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July in Review

The Site

This past month I wrote about all sorts of things.  I wrote about exploration in Middle-earth, a 1500 word review of The Agency: Covert Ops, FarmVille, Hulkageddon III, the freeing of PLEX (with an obscure musical reference as a title, which nobody has yet mentioned), StarCraft II, and the ever hoped for flying car.

And which of my posts made it to WordPress.com’s front page?

There, in the upper right hand corner

Yeah, the damn octopus.  That is what made the front page.

Okay, granted, there are a lot of low cards on that front page.  Proof that we were, in fact, in the Summer news doldrums I suppose.

But Paul the Octopus was enough to make July the month with the most page views ever.  I really cashed in on World Cup fever… if only there had been some actual cash involved.  Still no job yet.

Anyway, page views for the month ended up looking like this.  Click on it to see the full size version.

July 2010 Page View Chart

One Year Ago

I won a contest.  Granted, all I got was a T-shirt.  But that was probably more than you got.

Mythic announced a version of Warhammer Online for the Mac.  How did that turn out?

I was, as usual, asking silly questions like why does Tetris gets faster.  Okay, it was an analogy, but it was still silly.

Oh, and then there was the horse.  Remember the $10 horse?  I did a poll about it and everything.  Boy, that seems like small potatoes a year later.  I mean, that was a cash shop game selling a horse for $10.  Now WoW and EQ2 will sell you mounts that are even more expensive.  And they charge a monthly subscription fee… so far.

Gary Gannon announced that GAX Online was going to close in August, bringing to an end that experiment in gamer community building.

I asked what people considered cheating in an MMO.  It included another poll.  I was doing polls last July.

I did a parody of Tipa’s Daily Blog Roll feature.

In EVE Online I got another step closer to mining perfection.  I was also fiddling around with a fit for a Dominix.

The instance group hit Violet Hold and Gundrak, but couldn’t get the team together for Halls of Stone, so went back and did some Burning Crusade heroics just for kicks.

Then the instance group took a run at Onyxia.  The old school Onyxia.  She’s since been remade into a level 80 raid.

And even as we were doing all that, we were starting to mull over what we should do once we were level 80 with no new expansion in sight.  It only took us a year to try another game.  At about that time, my hunter alt hit level 80.

I also dredged up the old Alamo Teechs U 2 Play Druid post from the WoW forums.  Philisophical question:  Would Alamo have posted that if he had had to use his real name?

And, finally, my daughter was trying to get me to help her make WoW videos to post on YouTube.

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Search Term of the Month

[glad to see that completely random things will bring you here]

Hate Mail of the Month

Not many people bother, but once in a while I get one.

u r gay [from IP Address:]

Wow!  That was worth the effort!

Deleted/Spam Comments of the Month

Wow this site sucks butt! Who would make a site like this!
[This then turned into an ad for a craptastic, third-tier Facebook game which I won’t mention. So ha-ha, I win.]

Rumour has it that Azeroth Flying will cost 25,000 gold. So getting a ton of gold seems like a good idea before Cataclysm
[One of many gold seller spam comments.  This one had a reason behind it I suppose.]

Can the WOW accounts be auctioned? Both for buying and selling of accounts. It would be an awesome idea. Are there any providers for this?
[Odd they should ask this question when links to such a site were embedded in their comment.]

EVE Online

The W-space station expedition lost steam and has been shelved, mostly due to our inability to find a system in W-space that we could settle and which did not already have somebody there.  So I’m back to the default EVE play style, which is training.  I’m running on PLEX time I purchased with some of my ISK.  I probably have enough time left to get to 70 million skill points.  And then what?

Lord of the Rings Online

It is no longer just me goofing off in Middle-earth.  The instance group is now in LOTRO and looking to stay there for a bit.  This means that my main character, Terentia, has been side-lined for a while.  That seems to happen to any character that I think of as my main.  And a new character, destined to be part of our regular group, has emerged.  Roderigo, the burglar.

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is really on the back burner right now.  The instance group is at the same point we were at before Wrath of the Lich King came out.  We’re a bit tired of Azeroth and trying out something different.  Well, a little different.  Last time it was Warhammer Online, which lasted us about six weeks.  This time around it is LOTRO.  Will that last past Cataclysm?

Nintendo DS

I am this close (hold fingers millimeters apart) to defeating Red in Pokemon SoulSilver.  And then I will really only have the National Pokedex to complete… which means I’ll pretty much be done with the game.  I tell myself I’ll finish out the Pokedex, but somehow I don’t think it will happen.

Coming Up

I have not purchased StarCraft II.  Not yet.  But a bunch of people I know have dropped $60 on it and seem to be pretty happy with the single player campaign.  I’m still not sure that I will buy it, but at least I know some people to play with should I grab a copy.

The instance group is in Middle-earth.  That will occupy us for a few weeks.

And then I’m sure some other subscription based game will announce they are going free to play with a wacky tiered account system.  Who will it be?  Not WoW I’m pretty sure.

But I wouldn’t be surprised to see a press release saying that Diablo III is going to get some sort of Hellgate: London-like premium option…  only with less fiasco involved.  We shall see.