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Running to Runnyeye

Flarglegrump ak murgledoo!

-Goblin for “I hate you”

After our time on Kerra Island, we decided to look for a new place to hunt before the cat people began to hate us completely.

We looked around on EQ Atlas for possible locations and initially hit upon the Stonebrunt Mountains.

They are on Odus and not too far from Kerra Island and the level range, 16-46, looked about right for us to skulk around the edges at least now that whole group was level 20.

There was just one small snag.

The Stonebrunt Mountains were not part of the original EverQuest content, so were not available to us yet.  There is some discussion on the forums about when they did come in, but for the moment they were off limits.

Potshot suggested Runnyeye Citadel, a goblin hold near the halfling home town.  That was going to be another cross-country run for us, but we both have speed buffs in our halves of the group, so the pain is not too great.

We found our way to Runnyeye on our own.  I took the path through the Beholder’s Maze, knocking off a couple of minotaurs on the way.  And it is a good thing I did.  The great newbie weapon nerf that went along with Tuesday’s patch left Tistann with a 2 damage sword.

Not really an effective melee weapon any more.

(And as of last night, the stats changed to having no damage.  Not much of a weapon that, more of a futile gesture.)

But one of the minotaur’s dropped a 1h axe that made a suitably damaging replacement.  The axe is a bit slower, with a speed of 37 versus 23, but it has a base damage of 8.  8 will do.

Finding my way to the Runnyeye front door was not too tough, the two minotaurs being my only digression.

Looks more like a splattered eye up there...

From there my plan was to just run through the first floor to the far side so I could get to Misty Thicket and from there to the halfling town of Rivervale, source of a million Archie references.

Runnyeye First Floor - Easy Enough

(Maps from the EQ Atlas archive)

Misty Thicket appears to have gotten the zone makeover treatment.  Again, I couldn’t tell you why it was chosen, but halflings have a fresh looking new place to play.

Rivervale itself though, it is pure 1999.

Fool's Gold and grassy ground

I suppose redoing towns is a lot more work than outdoor zones.  You have to replace buildings that are unique in the game rather than reusing trees, beasts, and ground textures from elsewhere.

The Rivervale bank always felt like a LEGO building to me

Once I got myself bound in Rivervale (over by the Chocklit Shoppe), I headed out to poke my nose a little deeper into Runnyeye, just to see what it had in store for us.

The Misty Thicket entrance to Runnyeye

I was glad I remembered to bind not too long into my explorations.  The first level being small and populated by gobins that con’d gray, I found the nearest ramp down to level 2.

Runnyeye Level 2

I came in where the 3 is on the map above.  In that room there are a couple of goblins and two much higher level evil eye prisoners.  Beholders, I suppose, in the D&D parlance.  My thought was, “Hey, they’re prisoners.  That means they are locked up.  They won’t bother me.”

A nice theory, only I killed the guards, who only con’d green to me, and then the eyes floated over and killed Tistann.

The Eyes and Tistann's corpse

Stay away from the eyes.  Avoid eye contact.  Run from the eyes of Runnyeye.

After that set back, I stayed clear until Potshot showed up.

Potshot had already done some exploring of his own and, when we grouped up, was able to lead us down to the body of water on the second level, where we set up camp to kill goblins.

Down on the second level

Down there we were able to knock off quite a few goblins and their sporling helpers.

Despite most our targets being green or blue to us, the experience piled up at a reasonable rate.  Tistann made back his lost experience and pressed ahead.  Our initial peek into Runnyeye appeared to be a success.  It seemed to be the right place for us at level 20.

As the evening drew to a close, we started making plans for our return to Runnyeye.