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PETA in WoW?

I am nearly speechless over this post on the PETA blog about an event this coming Saturday to stop the killing of baby seals in Northrend.

I initially thought this was somebody at WoW Vault coming a little late to the party with an April Fool’s joke, but there it was on the PETA web site.

The fight against the Canadian seal slaughter has gone digital!

That’s right, gamers, get ready: This Saturday, World of Warcraft (WoW) players will have the opportunity to combat a team of four Horde seal killers. We need your help to stop them from bashing in the heads of any more seals!

Thrall refused to ban the slaughter of seals, despite multiple requests from the Alliance to do so, because Orgrimmar stands to make a large profit from the fur.

Activists from across the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor are banding together to put a stop to the atrocious seal slaughter. Anyone who slaughters baby seals for their fur must surely be in service to the evil Lich King.

Here’s what you need to know in order to battle:

  • You must be in the WhisperWind realm in order to fight. Visit WorldofWarcraft.com if you need information about how to switch into this realm.
  • Once in the WhisperWind realm, go to Northrend, where you will find a zone called Howling Fjord, where the baby seals live on glaciers and boats float in the fjords. This will be the battleground to stop the slaughter. (Note: You must be at least a Level 70 player in order to enter Howling Fjord.)
  • The battle will take place on Saturday, April 11, at 1 p.m. EST.

Make sure to check out videos about the upcoming battle here, and use our Facebook event to get all your friends to join you in the fight. Be sure to check back for the battle coordinates.

Posted by Ryan Huling

Think you can stop the seal killers?

What to think?

Aside from the fact that it is only happening on a single server (WhisperWind) I can only think that if you are high enough level to get out to Northrend your hands have to be covered in enough virtual animal blood to make this the ultimate statement of virtual hypocrisy in the name of saving “cute” animals.

Plus, you know, those baby seals are not real right?  They just respawn as cute as ever!

I have to believe somebody at PETA just has a sense of humor, as unlikely as that may seem some days.  I mean their blog also has a post titled “Pet Shop Boys don’t support pet shops.”

Oh, wait… that one wasn’t humor.  The Pet Shop Boys declined the request to change their name to The Rescue Shelter Boys.

Somebody on WhisperWind want to check this out on Saturday?

[Edited to include the post from the PETA site in case it goes away.]