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Tuned in for BlizzCon

This year I decided to get BlizzCon on Pay-per-View through DirecTV.  There are enough potential announcements that could come up this time around related to StarCraft II, Diablo III, and World of Warcraft that I felt it was worthwhile to sign up to watch.

Not that there won’t be adequate press coverage of BlizzCon.  But sometimes it is good to see announcements and presentations directly rather than filtered through the lens that is the perception of others.

I signed up and, after an hour on the phone with DirecTV’s support department, I am ready to roll.  The feed starts at 11am today, while I am at work, so I wanted to record the session on the DVR and there were some technical issues preventing me from scheduling the recording.  But DirecTV solved the problem and gave me $15 off my bill for the inconvenience.

So once I get home tonight I will be ready for a weekend of BlizzCon viewing.  16 hours of gaming TV.  I have my TV viewing equipment ready.

Greetings over your orthicon tube!

Greetings over your orthicon tube!

They had better announce something good.  And, if not, I still get Gunty the Murloc Marine as an in-game pet in WoW.