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Quote of the Day – Satire is Dead

Always predict the worst and you’ll be hailed as a prophet.

-Tom Lehrer, quoting a friend

I don’t have an agenda when it comes to Steam.  I tend to take it as it is in my own fatalistic way.  But sometimes this stuff writes itself.

The Timeline:

Thursday – Anything goes on Steam, even if we hate it.  The only exceptions are things that are illegal or straight up trolling.

Saturday – Well, yes, there may be some correlation between things we don’t like and what we’re going to call trolling.

Monday – Hey, we’re bringing Steam to the People’s Republic of China!

Yes, because of the laws there Valve won’t actually own Steam in China.  Their partner, Perfect World Entertainment will be the majority shareholder.

Still I just find it a strange and/or amusing bit of timing to have the company go from declaring openness one day to lending their name to a service in China, where the game lineup will be anything but open, just a few days later.

I’m hoping the next thing I write about Steam will be in regards to the summer sale.

The Drop in WoW Subscribers Means Changes All Over…

Rather than the usual round of WoW phishing attempts, I have seen a batch of these lately…


It has come to our attention that you are trying to sell your personal RuneScape account(s).
As you may not be aware of, this conflicts with the EULA and Terms of Agreement.
If this proves to be true, your account can and will be disabled…

All with the same message, the same badly disguised bogus URL, and all delivered to the same email address that gets all my WoW phishing attempts.  (Which, of course, is NOT the email address I use for WoW or Battle.net.)

No doubt handiwork of the same trolls.

Of course, I’ve never played RuneScape, so this is even less worrying that WoW phishing.  Oh no, an account I never had in the first place is in danger of being banned!

RuneQuest, Yes, RuneScape, No

Meanwhile, in the same batch of email, I received a note from Perfect World Entertainment, makers of… nothing I can recall ever playing.  I guess they are publishing Torchlight now, which I have played.  But I did not buy it from them.  Still, at some point I created an account there, I just cannot remember why.  It certainly wasn’t for Rusty Hearts and a discount gamepad.

That email said:

You are receiving this email because your account may have been accessed without your authorization. We have changed your account’s password and are requiring you to change your password before you can log back into our games. Please go here to reset your password:

And there was a URL below on which you were invited to click.  Only this one looked legitimate.  I still didn’t click on it, going rather directly to the Perfect World site and resetting my password via the interface they provide there.

I wonder if Perfect World has some sort of incident or if this was just another, slightly more clever phishing attempt.

How about for you?  Any rise in non-WoW related phishing attempts at your end?

Were you getting that many WoW related ones in the first place?  At one point I was getting one or two a day.

How Was Star Trek Online NOT Free to Play Already?

When I think of subscription games that have switch to the free to play model, Star Trek Online pops into my head, and has for some time.

And then I have had to remind myself that no, the game is not F2P, not yet.

Now though, that appears to have changed.

Perfect World Entertainment, which is apparently my company of the day, and which acquired Cryptic Studios back in May, has announced that Star Trek Online will be going F2P this year, or so reports Massively.

Only available in America?

F2P... it is a gold mine... like re-runs!

Now, as a lifetime subscriber facing yet another company changing business models, I do wonder how they will treat me.  Not that I have played the game in the last year.  My one year anniversary post for the game is still sitting as a draft.

Look, I logged on long enough to get a screen shot!

The Lord of the Rings Online transition from subscription to F2P treated lifetime subscribers very well I felt.  I was quite satisfied with how that turned out last summer.  I will be interested to see how this plays out with STO.

And you can just bet if they shaft the lifetime subscribers, I will complain about it despite having no real investment in the game.  It is just the way it has to be.

Rusty Hearts Wants Me to Buy a Gamepad

Another one from the mail bag I suppose.

Rusty Hearts, which I can’t recall having heard about before, a Perfect World Entertainment MMO currently in closed beta, sent me a note.  Or the people running it did.  And they want me to go buy a gamepad.

Rusty Hearts Offer

And to get me to do this, the have sent me a code that will let me buy a Logitech Dual Action Gamepad for just $4.99.

The Gamepad in Question

Granted, the gamepad is only $12.99 normally on the Logitech site (it is actually double that on Amazon), but when we’re talking five dollar game controllers, I start wondering if I ought to get one just to tinker around.

Not that Rusty Hearts seems to be my sort of game.  It is described as:

An anime-inspired, cell shaded, beat-em-up action MMORPG set in a stylized gothic world.

Sounds just like Darren‘s cup of tea… but for me… not so much.

And if I am not going to use it for Rusty Hearts, then I am not sure what use it would be.

It does seem to be one of the supported devices for Need for Speed World.  I’m not quite convinced that a gamepad is necessarily superior to the keyboard for steering control.

So what is a gamepad good for on a Windows 7 PC?  What would make it worth dropping the five dollars?

Is there a MAME front end or something that would support it?

Battle of the Immortals – Key Features

A random item from the world of press releases.

I received a note announcing that Battle of the Immortals will be going into closed beta come April 13th.  Not sure that is news worthy, but if you’re working on a “rolling thunder” style marketing campaign, you have to work with what is at hand.

While I am not particularly interested in the game (the press release was the first I had heard of it) and the closed beta has no traction with me, I did like that they pointed out the key features of the game.

So this is what they want you to know about Battle of the Immortals:

  • 5 Unique Classes – Each with their own distinct skill set and equipment
  • Zodiac System – Empower your character according to their Zodiac symbol
  • Auto-Navigation Quest System – Progress through quests easily with auto-navigation
  • Soul Gear System – Unique sets of armor and gear specifically tailored toward each class that grows and changes as players use them
  • Hardcore PvP – Battle other players to be the best within an in-depth ranking system
  • Hardcore PvE – Compete against other players for the right to take down epic bosses
  • PvE Time Trials – Race against other players to gain access to even greater challenges
  • Pet System – Collect a wide variety of pets ranging from cute to devastating monsters
  • Mount System – Ride upon giant beasts to shorten your travels and engage in combat
  • Territory War System – Battle other guilds for rare relics, resources and other treasures

I’m a little disappointed that neither the pet nor the mount system is hardcore, since they seemed to be on a hardcore riff there for a bit.

Is this mount not hardcore?

Still, you have to take your hat off to any game that is trying to turn, “What’s your sign?” into a question of import up there with gear score.