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RAZOR Leaves The Imperium

It was announced in a broadcast earlier today that RAZOR Alliance would be leaving The Imperium.

RAZOR Alliance - June 11, 2016

RAZOR Alliance – June 11, 2016

RAZOR Alliance held sovereignty up in the Tenal region, along with The Initiative and Executive Outcomes until the Drone Walkers broke off from Legion of xXDeathXx back in April to join the offensive against The Imperium.

RAZOR is the fourth alliance to leave the coalition since the war began back in January.

The Imperium - June 11, 2016

The Imperium – June 11, 2016

As when SMA left The Imperium, RAZOR is retaining blue standings with The Imperium.

RAZOR takes with them over 1,200 capsuleers, down from over 3,000 at the start of the year.

RAZOR has always been one of the more independent alliances within The Imperium, conducting their own deployments, including the one that pushed Intrepid Crossing over the (Cobalt) edge back in 2012.

There hasn’t been any word (leaked) yet about what RAZOR’s plans may be.  They had been working with The Initiative and LAWN in the Syndicate region to drive out The OSS and control the money moons there, and they appear to have picked up a system in Cloud Ring.  We shall see where they end up.

Meanwhile, rumors about the war’s end continue to seem premature.

RAZOR Alliance Glorious Informational Film #1

The Management and Treatment of Acute Psychological Carebear Trauma.

“…be sure to… ask for his stuff.”

Worth watching for the full 8 minutes.  Direct link here.

Also, here is the flow chart show in the film.

How to Survive Undocking Flowchart

It is also available directly from here on the RAZOR Alliance Propaganda site, which has any number of amusing posters.

The Return of the RAZOR Alliance to Tenal

My desire to see more fleet actions during the war in Tenal this past weekend was a futile hope.

Friday morning, the map of Tenal looked like this.

Tenal - April 6

And now, on Monday morning, it looks like this.

Tenal - April 9

And in between I was able to get in on a single Tenal fleet on Friday night, and all we did was go out and put an infrastructure hub into reinforce mode so it could be blown up 24 hours later.  That mission wasn’t even worth a post.  The screen shots I took will probably end up on EVE Online Pictures.

No epic battles with thousands of ships and time dilation in play.  The sovereignty map for today shows RAZOR Alliance pretty much in control of Tenal, with Raiden down in the Vale of the Silent, an appropriate place I suppose given how little they did in the war over the last week.

Of course, there is a story behind all of this.  That is the lore of EVE Online, the stories of what the players did.

Unfortunately, I don’t know the story, or not in any detail, and there are NPCs out there to intone it to me, guiding me through the lore with a series of quests and cut scenes.  It is like the stories in any city of moderate size, you only know the ones with which you are directly involved and maybe a few more you have heard from friends.

Still, there are enough resources out there that I can piece together bits of it.

Pictures follow after the break.

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