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Gates are Open for the 7th Rift Beta

The 7th beta event is now, by most definitions, a full open beta.

If you like to try before you buy, here is your opportunity.

Personally, I’ll probably be over here on the 15th.  We’ll see what that new progression server looks like.

STO Open Beta – First Night

I got home last night and found that my download was complete.  The Star Trek Online client was ready to install.

I ran the installer.  That went well.

I logged in and let it patch.  Also good.

And then I was told that the server was down, but that it would be up soon.  No big deal.

At some point after the server came up, I logged in.  I got to see the Cryptic and Atari logos as well as the cool loading screen.

Loading Screen Engaged!

And then that was about it for the excitement.

After that, the only two messages I saw were:


over and over again.

Not the most auspicious start for me I suppose.

But then again, it was the first night of open beta for a popular game.  Problems are to be expected.

It was persistent enough that I began to wonder if it was some sort of replay of the UDP issue I was having with Pirates of the Burning Sea way back when. (PotBS comparisons with STO seem to en vogue at the moment.)  However, a check of the forums showed that other people were having the same issue.

So there was no Star Fleet activity at our house on the first night of open beta.

But World of Warcraft was there for me.  I got on just in time to run Wintergrasp and call it a night.

STO Open Beta Poll

Here I sit, 10 hours into the Star Trek Online open beta client download and about 40% complete.  Come on FilePlanet download manager!

That has given me some time to go look at other posts about open beta.  Some are quite good and provide valuable information or perspectives.  And some are… a bit tedious.

So, in absence of anything else to post at the moment, I thought I would do a poll.

I also figured out how to resolve that “poll doesn’t wrap long answers” issue I was having.  Go me.  Of course, I got word wrapping to work, but now it forces me to use the default poll style.  How like life.

Now back to downloading.

STO – Pre-Order Key in Hand

Gamestop obliged me this afternoon with an email that contained my pre-order game key so I can get in the Star Trek Online open beta, which begins tomorrow if things go as planned.

Of course, the next trick will be downloading the game client, which weighs in at around 7GB if I read the forums correctly.

Not that I will have much time to actually play in the open beta for the next week or so, but I’d like to get it set up so that when I do have time, I can give it a try.

Addendum: Ah, they put up a page about the open beta.  It looks like my subscription to FilePlanet will pay off again.