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PSN Up By May31? We Didn’t Say That!

Sony is responding to yesterdays quotes that it plans to have the PlayStation Network fully operation by May 31st by now saying that it has no specific time frame for when the service will be restored.

It could be sooner… but it will likely be later the way this train wreck is unfolding.

And, of course, there is no mention of SOE at all.

SOE is arguably suffering more damage to its image than the PlayStation side of the business.  Sure, the PlayStation Network is down, but I can still stream Netflix, watch movies, and play (and even patch) my few PS3 games.  I have a tangible piece of hardware that still does things.

But SOE is down so hard it might as well be dead, and we know nothing about what may come to pass or when or what it will mean in the longer term.

I appreciate that SOE doesn’t have much to say, or cannot go into great detail, or is restricted by the corporate lawyers from saying anything of substance, but the daily posting on their Facebook page, like this one from yesterday:

SOE services will remain offline today. We continue to work diligently to bring things back as quickly as possible and appreciate your continued patience.

essentially say nothing at this point.  You can only rephrase “not today!” so many ways before people become restive or resort to parody.

There is literally nothing coming out of SOE but this Facebook drip.  Even Karen at Massively is pulling from pre-attack interviews to keep up their regular EQII feature.

Is this all-but-silent treatment really the best plan?


A new informationless posting at the PlayStation Blog:

I know you all want to know exactly when the services will be restored. At this time, I can’t give you an exact date, as it will likely be at least a few more days. We’re terribly sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we work through this process.

A few more days sounds good, but so does “soon” and we know how that word has been abused in the past.

Nothing further from SOE.  I expect at some point this afternoon we’ll read on Facebook that SOE games won’t be up today.  Check back tomorrow.

Sony – What Does Taking May Off Portend?

Sony has come out and said that they may not have the PlayStation Network up and going until May 31st.

If they make that date, and who knows what is optimism and what is pessimism these days, that would put them off line for 41 days.

There is no news about SOE specifically, but there is no reason to think that they will be up any time sooner.

May 31st would put SOE games like EverQuest, EverQuest II, Vanguard, and Star Wars Galaxies down for 28 days, including 4 critical weekends.

So in addition to the people who won’t be back because they feel Sony has broken their trust, it seems likely that a segment of the player base that is less than fully invested in SOE games may wander off and find something else to do with their time.

The potential for one weekend down seems easily survivable for SOE.  Things could go back to business as usual.

But four weekends down?  The loss of essentially a month of billing and Station Cash revenues plus another month of billing to be given out as an inducement to get people to return is going to be a big hit.  Q2 2011 is going to be a financial disaster for SOE, a company that just had to shed nearly a third of their staff.

You cut like that when you are in a hole.  Now, rather than climbing out of the hole, the bottom has dropped out and the hole has gotten deeper.  How do you counter that?  You boost revenues (unlikely) or cut costs (even more).

My prime concern is that this will invite SOE’s PlayStation lords and masters into the picture even further.  And when you have a hardware group who only cares about software that runs on the PlayStation 3 getting further involved with decisions and planning, visions of the future start to look grim.

What will SOE look like a year from now?  A small group supporting DC Universe Online, FreeRealms, and EverQuest II Extended?

And with the way DCUO seems to be headed, will that even be in the picture?

No SOE This Weekend

We wanted to let you know that our games will not be up this weekend. We are working around the clock to get our services back up and running soon. Thank you for your continued patience and support.

From the SOE Facebook Page

Ouch.  It is one thing to be offline during the week, but we are now into prime time, the busiest time for an MMO.

But then, the PlayStation Network shows no sign of coming up any time soon either.

Here is hoping for next week.

PlayStation Network Threatens to be Back Up Before I Finish Making My Fancy “Days Down” Graphic For the Side Bar

Or so says the EQ2 Wire.

I’ll believe it when I see it.  I’m going to keep working on the graphic.

In other news, when it comes to SOE, there is no other news.

It is still down.

Follow Up Clarification – The EQ2 Wire does not mention my attempt at a fancy graphic for the side bar.  They are just reporting that the network might be up… and that Wired is trying to figure out who done it.  Also I think I managed a pretty amusing comment on that piece.  Go me.

One Possibly Amsuing Result of the Sony Hacking

I had to laugh when I read this over at Kotaku.

Sure, it hasn’t come to pass, but it would be amusing if it did.

Hackers, it seems, get $5-10 per credit card/identity sets on the… do we call it a black market?

Anywhere, where ever it is they do their buying and selling, that is the price range.

But there is a worry in the hacker community that if all of those Sony credit card/identity sets suddenly flood the market, the price might drop as low as $1-2 per set.

Life is tough all over I guess.

Meanwhile, the latest SOE update just showed up.

We regret that we were unable to bring services back online today, and continue to work hard on the issue!

It has to be painful down in San Diego this week.

SOE To Remain Offline Until Friday… Or Longer

The key quote from this article in the San Diego Union-Tribune, noted over at EQ2 Wire:

Rodriguez added that Sony Online Entertainment’s network would be shut down until Friday and possibly longer. The company has contacted the FBI to investigate the attack.

And if the shut down bleeds into people’s weekend free time, their weekend game time, then people will start looking for something else to play.

As Syp sort of asked, can SOE recover from something like that?

There is the player base in general to consider.  Surely the hard core, long time players will return, but I wonder how fragile the EverQuest II Extended player base is.  Dose free to play’s low bar to entry also imply a low threshold to abandonment?

Then there is the who question of confidence in Sony, SOE, SCEA, et al., in holding our personal data.  Should Sony, as Cringley and Lum suggest, outsource the whole thing to the likes of PayPal or PlaySpan?

(PlaySpan is now owned by VISA, which I think gives it the legitimacy to be considered.  Games like World of Tanks use it already.)

Or will we all forget about this in a month or two and things will be business as usual… until it happens again?

Addendum: Develop has posted an excellent time line of the Sony PSN and SOE hacking saga.

(I recall all the grief I got for not wanting to give EA-Mythic a credit card number in order to take advantage of their 10 free days offer.  Doesn’t seem so unreasonable now, does it?)

SOE Offline for a Second Day

Hey folks, in response to many inquiries, we wanted to reassure you that all of your characters and items are safe and awaiting your return. We continue to work on the issues as fast as we can, but unfortunately the servers will not come up today. Thank you for your continued patience; we expect to be back up very soon.

SOE Update on Facebook, 18:15 PDT, May 3

Well, it looks like the downtime might eclipse the great December 2004 EverQuest II outage, which ran about 2 days if I recall right.

Has any other big name MMO, like WoW or EverQuest, been down for more than a couple of days?