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Rejected SUWT #13 Topics

Back on November first, the panel for Shut Up We’re Talking #13 started working on the topic list for the show.  These were items that did not make the cut.

  • Should we take a vow? (Sorry Bildo)
  • Female avatar cup size: Is there such a thing as too big?
  • A comparison of the mechanics of fishing in various MMOs.
  • A knock-down, drag out fight about whether the BioWare MMO will be Star Wars, Indiana Jones, or Monkey Island based.
  • A short whine about the experience table in EverQuest and how it is an example of the man keeping people down.
  • A short whine about how insta-levels are not the answer to any MMO exp problems.
  • MMO Development Lesson 38: How much sucking up to the boss do you have to do to get noticed after he has just won the World Series?
  • Bong water: how stoned do you have to be before drinking it seems like a good idea?

It was suggested that we could get a regular segment going on female avatar cup size with topics like:

  • Latest updates from Korea
  • When will Western MMOs catch up?
  • How to estimate cup size using weapons and landscape as measures
  • A Comparison of Jiggle & Bounce realism
  • The Metal Armor Question: Trading coverage for cup size
  • Space Games: Will Zero Gravity Allow Cup Sizes To Grown Further?
  • EQ New Player Models: Where is cup size on the priority list?
  • The effect of MOB cup size: Do more well endowed MOBs hit harder?

In the end though, we felt the whole female avatar cup size issue probably deserved its own series of podcasts.  That and we’re all married and want to live to see another day.  So we’re looking to Brenden of Another Here for some leadership on this project.

I suspect that either Craig or I will take up the fishing mechanic comparison at some future date.  I cannot explain why I have taken fishing to its silly extreme in every MMO I have played, I just know that it is so.

And, to give myself a fig leaf of protection, at least ONE of the topics above was suggested by somebody other than myself.

For the rest, I claim the “Halloween Candy Overdose Defense.”