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Pirates Reef Sails for the Storm Ahead

Pirates of the Burning Seas, one of the odd MMORPG titles from the failed post-WoW golden age of the genre looks set to close at the end of September.

My sloop back in the day

An interesting concept in an age of WoW clones, the title never really took off, spending five years with SOE under the Flying Lab banner.  I played it at launch but, while there was some interesting aspects to it, the game didn’t really hold my interest.  Then it broke off as Wizardry Online was coming on with SOE and spent another five or so years solo under Portalus Games, a company made up of some of the original devs set to take on sole responsibility for the title.

Now, however, Portalus Games is planning to close up shop, and with it will likely go the game.  However, the company has left the option open for somebody else to take over the game.  It doesn’t seem a likely course unless somebody who knows the code is along for the ride.  A similar venture with Merdian 59 was only viable because Brian “Psycochild” Green, one of the game’s creators, was there to run it.

The message is copied below.  I will be interested to see if anybody will be able to take up the game and make a go of it.  Otherwise the end is nigh.

Portalus Games Closure