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A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Spaceship

Rixx Javix can count himself, among many things, an EVE Online player, pirate, blogger, in-game event organizer, crusader against warp core stabilizers, and occasional haberdasher to #tweetfleet.

But his most recent mania is posters.  Posters featuring the ships of EVE Online.

It started innocently enough with a poster or two… and then it consumed him and he started making poster after poster.  It became a whole poster series.

Samples from the Rixx  Javix Gallery

Samples from the Rixx Javix Gallery

Over at his site he has written about specific posters he likes, some forbidden ships, the difficulty of finding the right way to pose a Caracal, and how he puts the pieces together to make these.

How to make a Ferox look good

How to make a Ferox look good

The poster series has gone beyond 100 spaceships at this point and continues to grow.  The official series is available via this gallery at Flickr.

You can also see the series as part of his Flickr photostream starting here.  The photostream is worthwhile if you want to see naked versions of a few ships for use as wallpaper and the occasional special guest star… along with much more of his other work.


EVE Online – Dumb Ways to Die

This video is great and, as such, has been linked or posted just about everywhere in the EVE Online universe.

But, operating on the assumption that there is, at best, an imperfect overlap between the readership of this blog and the readership of every other EVE blog or news site, I present “Dumb Ways to Die,” created by Sindel Pellion and Rixx Javix.

(direct link to the video)

It is one of those EVE Online video that everybody can enjoy.  The song is light and happy, the animations are cute, and the references to events will make even bitter vets smile.

And for those who need to be brought up to speed, the video is a parody of the train safety Dumb Way to Die public service announcement video (actual video here) and its list of horrific ways to get killed.