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I Never Cared About Eyeliner Before, Now We’re All Worried…

Something that caught my eye… heh…  in the EVE Online Incursion 1.1.2 patch notes, which I finally got around to reading.  This is the sort of thing that the new character creator has got us fretting about now.

Some eyeliners were not displaying the correct color. This has now been fixed. Characters who were incorrectly rendered with white eyeliner when they chose black will have their characters automatically corrected and rerendered.

This makes me want to listen to Rip Her To Shreds, which is probably just a side effect of the color of the text.

I still haven’t made a new avatar for Wilhelm yet.  Have to do that.  I guess I’ll see about the eyeliner thing if I end up in a Clockwork Orange mood.

On the other hand, I am kind of bummed that I missed out on the Golden Retriever jokes.

The Retriever ship has been updated so that it no longer appears to be gold in color. CONCORD is greatly relieved, knowing that there will be a reduction in bad dog jokes.

And I always love these sorts of bugs.

An extra, invisible tab on the login screen has been removed.

Life in software.

Best Items from the Dominion 1.1 Patch Notes

Dominion patch 1.1 has been deployed in EVE Online and you can find the full release notes here.

But two things caught my eye in the notes.

EVE Voice, Mail & Chat

  • Voice fonts have now been added to EVE Voice. This new feature will allow you to alter your voice during chat to increase or lower pitch or to change from male to female voices. This is certainly not going to be abused in any way.

Too true indeed.


  • Drones can now be used to attack Zephyrs in wormhole space.

I would have loved to have heard a live feed from the first pilot unsuccessfully trying to get his drones to kill a Zephyr in wormhole space.

Now to wait for the EVEMon update so I can see how long it will take me to fly a super carrier and deploy fighter bombers. (New with Dominion 1.1, and things I am unlikely to ever even see, much less fly!)

And why does “fighter bomber” always bring up the image of a P-47 in my mind?