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EVE Online PLEX for Good Ukraine Raises $501,652

CCP announced that their EVE Online PLEX for Good campaign to raise funds for Ukrainian refugees from the Russian invasion of Ukraine raised a total of $501,652.

The total amount raised will be converted to real world money and donated to both UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, and the National Bank of Ukraine Humanitarian Assistance campaign.

The community team with the big check

PLEX for Good campaigns allow EVE Online players to donate PLEX, the game’s cash shop currency that can be purchased directly from CCP or from other player inside the game for in-game currency, and contract it to a CCP run in-game account where it is collected.  CCP then converts the PLEX back into real world currency and uses that for the charity donation.

Donation instructions

CCP then matches the amount donated, essentially doubling the amount donated.  For the Ukraine campaign, CCP promised to match up to $250K in donations, and it looks like they hit that cap and the donations went a bit beyond that.

Past PLEX for Good campaigns over the years have raised over $1.2 million total, via the following events:

  • 2005 – $25,326 – Southeast Asia (tsunami)
  • 2010 – $34,350 – Haiti (earthquake)
  • 2010 – $38,900 – Pakistan (monsoon)
  • 2011 – $44,600 – Japan (earthquake and tsunami)
  • 2011 – $32,900 – United States (Hurricane Irene)
  • 2013 – $190,890 – Philippines (Typhoon Haiyan)
  • 2015 – $103,650 – Nepal (earthquake)
  • 2020 – $107,454 – Australia (bushfires)
  • 2020 – $135,550 – Global (COVID-19)
  • 2022 – $501,652 – Ukraine (war)



CCP Announces Details of PLEX for Good Campaign for Ukraine

Earlier in the week CCP announced that they would be running a PLEX for Good campaign in EVE Online in order to support humanitarian relief operations related to displaced Ukrainians due to the war Russia has launched against the country.  The number of refugees from the war has already passed 2 million people and is expected to double.

PLEX for Good

Yesterday a follow up announcement was posted with the details of the campaign, how players can participate, and where the money will be going.

The campaign allows players to take PLEX, the in-game cash shop currency, which players can purchase with real world money or in-game currency, and donate it to a specific account in game.  CCP will then convert the donated PLEX into real world money to be given to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) campaign for Ukrainian refugees.

Players should us the contract system in game to send PLEX to the character CCP PLEX for Good, which is in the corporation C C P and in the C C P Alliance.

Donation instructions

The campaign will be capped at a total of $250,000 in donations.

CCP warns that any attempt to scam people using the PLEX for Good campaign as a vehicle will be met with the “harshest and swiftest action at our disposal.” So don’t go there.

Donations for the campaign will be accepted up until 23:59 UTC on March 22nd, 2022.

If you wish to donate to help refugees without going through the PLEX for Good campaign, CCP recommends the following organizations as worthy of your direct assistance.

As with past campaigns, you can expect various players and player groups to rise to the occasion in order to raise awareness of the campaign.  A Battleship Brawl has already been organized by The Initiative, while PUSHX shipping will donate 2 PLEX for every shipping contract they take between now and the 21st, and I expect other groups and streamers will have additional activities in order to spread the word.

For those interested, CCP included a list of past player focused fundraising campaigns and how much money they brought in:

  • 2005 – $25,326 – Southeast Asia (tsunami)
  • 2010 – $34,350 – Haiti (earthquake)
  • 2010 – $38,900 – Pakistan (monsoon)
  • 2011 – $44,600 – Japan (earthquake and tsunami)
  • 2011 – $32,900 – United States (Hurricane Irene)
  • 2013 – $190,890 – Philippines (Typhoon Haiyan)
  • 2015 – $103,650 – Nepal (earthquake)
  • 2020 – $107,454 – Australia (bushfires)
  • 2020 – $135,550 – Global (COVID-19)


CCP Announces PLEX for Good Campaign for Ukraine in EVE Online

CCP has run PLEX for Good campaigns in the past to help with things like COVID-19 response fund or to help victims of the wildfires in Australia.  Now they are hoping to harness the EVE Online community to provide funds for humanitarian relief for those suffering due to the invasion of Ukraine.

We stand together

CCP plans to match player and employee donations up to the amount of $250,000.

The campaign will go live later this week, with further details announced at that time.

From the announcement:

CCP Games stands in support of the people of Ukraine and joins the international call to end the violence and restore peace in the region. We are devastated by the terrible situation unfolding and our collective thoughts are with all those affected by these distressing events.

EVE Online is special in that the game is played primarily on a single shared server that supports players from around the world.  As such, when something impacts part of the world it also hits the EVE Online community.  The invasion of Ukraine saw a decline in concurrent users, which was expected as the game has a significant player base in Russia and Ukraine.

We all hope for a restoration of peace and sanity, but until that time we should support Ukraine and help those victimized by the naked aggression the world is witnessing.


Log In To EVE Online for Generosity Celebration SKINs… also Surgical Strike is Coming

CCP has decided to celebrate the fact that capsuleers have raised well over half a million dollars in the various PLEX for Good campaigns over the years, with the most recent having kicked off last week in support of the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

The celebration takes the form of a login event running from downtime on April 9th until downtime on April 16th with SKINs and other rewards for those who log in.

Generosity with SKINs

Alpha Clones who log in will get the Frontier Safeguarder SKIN for the Osprey, Augoror, Scythe and Exequror.

Omega Clones will get those SKINs, as well as crates that may provide random Agency Combat Boosters, a random T2 Logistics Cruiser Frontier Safeguarder SKIN, a random Force Auxiliary Frontier Safeguarder SKIN, and another random Frontier Safeguarder SKIN for T2 Cruisers or Force Auxiliaries.

There are only four days of rewards, so you do not have to log in every single day for a week.  Just any four days in the range will get you there.

Day one of gifts

Since I love SKINs and fly logi and have donated to several of the PLEX for Good campaigns, I am all in on this.

Beware though when you claim your gifts.  CCP has a little change-up in how things work and, judging by surprised player (and CCP) responses, this was not communicated well.  When you redeem the gift, the SKIN is activated for the character on which you redeem it.  It won’t drop into your hangar, there will be no little red dot in your inventory, you can’t hand it over to an alt, it is staying where it is redeemed.

The tool tip confirms that this is expected behavior.

Activated on redemption

So don’t redeem this on your Jita alt expecting to sell it.  You’ll just end up with a sales alt with a nice SKIN they will probably never use.  Some people are saying that they didn’t get the SKIN, but it isn’t clear if they noticed the tool tip.  One sure way to check is to go to your SKINs inventory in your character sheet.

Where your SKIN ends up

While this does diminish my need to collect these SKINs on my random alpha clones… I have two characters on my main account that would use the Osprey SKIN and can’t hand them over… I’ll still go grab them all the same.  You never know when an alt might rise.

And if those aren’t enough SKINs for you, CCP has some new ones for Guristas hulls in the store and others on sale.  SKINs for everybody.

We can collect those while we wait for next week’s Surgical Strike update.

I didn’t do a post about that announcement because I had another post queued up and because there were enough questions raised that I figured I ought to wait until CCP came back to clarify and adjust, which they did.   We’ll get those changes as a follow on patch, but they are planned.

Overall though, I am in favor of more spaceships exploding… and nerfing Munnins… but there will be some adjustment time after the update hits.

CCP has also been talking to MMORPG.com about how they have shaken up their development process since the Chaos Era.

PLEX for Good and COVID-19

CCP announced yesterday that they would be reviving the PLEX for Good idea to raise funds to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

PLEX for Good Returns

The PLEX for Good plan has seen CCP channel donations from players to support various disaster relief programs, most recently involving the Australian wild fires, which was just back in January of this year.

To give to this campaign you can contract PLEX in the game to the character CCP PLEX for GOOD. CCP would like you to please keep the minimum donation at 250 PLEX.  That works out to about $10, though with the PLEX pricing on the site a definite number can be difficult to pin down exactly.  $10 gets you 240 PLEX, but $20 gets you 500.

Edit: CCP lowered the minimum request to 240 PLEX to match the $10 purchase amount.

In the end though, the real-world monetary value of all PLEX collected will be donated by CCP to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund at the conclusion of the campaign.

Since I spent some time last go around figuring out how to do this, I thought I would mention how to actually contract PLEX.  By default, PLEX is stuck in your PLEX vault, and if you go to your wallet, it will show you how much PLEX you have and let you spend it on things, but you cannot actually contract it from there. (Maybe you can, but I couldn’t figure out how.)

That is because the PLEX Vault is really in your inventory window.  You need to go there and drag the big PLEX icon over to Item Hangar.

Dragging PLEX

When you drop that on your Item Hangar it will ask you how much PLEX you want to move there.  Once it is in your Item Hangar, it is like a normal object in EVE Online.  You can put it in your cargo hold, undock, get blown up, and have your loss mail become a thread over on /r/eve.  Or maybe you’ll right click on it, select Create Contract and contract it to the PLEX for Good campaign.

I chose the latter.

There is also a video in CCP’s post that hints that we might get a mask to wear in-game to keep capsuleers safe.

The face covering option some of us need

I can see pirates wearing that even if they aren’t worried about social distancing as they tackle you.

Friday Bullet Points about EVE Online and Bonus Skill Points

It is Friday and, despite not playing much in New Eden myself this month, I have accumulated a few items I want to mention about EVE Online.

  • More Bonus Skill Points

Another bonus skill point event starts today.

Bonus skill points are the best skill points

Log in daily from today through Monday and get some free skill points to spend on skills you need… or to hoard  for some potential future need.  Alpha pilots will get 75,000 skill points if they claim every day while Omega pilots will be eligible for 250,000 skill points.

  • PLEX For Good

The PLEX for Good campaign to raise funds for the Australian Red Cross is still going.  You can donate PLEX, the cash value of which will be donated, through until January 26th.  Details on how you do this are at the link.

PLEX for Good

There is also a Stream Fleet event coming this weekend to raise awareness for the efforts and drum up more donations.

  • Download Your Year in EVE

I wrote about the Your Year in EVE videos CCP produced already.  You can see one of mine again if you need a reminder as to what they were.

If you enjoyed your video and want to keep it, you need to download it by January 30th.  CCP will be purging them after that date.  Fortunately, each video has a link included that downloads an MP4 copy of the video to your system.  That format is pretty much ideal for uploading to services like YouTube, which is what I did.

Everybody who got a video should also be getting a reminder in the email about the videos going away, but it you don’t check that email account very often here is another reminder.

  • 64-Bit Client Transition Complete

Last year saw the introduction of the 64-bit client which promised to make EVE Online a better experience when it came to big space battles, or even smaller ones as you would no longer have to go into “potato mode” just to be sure the old client wouldn’t exceed the 32-bit memory limit and crash. (64-bit was also necessary for ongoing MacOS compatibility.  Apple doesn’t hang about supporting legacy features the way Microsoft does.)

Getting people to move to 64-bit went better than expected according to a Dev Blog from CCP, such that they have declared the transition complete.

Every dev blog gets a graphic

Because of this the old 32-bit client will be officially sunsetted on February 26, 2020.

In addition, the system requirements for EVE Online will be raised, with 4GB becoming the new minimum RAM requirement and 23GB being the new minimum drive space allocation.

  • December MER

The Monthly Economic Report for December 2019 is out at last, so now people have all the data for the year so they can explore what went on.

December 2019 – Top Sinks and Faucets over time – Everybody’s favorite chart

The Nosy Gamer has already been at it.  I don’t have much to say myself and am giving up the monthly posts about the MER.  They got tedious when I was reporting on them generally, so I went to focusing on specific items each month, but I think most people find the whole thing a snooze, so I’ll just play with the data on my own.

  • I Won a Thing

In conjunction with the Year in EVE videos I mentioned above CCP ran a social media contest around the hash tag #MyEVE2019.  Winners were picked at random and so I managed to make the RNG cut with this tweet.

Winners all got 500 PLEX which was delivered this week and the promise of a special SKIN to arrive at some future date.  I am going to keep the SKIN of course, but I am sending off the PLEX to the PLEX for Good campaign mentioned above.

EVE Online Gets Heavy Missile Buffs, Shield Slaves, and a New Event

CCP was keeping us in the dark.  They announced a new “Quadrants” plan, which sounded like quarterly releases, and which was said to start with something called “Fight or Flight,” but then did not go into much detail.  They even took the test server down to keep people from being able to see what was coming.  This did not pass without comment after the “Chaos Era” summer of “surprises.”

This image was not without information

It turns out that there were some hints… like what is the Drake spewing in that picture?  Yeah, Heavy missiles.  So today the update is live and the top item on the list is:

  • +5% to damage and explosion velocity of all Heavy Missiles

This is to encourage the use of heavy missiles, especially in PvP.  Heavy missiles ruled the roost for a while, early in the last decade, with the Drake being the platform of choice, before firewall tactics and nerfs combined to put the Drake and its weapon system on the shelf for fleet doctrines.

But that is not all.

Once again there is a Drake up front

In addition, the long asked for “shield slaves” implant sets have finally been added to the game.  I mean, the requests/demands for “shield slaves” have been a meme for years now. Naturally, they are not actually called “shield slaves,” but the set the armor versions are no longer called “slaves” either, but once something gets a name it tends to stick.

So we have the new Nirvana implant set, and I must admit that is a pretty good name choice.  Shield super pilots are no doubt soon to be in Nirvana.

The mid grade set looks like this:

  • Mid-grade Nirvana Alpha +3 Perception 1% Bonus to shield hitpoints with 10% set bonus
  • Mid-grade Nirvana Beta +3 Memory 2% Bonus to shield hitpoints with 10% set bonus
  • Mid-grade Nirvana Gamma +3 Willpower 3% Bonus to shield hitpoints with 10% set bonus
  • Mid-grade Nirvana Delta +3 Intelligence 4% Bonus to shield hitpoints with 10% set bonus
  • Mid-grade Nirvana Epsilon +3 Charisma 5% Bonus to shield hitpoints with 10% set bonus
  • Mid-grade Nirvana Omega 25% set bonus

And the high grade set looks like this:

  • High-grade Nirvana Alpha +4 Perception 1% Bonus to shield hitpoints with 15% set bonus
  • High-grade Nirvana Beta +4 Memory 2% Bonus to shield hitpoints with 15% set bonus
  • High-grade Nirvana Gamma +4 Willpower 3% Bonus to shield hitpoints with 15% set bonus
  • High-grade Nirvana Delta +4 Intelligence 4% Bonus to shield hitpoints with 15% set bonus
  • High-grade Nirvana Epsilon +4 Charisma 5% Bonus to shield hitpoints with 15% set bonus
  • High-grade Nirvana Omega 50% set bonus

A low grade set is promised for the future, but for now it is just those two.

The next question is, naturally enough, how do we get these new implants?

There is an event for that.

Dragonaur Blitz Event

Between now and January 27th there will be sites in low sec that will drop blueprint copies for the various Nirvana implants.

The catch is that the site are only accessible in ships that have a bonus to heavy missiles, so you have to be flying one of the ships from this list.

  • Bellicose
  • Caracal
  • Caracal Navy Issue
  • Gila
  • Orthrus
  • Osprey Navy Issue
  • Scythe Fleet Issue
  • Cerberus
  • Sacrilege
  • Vangel
  • Enforcer
  • Rapier
  • Chameleon
  • Rook
  • Onyx
  • Cyclone
  • Drake
  • Drake Navy Issue
  • Gnosis
  • Claymore
  • Nighthawk
  • Damnation
  • Barghest
  • Praxis
  • Rattlesnake
  • Raven
  • Raven State Issue
  • Scorpion Navy Issue
  • Typhoon
  • Typhoon Fleet Issue
  • Marshal
  • Widow
  • Golem

That gives you 33 choices… mostly Caldari… to pick from.  But if you plan to use one of the remaining Raven State Issue ships, be sure let us all know!  I want to be on that kill mail.

Those are the big items on the list for the update, though there are some lesser items of note.

The first is a tiericide pass… color me surprised that they’re still working on this as I had thought CCP gave up ages ago… on shield boosters.  This means that shield boosters everywhere will have new names and such.  Be aware.  The patch notes have a list.

And the filaments from the Yoiul Holiday Festival have all been converted to calm abyssal filaments.  No more jumping fleets into random null sec locations for fun.  The conversions were:

  • DSHR-01 Filament migrated to Calm Dark Filament
  • DNCR-02 Filament migrated to Calm Dark Filament
  • PRNCR-03 Filament migrated to Calm Gamma Filament
  • VXN-04 Filament migrated to Calm Firestorm Filament
  • CMT-05 Filament migrated to Calm Gamma Filament
  • CPD-06 Filament migrated to Calm Electrical Filament
  • DNNR-07 Filament migrated to Calm Electrical Filament
  • BLTZN-08 Filament migrated to Calm Electrical Filament
  • RDLF-09 Filament migrated to Calm Exotic Filament

If you hadn’t even opened up the appropriate Yoiul crates, you will find that they now contain abyssal filaments.

And, in an ongoing series of nerfs for carriers, Siren fighters have had their microwarp drives replaced with afterburners, so their new speed boosts are:

  • Tech I Siren now has 200% speed bonus from Afterburner
  • Tech II Siren now has 250% speed bonus from Afterburner

There are, of course, a bunch of other changes and fixes, most of which are detailed in the patch notes for the January 2020 release.

The January update has been reported as successfully deployed.

Also, as a reminder, CCP also has a limited time PLEX For Good event running to raise funds to help victims of the wildfires in Australia.

PLEX for Good

The event runs through January 26th.  The cash value of PLEX submitted by players (instructions at the link) will be donated to Icelandic Red Cross for distribution to the Australian Red Cross.