (Comments on the article point this out as well, before the thread turns to the tired violence in video games argument.)  More unfettered capitalists really.  They don’t want to burn down the universe, just the parts where other people live.

There are other errors.  Jita is a star system, not a space station, and you cannot really ruin the insurance companies since they are NPC run and have limitless resources available.

But the article as a whole gets across the spirit of the game… and the viewpoint of CCP.  The didn’t stop the event, they just reinforced the servers running Jita so it could go on.

Of course, I might be biased about the article, as they chose to embed my Jita movie further down the page.  First Poland, then France… wait, don’t go there.  Anyway, like Jerry Lewis, my works are appreciated more overseas.