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Lil’ XT Reactions

Not much has been said about the other virtual item that was released for sale in the Blizzard store yesterday, a new vanity pet called Lil’ XT.

That I am $10 seems pretty normal now!

While I’m not sure about the name (it makes me think of an early 80s IBM PC model… but I’m like that) Lil’ XT has his own story:

Programmed with boundless energy and a child-like enthusiasm, Lil’ XT, the mini-Deconstructor, awaits adoption by a capable and adventurous parent.  Despite his diminutive size, Lil’ XT can still fracture the ground beneath his feet with his tiny tympanic tantrums that discharge massive amounts of electricity into the air.

So he is another pet that provides some entertainment.  And he seems to be getting his own response out in the world.

Well, I guess if you bought Lil’s XT, you probably wanted to get some attention.