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Three Instances – One Night

Hrmm, that title seems familiar.

We assembled on Saturday night to renew our instance assault, and the first on the list was Ragefire Chasm.

Ragefire Chasm was up first because you can only use dungeon finder to access it through level 21, and our group line up was:

  • Xula – level 21 Gnome warrior
  • Ethelred – level 21 Worgen druid
  • Earlthedog – level 21 Worgen warrior
  • Maloney – level 21 Worgen mage
  • Nancyboy – level 21 Worgen priest

Last week’s runs through the Deadmines and Wailing Caverns was worth almost four levels to the group.  So if we wanted to do Ragefire, we needed to do it now or be faced with trying to run to the zone, which is located in the middle of Ogrimmar.  We’ve done it as Alliance players before, but it was a challenge just getting there.  And now with everybody hanging out in the old world capitals again, the challenge is no doubt even greater.

So we used the Dungeon Finder and dropped into the instance in the middle of the orc capital.

And, once there, we found… no quests.

Not much rage, not much fire, and no quests

I thought, with the advent of Cataclysm, that the dungeon quests were all going to be located within the dungeons. But Ragefire missed the cut for that it seems.  There were no quest giving NPCs hanging around the front door… at least not on our side of it.  So, presumably, the quests are all still in Orgrimmar and are horde only.

And the other thing we found was a lot of grey mobs facing us.  The level range of 15-21 seemed to be tilted firmly toward the low end.

Well, we were there, we thought we might as well get the achievement.  So we plowed ahead.  We hit and bowled over the first boss then kept going.  Weaving our way through the path of least mobbage, we ended up at the second boss, who also turned out to be the first mob in the instance worth experience to us.

We jumped on him and killed him quickly, at which point we got the achievement for the instance.

We stood there and debated for a moment as to whether this meant we were done or not. With no quests and very little prospect for experience or usable loot, did we really have to go after the final two bosses?  We decided Blizzard knew best and that we were done.  We pulled up the dungeon finder from within Ragefire Chasm, something we compared to sitting on the phone in one restaurant making reservations for second, and were soon whisked away to Shadowfang Keep.

Reservations for 5 please...

Elapsed time in Ragefire Chasm: 11 minutes.

At Shadowfang Keep (SFK) we met Ivar, a notable worgan and owner of a chain of seafood restaurants.

Ivar is the quest giver for SFK, the only exception being the class quests each of us got at level 20 that sent us to the instance.

Ivar is also known as Ivar the Doorman or Ivar-come-lately.

The thing is, Ivar and his droogs, who are very high level, appear over and over throughout the instance pointing the party at bosses and asking that we take them out, opening doors, and generally getting involved with almost everything.  Everything except the fighting. Ivar never seems to get his own hands dirty, only showing up at a fight once the main guy is dead.

So we got our first quest, to kill the first of several undead guys dressed like classical pilgrims.

Piling up on the stairs looking at the first boss

We were a bit worried, here in this new and improved SFK that we might run into something too tough for us at our level.

For the most part, however, we had little to fear.

There is a new set of bosses, but there were, for the most part, in the same old locations.

Hiding in the dining hall, eh?

There were less yard trash mobs to worry us than before.  Last time we were here we though the place had been nerfed.  This time it was a little more clear that it had.

Of course, Ivar kept showing up to egg us on, outside…

Ivar on the ramparts

and inside…

Ivar the doorman... or dog... or whatever

Until we were there at the last fight.  Ivar, in his usual style, offered to watch the door to ensure that nobody interfered, while we went in and did the heavy lift.

It was just Lord Godfrey standing up there on the platform where Archmage Arugal used to stand.

Now there was a boss.  That Arugal used to teleport all over the room.  That fight was a challenge back in the day.

This guy though.  He looked like a wimp.  Who is afraid of a pilgrim?  We walked up and tore into him.

And wiped.

It was a trap! He had TWO guns!

Yeah.  See, Godfrey has guns, and they give him this special attack, pistol barrage.  You get a warning and everything, but we ignored it.

In fact, we stood in such a way that he managed to hit us all with it whenever he used it.  He won, we lost.

That meant running back past Ivar… or multiple Ivars.  He didn’t despawn from a couple of his location.

We made it back to Godfrey and then, a little bit wiser, we pulled him down to the main floor where Xula, in her first tanking assignment that required positioning of the mob, kept him aimed at a wall while the rest of us stood behind him and kicked him in the ass.  And when the pistol attack came up, Xula stepped out of the way like a matador facing a particularly ugly bull.

We killed him dead which, as usual, got us the achievement.

And so we were victorious.

Victory over Godfrey

We learned a bit in Shadowfang Keep, though what we learned was mostly about gnomes and hay.  They love it, it seems.  They hide in it.

Beware in the hay

SFK done, we were still only 90 minutes into the evening. We decided to let the Dungeon Finder send us someplace random.

It chose Stormwind Stockade.  Here we would be challenged.  This instance has a recommended level range of 21-30, and we were only level 22 as a group.

Just to demonstrate how bad we were in for it, we wiped on the first pull.

Dead on the door step

Okay, Xula was a bit keyed up, excited after all that hay, and pulled pretty much the whole hallway down on us while we were still standing around going, “So, stockades, haven’t been here in a while.”

And to prove it, we went on and took the place out without another death.

We had to take care, all of the mobs were at least a couple of levels above us, but we stuck to tried and true pulling and killing and ground through the place in no time.

Hogger! Again!

Of course, Hogger is the star of the show.  But we cleaned his clock without much drama.

Killing him gives you the achievement.  See, he is the star.

But unlike Ragefire Chasm, we actually had a reason to carry on, another quest to finish off with the final boss.  Which didn’t take us that long at all.  30 minutes or so after we started, we were standing victorious.

Nancyboy fell asleep

And that about wrapped it up for the night.

We all ended up at level 23 and, in contrast to the start of the night where we were in a hurry to get to a couple of dungeons because we had so many choices, now there is only one more dungeon available to us through the dungeon finder.

Blackfathom Deeps is all that is on the list that we haven’t done yet.  With the same level range as Stormwind Stockade, we had probably better hit it as soon as possible to make it any sort of challenge, judging from what we have seen so far,

After that, we might have to go outside and play.

Meanwhile, watch out when walking through hay.  There could be gnomes hiding in it.

Ragefire Chasm Redux

We finally reached the point where there were no more holiday events to go after and no more fresh instances to run for the group.  It looked like we might spend a Saturday evening playing our new characters, the ones we rolled up on Lightninghoof, one of the RP-PvP servers.

But what should we do?

With five of us, running around the Barrens seems like a bit of a waste.  We had all progressed into the teens with characters though, so Ragefire Chasm seemed like a good plan.  It is a nice, low level instance.  Yes, we did it before, though not exactly as it was intended.

So an objective was set.  Now which characters should we play?  Each of us had at least two or three characters in the right level range.

We shuffled through the deck of possibilities and ended up with the following roster:

14 Troll Rogue – Azucar (Bungholio)
15 Tauren Druid – Hurmoo (Vikund)
16 Tauren Druid – Azawak (Skronk)
17 Orc Shaman – Earlthebat (Earlthecat)
19 Blood Elf Paladin – Enaldie (Ula)

This gave all of us somewhat different roles than we had in the old group.

Azawak became the tank, leaving the healing role behind.  Azucar and Enaldie left behind ranged DPS for… melee DPS.  Earlthebat got to stand back and take the ranged DPS route.  And Hurmoo was no longer in close doing melee DPS, but got to stand back and heal.

Fortunately, to support the learning curve for our new roles, we were, on average, a bit over level for the instance.

The first order of business was to get all the quests for the instance lined up.  A few were easy and could be shared, but there was one quest line that starts at Thrall that we had to all run through.  And run is the operative word, since it meant running back and forth around Orgrimmar for a bit.

Finally though we had all the quests and were ready to go.  We had all the quests.  We had a laundry list of things to kill.  We were at the instance door.

Somehow I, as Hurmoo, was nominated to be the group leader.  Usually that is a mistake on the order of going up against a Sicilian when death is on the line, but things did not go too badly.  I need to go off and find some macros for putting up raid icons, but otherwise the floaty crownie thing on my portrait was not the mark of death.

Considering how new we were to our roles, the run went smoothly.  None of us died despite some teething problems.

Azucar got some on-the-job training about stealth and sap, which was required because he was our only crowd control option.  Being the lowest level in the group meant that his stealth was not as effective as it might otherwise have, but that just reinforced the lessons.

We do have to get used to having somebody stealthed and leading the way in the group.  At least one group member kept following our stealthed rogue as he was trying to sap, triggering the expected proximity pull.  Again, we made it through despite the that.

Having a druid bear tank worked well enough.  At this level he also put out the most damage, thanks largely to the retribution aura Enaldie had up.

Ragefire Chasm itself is somewhat odd in its design philosophy.  There is a whole side path of mobs that leads to nowhere and the main boss, Taragaman the Hungerer, is the second of four bosses you kill, so the achievement comes up when you’ve still got work left to do.


He was not an epic fight for us.  We cleared some of the surrounding groups and then went after him.  Soon we stood over his corpse.


Taragaman Defeated

That left us the clean up of the two passages behind Taragaman’s area, which we worked our way through slowly as we tried to fit into the new dynamic of our group.

In the end we stood looking out over the dungeon having made it to the far end.


Mission Accomplished!

And then we had to walk all the way back to where we came in because there is no back door to Ragefire Chasm.

The ironic twist of the night was the loot.  Formerly we were a group that wore only plate or cloth and we seemed to get a huge amount of leather or mail armor drops.

Now we were a group that wore only leather and mail.  So what dropped all night?  Cloth.

So cloth much dropped that I later trained Hurmoo as an enchanter so that we could at least disenchant items we cannot use if we get a repeat performance.

Ragefire Chasm is nice, and served as a good place for us to start working on our grouping skills.  In fact, we were wondering why there wasn’t an Alliance instance at the same level before you got to the Deadmines.

Of course, Ragefire Chasm is something of a single use dungeon, so investing in an Alliance version might not be worthwhile, though who knows what Cataclysm will bring.

Once we were through the dungeon and had turned in all the quests, our group had all leveled at least once and three of us leveled twice.  So our group looked like this at the end:

16 Rogue – Azucar
17 Druid – Hurmoo
18 Druid – Azawak
18 Shaman – Earlthebat
20 Paladin – Enaldie

At those levels, there is little point to heading back into Ragefire Chasm.

But now where to go next?  Do we face the PvP aspect of the server and try to get to the Deadmines?  Or should we try the long and winding road that is Wailing Caverns?

Things to do in Orgrimmar When You’re Naked

I was not the only one in our little guild feeling the post-Noblegarden achievement buzz, or so it seemed.  I logged on Sunday after our Azjol-Nerub run to find Skronk and Ula in the midst of an assault on Orgrimmar in search of an achievement.

They weren’t after Thrall or anything crazy.

When Blizzard introduced the achievements a lot of things that you might have done before they were part of the game did not get recorded.  That includes, for us, almost all of the instances we did.  So they were looking at the list that we were going to have to redo and saw one we had not done.  They wanted Ragefire Chasm.

Of course, the reason we had not done it is that the instance is located deep within Orgrimmar, one of the horde capital cities.  But, being a quiet Sunday afternoon, it seemed as likely a time as any to give it a go.

Getting to Ragefire Chasm involved stripping down to avoid damage to our equipment and running through Orgrimmar until we died.  Actually, we left our tabards on so as not to terrorize the local population too much.  Noblegarden bunny ears were also worn to give the whole thing a festive appearance. (Those bunny ears are the best head gear ever, even beating out my animal fur trimmed pimp hat in my opinion.)

Once dead, we would run back to our corpses, revive at an opportune moment, and run a bit further into the city, thus moving the ball forward with each death.

Our Route into Orgrimmar

Our Route into Orgrimmar

Ula and Skronk had some bad luck inititally and only made it to about the auction house while Vikund, wearing tabard, bunny ears, and mounted on his swift Zhevra, made it all the way to The Drag before falling to the city guards.

Running back to Orgrimmar

Running back to Orgrimmar

It turned out that the corpses of Skronk and I ended up pretty close together, so we coordinated our next move forward.  He revived, bubbled himself, mounted, and raced ahead pulling the guards with him.  Then Vikund revived, mounted up and followed in Skronk’s wake.  We had a clear shot to the instance and were going to make it when Blizzard stuck it to us yet again.

So close.

Ula moved herself up in the chaos and we all ran back through the city and debated how long to wait until we revived.  Death would be quick as two guards were camping our corpses.  Skronk tried running into the instance as a ghost only to find that reset him back out in Durotar again, giving him the joy of running back to his corpse without actually having the fun of dying.

We got lucky though, and were able to get an instance to launch for us after only a couple of tries.

In the name of being sporting, we remained unarmored for our run through the instance, wielding only silly things, such as my fishing pole.  Okay, it is a pretty devestating fishing pole, but it does not allow me to do any of my special paladin weapon attacks.  Not that I needed it.  We area attacked our way through the instance, mowing down very low level elites until we came upon a bigger than average guy whose death gave us the achievement we desired.

Tradition dictated that we take our picture after killing the main boss, so here we are, attired for adventure in Ragefire Chasm.

Naked Aggression Rewarded

Naked Aggression Rewarded

Now, if I had been thinking, I would have run over to some open water in Orgrimmar and quickly fished to get the achievement for catching a fish in both Stormwind and Orgrimmar.  But that will have to wait for another time.

We then went off and knocked out the Scarlet Monastery achivement.  We had done that instance ages ago, but it was in the pre-achievement days so did not get counted.  That run also let us pick up quite a few of the books you need to read for yet another achievement.  They were mostly in the Library wing, of course.

With Mother’s Day though, we did not do a Northrend instance last week and Earl has a couple of weddings to attend this month, so we will be on a short instance hiatus in WoW.  We’ll probably keep it light and work on some other silly achievements in the mean time.