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24 Slots is a Portable Hole?

WoW.com has a post up today that says Haris Pilton, vendor of the “Gigantique” bag in Shattrath, will be getting an even bigger bag when WoW patch 3.3 comes out.

The new bag, called the Portable Hole, will have 24 slots and will cost 3,000 gold.  It will no doubt be a boon for OCD packrats everywhere in Azeroth.


Picture stolen from Wow.com

But to call 24 slots a “Portable Hole” seems a bit of an over-statement in my book.

After all, I’ve see what a Portable Hole can hold.

Blizzard, call me back when your Portable Hole can carry all of that or change the name.

Or do you think we’re never going to see a bigger container in game?

Dartan’s Portable Hole

Every game has its 1337 players, the people who have to have the best gear, slay the biggest mobs, or say they have been everywhere.  In TorilMUD, Dartan was one of those people.

One day I was standing at the Turning Point, one of those locations where people would meet.  It is a spot just outside of Waterdeep and was a common place to hook up with people who were outcast from the city.

Dartan walked in and stood there for a minute, then asked if I could do him a favor.  He wanted me to hold his bag for him while he logged on another character, then hand his bag to that character.

I’m not sure why he asked me.  We were not pals or anything.  I would well him places if he asked, but I did that for almost anybody.  I’d certainly never grouped with him.  I wasn’t in that league.

Still, there was nobody about and I think I had a general “nice guy” reputation.  I wasn’t likely to take his bag and run away. (I’m sure the gods would have made me give it back if I had.)

Naturally, Dartan didn’t just have a bag.  He had a portable hole.  The only one in the game, at least at that time.  You had to be part of a group that slayed Tiamat and then you had to win the roll for it.  Like most of his equipment, there was nothing better to be had.

Dartan carefully closed his portable hole before he handed it to me, then camped to go get his other character.

Of course, as soon as he disappeared, I opened it, looked inside, and closed it again.

Talk about a pack rat!

Of course, I would be too if I had a portable hole!  I kick myself for not doing “exam hole” so as to get a reading on how much it could hold.

So what does one keep in a portable hole?  Click below to see.

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