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Raiden Aims at Foot, Shoots Self in Groin

2012 hasn’t been a good year for Raiden.

Raiden is a null sec alliance with whom the CFC has been at war for most of my time in 0.0 space, and that conflict has not gone well for them.

There was the start of the war in the north, where they were teamed up with White Noise, an alliance that fell apart and which has since disappeared from the sovereignty maps.

There was the back and forth grind of the post “White Noise collapse” time frame, where Razor managed to encroach on Tenal, grabbing a few systems.

Then there was the FanFest war, in which they were driven out of Tenal completely.

And then, just last week, after resetting their standings with Ev0ke for cutting a non-agression pact on mining operations with the CFC (part of the Venal war), managed to lose ~130 billion ISK in capital ships to a combined CFC, Ev0ke, and Brick sQuaD operation in the Geminate region.

Normally I would let things go at that.  The above were operations in which I and my corp/alliance were involved, things I would normally report on at the level at which I saw them.

But since then we no longer share a border with Raiden and are not actively pursuing them in any way.  To me, now, they are just another alliance in null sec.

Only they seem to have made such a phenomenal mistake yesterday that I am going to post about it just as sort of a very early “where are they now?” type of post, so later, when I wonder what happened to our former foe Raiden, I will have the information to hand.

More after the cut, which has some long quotes and a few maps and pictures.

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Following DBRB to BWF-ZZ

It was a good day to be Dabigredboat. (DBRB)

After some careful planning on his part he was able to assemble a welp fleet in VFK…

Megathron isn’t really a welp fleet ship…

…and fly it out from VFK-IV to BWF-ZZ, a trip that would normally be 36 jumps, in less than 15 jumps.

The most direst route via gates

All to get another jab in at Raiden.  The war may be over, but I don’t think anybody said anything about peace.

Getting from VFK-IV to BWF-ZZ quickly was a big part of the operation, part of the planning that had to be laid out in advance.

In the end it meant having some cynos and a titan handy.

Burning to the titan

Burning to the titan

The titan bridged us, then jumped itself, then bridged us again.

Welp fleet in low sec space… it is so bright!

Then there was a run through high security space, so some people there got to see 150+ ships jump through their system and cause time time dilation to get invoked.  I do not think we lost more than a ship or two to CONCORD firing on people with low security status.  My own security status is 5, so I had no problems.

My welp fleet Hurricane in high sec

After the run through high sec space, we assembled in the low sec system one jump out from BWF-ZZ, then jumped in to join the party.

The party consisted of a Raiden fleet, including some capital ships, attacking a Brick sQuaD system.  Brick sQuaD, per the plan set up in advance, bubbled up the Raiden capital ships, while Ev0ke and Ewoks, annoyed at being reset by Raiden, joined in to defend the system.

And then we showed up with a welp fleet of Hurricane battlecruisers, bringing that extra bit of fire power, and we all got down to killing Raiden capital ships.

Archon carrier under attack

My own kill board shows six carriers, 5 Archons and a Thanatos, as well as six supercarriers, two Aeons and four Nyx, destroyed, along with a few lesser ships.  The smaller ships killed were trying to put up cynos for the most part, so Raiden could bring in reinforcements.

Nyx formation bubbles and under attack

Reinforcements were coming from Northern Coalition, but the lack of a jump-in cyno meant that they had to take the long way in.  Meanwhile, we continued working on Raiden capital ships.

Bumping a Nyx… they love to be bumped

Estimated cost to Raiden per capital ship:

Total estimated cost in capital ships:  ~130 billion ISK

All dead in under 40 minutes.

After that, just as Northern Coalition reinforcements began to show up, DBRB had us ride off into the sunset, our mission accomplished.

Welp fleet warping off to other tasks

I also created a short video about the trip and battle.  Not very detailed, as usual, but my plan is more to give people a feel of what the battle looked like.

Direct link to the video here.

So off we went.

The battle was not without problems.  Old habits die hard, and a few of us shot… and no doubt killed… some of temporary allies for the battle.  Sorry about that!  But the net result was a blow against Raiden.

Because we were in the neighborhood, DBRB had us jump a few systems over to mess with a SOLAR FLEET operation in the system CFYY-J.  That did not go as well.  We ended up losing some ships to a bombing run and ended up leaving with only a single kill.

Still, we were way up for the day when it came to ISK destroyed.

DBRB got killed and podded in that last fight.  So we were let off the leash to burn for home, which we had to do the old fashioned way.  It was more than 30 jump gates back to VFK and home, but we got through safely.  When you are traveling in a pack of 100 ships, most gate camps just step aside and let you through as long as you do not stray too far from the group.

This is, as usual, my view of the battle, just what I saw on screen and heard on coms.  A far more detailed version of the battle is available over at EVE News 24.  (The picture in that post is from me.)

There is also a “UI on” video of the battle as well.

Needless to say, DBRB was unbearably smug for the rest of the day.  Even The Mittani got on coms during the fight to commend the operation.

All in all, another adventure in null sec.  Now I just need to get in on a titan kill.

The Ongoing War in Regions Which Rhyme with “Penal”

When you are building a throne out of the skulls of your enemies, you don’t stop when it is “pretty good.”

-Paraphrased from some forum posts somewhere

The conquest of Tenal by the CFC is complete.  Raiden is out and all systems in the region bar one belong to the RAZOR Alliance now.  And that one system, EOY-BG, is controlled by Goonswarm.

Over at EVE News 24, Riverini got back from vacation and finally posted the news that Tenal had changed hands.

Of course, the news of the fall of Tenal got the usual responses.  I was waiting for that post to hit just to read the comment thread.  Pro-Raiden comments tended to follow several of the responses I charted out last week, generally going with:

  • #2 – Complain About Battle Conditions – Damn Goon blobs
  • #3 – Reveal Your Foe as a Coward – Goons won’t fight unless the odds are good
  • #5 – Blame CCP – Fighting in 10% TiDi sucks
  • #9 – Claim the Battle Did Not Matter – Didn’t want that region anyway

Nothing unexpected there, just mildly amusing in a predictable sort of way.

Riverini also speculated as to where the barbarian hordes of the CFC might strike next.  The title of the EVE News 24 post specifically calls out the Tribute region as a possible CFC target.  This is where Northern Coalition (the alliance, not to be confused with The Northern Coalition, an old group of alliances in the north) lives, and they are a target because they threw in with Raiden during the FanFest drive on the CFC.  That certainly looks like a bad move, given how quickly Raiden gave up.  And now they are sitting there right on the southern flank of the CFC, probably feeling rather exposed, with Raiden behind them all the way I am sure.

CFC and Northern Coalition

But somebody sent Riverini some intel, an alleged CFC directive, that reveals a different plan for dealing with Northern Coalition.

Tenal down in a week. Now what?


While we were at Fanfest, NCdot violated a six month+ treaty with us; they SBU’d BKG, dropped supercaps in Tenal, and promptly lost three Titans to us. We haven’t acted against NCdot despite them flinging our longstanding gentleman’s agreement in our faces, because our focus on Tenal required singlemindedness. Tenal is ours now – it is time for vengeance.

We will take NCdot’s Venal moons and distribute them among the coalition; there are 20+ on offer, a staggering amount of money (which is all the more reason why I’m surprised/amused that NCdot violated the agreement; we have only a handful of Venal techs, so they gained much more from the peace we did). While we do this, we remain in CS-. Once this act of retribution is completed, we will return to VFK and turn our focus towards Jita – no, we’re not invading Tribute.

CS-. One more week. 20+ tech moons. Let’s get paid.

Note for spergs: PL and GSF have had a completely successful agreement, and we will of course abide by it and not be hitting any PL moons in Venal, because you’d have to be retarded and/or NCdot to toss such a profitable arrangement out the window for nothing.

That certainly sounds like The Mittani.  So we’re not going to march into Tribute, but muck about in Venal.

Venal seems an odd region in terms of null sec, at least it did when I first noticed it was null sec.  It sits in the middle of several regions owned by warring alliances, yet appears unclaimed on the sovereignty maps.

Venal in the middle

It is actually owned, in terms of sovereignty, by the Guristas, and NPC organization.

NPC organizations owning chunks of null sec isn’t that unusual.  Bits of some other null sec regions, like Pure Blind, as well as other full regions, such as Curse and Stain, are controlled by NPCs.  But when you aren’t part of null sec, and only know what you see on things like the sovereignty maps, you might not get what is really going on.  I know I didn’t.  Now I do.  And so do you!

Anyway, this Gurista enclave in the midst of warring factions becomes something of a proxy battle ground.  It is the wild west in the midst of the wild west.  That little purple dot that represents my own little home in null sec is right near the border with Venal, and it is the place where enemy fleets often appear. (Though they seem to pass on by and head to VFK more often than not.)  So it is a place of conflict.

But it does have some valuable assets, such as moons to be mined for their valuable raw materials, including the ever popular technetium, the most valuable moon goo of all.

So it seems the fight will be on this week to take some of those moons away from Northern Coalition.

The Return of the RAZOR Alliance to Tenal

My desire to see more fleet actions during the war in Tenal this past weekend was a futile hope.

Friday morning, the map of Tenal looked like this.

Tenal - April 6

And now, on Monday morning, it looks like this.

Tenal - April 9

And in between I was able to get in on a single Tenal fleet on Friday night, and all we did was go out and put an infrastructure hub into reinforce mode so it could be blown up 24 hours later.  That mission wasn’t even worth a post.  The screen shots I took will probably end up on EVE Online Pictures.

No epic battles with thousands of ships and time dilation in play.  The sovereignty map for today shows RAZOR Alliance pretty much in control of Tenal, with Raiden down in the Vale of the Silent, an appropriate place I suppose given how little they did in the war over the last week.

Of course, there is a story behind all of this.  That is the lore of EVE Online, the stories of what the players did.

Unfortunately, I don’t know the story, or not in any detail, and there are NPCs out there to intone it to me, guiding me through the lore with a series of quests and cut scenes.  It is like the stories in any city of moderate size, you only know the ones with which you are directly involved and maybe a few more you have heard from friends.

Still, there are enough resources out there that I can piece together bits of it.

Pictures follow after the break.

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Waiting for More Battles in Tenal

The war of conquest in Tenal began just over a week ago.

Raiden and its allies lashed out at the CFC, making an effort during the FanFest uproar to press hard.  This lead to a declaration that the war in Tenal would go from a low intensity conflict to a full scale invasion.

Convoys of ships and supplies began to move out of Deklein for the frontier staging point between the Branch and Tenal regions, while Raiden tried to eliminate the small footholds that had already been established in Tenal by the CFC.  A week ago the situation in Tenal looked like this.

Western Tenal – March 29

The weekend kicked off with some big battles.  On Friday afternoon (my time) there was the epic battle Q1U-IU… with its associated time dilation issues.

Q1U-IU once we got there

Battles went on.  I did not get in on anything on Saturday, but the Jabber feed was active with fleets being assembled and operations being run.  But the fights seemed to taper off.  After one big effort, Raiden seemed to fade, so that a week later, the situation in Tenal looks like this. (Map taken from Dotlan EVE Maps.)

Tenal – April 6

In that picture, the pink-ish color is Raiden, yellow is Razor Alliance (a CFC member), while the two green patches are Goonswarm and Intrepid Crossing, each of which has a system to facilitate operations in the region.  So the CFC has gone from 5 to 26 systems in the last week.

Accompanying that change, instead of battle reports on EVE News 24, all I have been seeing is unopposed fleet ops and videos like this one of a Raiden territorial claim unit being destroyed. (A little smoother camera motion next time please!)

[Whoops, video is no longer available!]

And the only action I have seen in the last week was when Pandemic Legion, with CSM member Elise Randolph leading them, showed up in VFK looking for a fight and it took us an hour to get something together because most everybody wasn’t just AFK was up in Tenal. (PL, please note our forwarded address next time.)  At least I got on the kill boards for April.  One battlecruiser down.

Still, while the last few days seem to have gone totally the way of the CFC in Tenal, this weekend is Easter and next is Orthodox Easter.  At least in the US, a lot of schools are closed during the week between.

This might be the time for the epic struggle over Tenal to reach its climax.

Or it might be the point when the CFC washes over Tenal, finishing the job.

We shall see.

In Branch and Tenal the War Goes On

Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t order you all to your deaths against a supercap blob. However, TEST cancelled a special B0RT birthday op or something in order to come on this strat op, so I’ve ordered the FCs to get you all killed. By the time you get this broadcast, most of you will be dead, but failing that you should probably get into one of the fleets. We’re going to need a ton of Scimitars, Drakes, etc. If the initial engagement goes our way we’ll be pumping an endless stream of bodies on top of the hostile supers, so get ready!

-Inspirational Jabber Message from The Mittani

That was the coms invite to get us to turn out for the battle at 0P9Z-I.

Not unique for our coms.

And the battle at 0P9z-I was an epic one.  A couple of thousand players were involved over the course of the battle.  Ships of all sizes.  Time dilation down to 10% of real time.  It was huge.

The Battle at 0P9Z-I

And the battle did not go our way.  Raiden and its allies held the field at the end of the battle, while the CFC withdrew, their tech moon station destroyed and with losses exceeding that of the enemy.  It was declared a clear victory for Raiden by some.

And yet…

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Drake Fleet goes to EWN-2U

The economic war continues.

We of the CFC versus Raiden and their allies in an effort to deny each other the economic largesse of tech moon profits.

It is a war of timers and time zones as each side attempts to disrupt production and destroy infrastructure.

And so the call went out again for another fleet operation.  Structures in one of our systems, EWN-2U, had been put in reinforced mode, meaning that when the timer ran out on that, Raiden would be able to destroy them.

For a weekday fleet operation, this one started later than usual.  Thank the timer I suppose, but I was able to join up after work.  Again I was part of the Drake fleet.

We rallied in the usual location and moved off for our forward staging area.  I was a bit surprised to come out of warp right on top of one of our Titan supercapitals.

The face of an Avatar

The Titan was there to bridge us out to where we would defend.  The question was, would the enemy show up?

We waited for the cyno to be lit, the target for the jump, while we all hovered at 2,000m from the Titan.

Fleet awaiting deployment

By default, the hold ranges you can pick are 500m, 1,000m, and 2,500m, but by this point I had finally figured out that the “hold at range” button on the overview could be set to a different value.

So we hung there in space, waiting.  Would we go, or would we stand down once more?

More after the cut.

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