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GameStop Pichu Event

As was hinted in the last announcement regarding Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver, the recently revamped Pokemon.com has announced that there will be a download event at GameStop where you can obtain a special shiny, Pikachu-yellow version of Pichu.

The download event will run at GameStop locations from January 30th through February 14th.

This special Pichu can be downloaded to Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

The announcement at Pokemon.com of course refers to more to come from this Pichu once you transfer it to Pokemon HeartGold or SoulSilver.

Shiny Pichu holds even more secrets if you transfer the Pokémon to either Pokémon HeartGold or SoulSilver Version, coming March 14th. Once you’ve traded Shiny Pichu, take it to Ilex forest to meet Spiky-Eared Pichu, the one featured in the recent movie, Pokémon: Arceus and the Jewel of Life!

I might be able to grab Pichu at the same time I am at GameStop to pick up my Star Trek Online pre-order.  But I’ll certainly find some time to get it.

Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver Date Announced

Pokemon.com has announced the US ship date for the upcoming Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver.

The Date Revealed

March 14th, 2010 is the date when we will be able to head to the Johto Region, meet Professor Elm, face Team Rocket, and discover how far the game play has evolved in this latest version of the Pokemon series of games.

There is even a hint at what the next Pokemon download event will be.  It sounds like we’ll get a special Pichu for Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum at some point between now and the ship date.

More details are, of course, available at Pokemon.com.

Arceus Obtained

My daughter and I finally dusted off our Nintendo DSes and made our way down to Toys R Us to download Arceus on the last day of the event.



We were alone downloading at the store.  I imagine that those with Pokemon on their mind grabbed theirs last weekend.

The process was simple as usual.  We have been to enough download events that there were no mysteries involved.

My daughter, on getting her first close look at Arceus declared it a complete rip-off of Dialga.



I don’t quite see the resemblance myself, but I am probably distracted by that pet fence that Arceus appears to gotten stuck half way down his body.

Arceus at Toys R Us

The Arceus download event is finally upon us.  You can bring your copy of Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum to download Arceus at Toys R Us stores in the US and Puerto Rico from November 7th through the 15th.

Toys R Us does not seem to be pushing this event as much as they have done previous such events.  The event does appear in their weekly ad, but the mention is buried several pages into it.

Get Arceus
This event is, of course, part of a coordinated push by Nintendo to keep interesting in Pokemon at a simmer while we await a new installment in the series, the promised Pokemon HeartGold and Soul Silver.  As such, this download event coincides with the release of a new Pokemon movie “Arceus and the Jewel of Life” and the addition of Arceus related booster packs to the Pokemon Platinum version of the trading card game.

Arceus Triple

The Three Faces of Arceus

More information is available over at Pokemon.com.

Arceus Event Annouced!

Pokemon.com has finally announced the long expected Arceus download event!

Arceus will be available for download to Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum at Toys R Us stores in the United States and Puerto Rico from November 7th through November 15th.

Arceus is a special Pokemon and cannot be caught in game.  The only way to get Arceus is via a download even.

Arceus info at Pokemon.com

Arceus info at Pokemon.com

Information about the event and about Arceus is available here at Pokemon.com.

Professor Oak’s Letter and Shaymin

While Nintendo is still being elusive when it comes to when we will be able to pick up Arceus for Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum (though the how is pretty obvious,  through a store event at some future date), they did just announce on Pokemon.com how to obtain Shaymin in Pokemon Platinum.


Well, you encounter Shaymin.  Actually catching Shaymin is up to you.

Shaymin had previously only been available via a Toys R Us download event for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl back in February, before Pokemon Platinum was released.  You could then trade Shaymin to your copy of Pokemon Platinum after it became available.

Now Nintendo has opened up a method to obtain Shaymin directly in Pokemon Platinum.

However, you have to have a Nintendo Wi-Fi account setup to be able to get Shaymin.  And, of course, there is a time limit on this option, though it is a pretty generous time limit.

Remember, this is not an in-store event.

Arceus is Coming!

Pokemon.com announced that a new Pokemon will soon be available that will occupy position 493 in the National Pokedex.  Described as an “Alpha Pokemon,” this new entry in the game is called Arceus.

Arceus is Coming!

Arceus is Coming!

Arceus will be available for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl as well as Platinum, which means it will be part of a store event at some point.  My guess is that we will see a Toys R Us event announced at some point in the future to coincide with the release of the next straight-to-DVD Pokemon movie.

And when this 12th Pokemon movie is out we’ll finally know if its name is pronounced “Are-Key-Us” or “Are-See-Us.”

[Addendum: according to the Pokemon Wiki, it is pronounced “Ar-Cee-Us…” but they don’t say if it is a hard “C” or not either… I assume not, but we’ll probably have to wait to see how Ash says it in the movie.]

Darkrai Member Card Event

Pokemon.com has announced that you can get Darkrai in Pokemon Platinum between August 3rd and September 13th by obtaining the member card in game.


You need to have Nintendo WiFi Connection configured on your Nintendo DS in order to get the member card.

This is the only way you can get Darkrai directly in Pokemon Platinum.  Of course, if you picked Darkrai up in Pokemon Diamond or Pearl at the Toys R Us event a little over a year back, you can always trade him to your copy of Platinum… with a little help.

Rotom Secret Key Available Via Nintendo WiFi

Pokemon.com reports that you can again obtain the secret key that allows the Pokemon Rotom to change forms between now and July 19th.

Rotom Key on WiFi
This is not an in-store event.  You have to have your DS configured to connet to Nintendo Wi-Fi.  But if you have that option, the Pokemon Platinum site has full instructions for obtaining the Rotom secret key.

Rotom Secret Key Event

The first Pokemon Platinum event has been announced at Pokemon.com in conjunction with Toys R Us.


There is a key that can be used to change the forms of the pokemon known as Rotom.  There was a flyer in the Pokemon Platinum box that described how to obtain this key via Nintendo Wi-Fi.

However, if you do not have Wi-Fi access or have not set it up, you can obtain the key for a limited time via download at Toys R Us.

It is available at Toys R Us only from April 19th through April 26th.

This is for Pokemon Platinum only.  You cannot download the key with Diamond or Pearl.  (Or so they say.)

Info on Rotom and its forms is available here.  Toys R Us will have information about how to download the key posted in their stores.

[Addendum: The secret key is available via Nintendo Wi-Fi at different times.  This is announced regularly at Pokemon.com.]