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The Dreadmines and the Scarlet Something or Other

Not a World of Warcraft post.

Saturday night rolled around again, as is its habit, and it found three of us online and looking for adventure.  I think we might be ready for a game like Borderlands 2 or such at this point.  Needing to accommodate five people is slipping as a requirement.

So there we were.  I think we have actually settled on characters now, so I will start listing them out.  We had:

  • Fergorin Ironhelm – Level 12 Guardian Fighter
  • Regulos – Level 12 Devote Cleric
  • Sans Serif – Level 12 Trickster Rogue

I actually went and played some Neverwinter on a weeknight to catch up, which I suppose is a good sign for the game.  Though, in doing so, I ran a quest that gave me another bag, thus removing from immediate contention possibly the only item in their store I would consider buying.  Nice move Cryptic.  I was this close *holds up two fingers very close together* to pulling the trigger on a buying some Zen, and then you handed me an out.

I also gained my stealth skill, another attack, and some upgraded equipment.  I was ready… or more ready… to go.

After our previous venture into Neverwinter, where the Foundry came through for us, we chatted a bit afterwards about the Foundry tool set and what it was possible to build.  During that conversation I demonstrated what an unoriginal hack I was by declaring that if I was going to make dungeons in Neverwinter, I would just remake the good ones from WoW.

That got a chuckle and few comments before we logged off for the night.

This past weekend however Potshot, who is our Foundry expert and scout, said he had a special surprise for us.  He had been exploring the Foundry and had a couple of dungeons lined up for us.

More after the cut because of too many pictures which I probably think are more amusing than they really are.  My apologies in advance.

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Traveling to the Scarlet Monastery

There were only four of us on Saturday night.

Which wasn’t a huge surprise.

Due to the new computer negotiations of last autumn, we had resolved to take the first Saturday night of each month off from the instance group.

However my wife and one of her friends were going to the San Jose Sharks game on Saturday night, so there wasn’t much point in me not playing.  And so I checked into World of Warcraft to see who else was on.  I knew at least Potshot would be on, and if it were just the two of us, I was pretty sure we would adjourn to old Norrath for more nostalgia.

In the end though, only Mike, aka Nancyboy, was nowhere to be seen.

So we had a perfectly good group of four, all of whom were level 30.

* Xula – level 30 Gnome warrior
* Earlthedog – level 30 Worgen warrior
* Ethelred – level 30 Worgen druid
* Maloney – level 30 Worgen mage

Technically, that left us without a healer, Nancyboy being a priest.  But we figured we could press Ethelred into healing, even if he wasn’t ready for it.

But what to do with a group of four?

The Dungeon Finder wants nothing to do with the number four, unless you are proceeding to five.  Being the tight group that we are, we were not really keen to have a stranger along just to use the Dungeon Finder.  And those in the guild who were online Saturday night were all too high level to go along with us, at least via the DF.

So when we decided that we ought to give the Library in Scarlet Monastery a try, we knew it would mean some travel.

We were all sitting in Stormwind and discovered that the closest flight path to Scarlet Monastery we had was in Loch Modan.  Some travel indeed.  Time to get flying.

Werewolf on a Griffon - Call the Enquirer!

From there it was a trip on the ground through changed zones and memory lane.  Heading to the Wetlands we all recalled the formerly murderous journey that night elves use to have to take to reach the rest of the Alliance player base.

Whole bunch of Orcs just beyond this tunnel!

We ran across the Wetlands, picking up a couple of flight points, which made us grumble about how easy kids have it these days.  Back in the day we had to run… no mount, no flight points… back and forth across this zone for various quests.

Then it was across the Thandol Span into the Arathi Highlands and to the Refugee Point flight master.  From there it was across the zone to the big wall.

That's a big wall

It is interesting how good the landscape in WoW looks when you’ve been spending your time in old, unimproved EverQuest zones where the place looks like somebody laid some really ugly linoleum on the ground.

Hey, this stuff was totally on sale at Home Depot!

But those big beetles still look totally cool.  And the cardboard cut-out trees!

Anyway, at that big arch in the wall we got our first surprise.

It seems that the Horde has put up some guards.  We ran smack into a group of level 35 sentries.

Momentum seemed to carry us though, and the sentries gave up chasing us before that had killed any of us though it was a near run thing.  We healed up a bit and carried on down the road until we passed a little too close to some more Horde bad guys… guys who only showed up to us as level “skull”… who zipped out and one-shotted Earl and Maloney.

Dead dogs on the road

Ethelred had a ress ready and managed to bring us back to life from a safe distance, but that flagged all the worgen in the group PvP.  Just one more aspect to consider.

From that point on we were more careful, skirting around any likely concentrations of Horde NPCs.

We'll just avoid that camp...

The Foresaken had been busy in South Shore and beyond, throwing up more walls to block passes and narrow strips of land.  We faced a choice.  We found that we could attempt to rush through the checkpoints, hoping to survive the onslaught of guards, or we could WALK THROUGH THE OPEN SPOT AT THE END OF THE WALL.

Each and every wall we faced was easily avoided, all of them ending just shy of keeping us from passing through.  But they sure looked impressive.

We ran on through Trisfal Glades, admiring the sites.

The Undercity Zeppelin Complex

We even remembered to skirt around that one guard outpost where a couple of us used to die every single time we had to run to Scarlet in the old days, and eventually we all arrived.  This is part of the reason why we only used to do one instance on a Saturday night, rather than the two or three that has become our standard.  We used to have to travel…  in the world… where stuff lives.

We found that, with care and a judicious polymorph now and again, we could handle to guardians of the library in Scarlet Monastery.  We actually only ran into trouble with Houndmaster Loksey, the sub-boss that shows up early in the instance.

He has three elite hounds to help him with his fight.  With five of us, even at level 28, the fight was tough but manageable.  With four of us at level 30, we seemed to be juggling just too many balls at once.  We wiped.

More dead dogs... and live dogs

We actually wiped a couple of times.  You can see the bones in the picture above from the previous wipe. (I still think that is a nice touch.)  We did find out that the graveyard for Scarlet Monastery has been moved to practically outside the front door, so running back was very quick.

After the traditional three runs at Loksey, we declared we had given it the old junior college try and decided to bypass him.  Fortunately, he is off the main path in his own side-room, so he is easily avoided.  We carried on.

Having done the library the previous week, we were ready for all of the occupied side rooms and wandering guards that can take a group unawares.  We made it all the way to Arcanist Doan without another death on our part, and took him down on our first attempt.

At the end of the library

As with last week, we checked around the room to see if that chest with the scarlet key was still around.  It appears to be gone and the whole place is unlocked.  I guess you don’t really need a key when most people get instantly teleported to the place.

We had to actually use our hearth stones to get back home.  There was no little button to teleport us back to where we had started the night.  So we recalled and called it a night, travel and a single instance having used up our play time budget for the night.

Next on the lineup for us is the (new) first segment of Maraudon and Razorfen Kraul.  As amusing as the travel was, I think we’ll tackle those two via the Dungeon Finder.

The Smell of Dogs in the Library

The instance group does indeed still play World of Warcraft.  But it has been a while.

Real life kept us away for a bit, and Potshot and I used some of that time… well, a lot of that time… to go play EverQuest.  But last Saturday we were all online and ready to go at last.

The group line up for the night was:

  • Xula – level 28 Gnome warrior
  • Earlthedog – level 28 Worgen warrior
  • Ethelred – level 28 Worgen druid
  • Maloney – level 28 Worgen mage
  • Nancyboy – level 28 Worgen priest

And the Dungeon Finder… well… there were not a lot of choices for us.

We had already been through all of those at least once.  But we needed to get to level 29 to open up the next instance.

We decided to just spin the wheel and let the Dungeon Finder pick our first location.

We drew the Scarlet Monastery Graveyard.

This was actually a reasonable choice, since the last time we started that instance, we were all too low level to get the quest for the instance.  This time around though, our friend Joseph was happy to give us the quest.

A quest to reward your patience

The goal was to kill Bloodmage Thalnos who is in the crypt at the far end of the instance.

Just dying to meet us

The Graveyard has to be one of the shortest instances in the game.  We zipped on through, then went back to wipe out any undead that happened to be lurking in order to get the group closer to 29.  Three of us made it before we ran out of undead, but two more still had a ways to go.

So we let the Dungeon Finder pick for us again.  This time we got Gnomeregan.

More Troggs

Fortunately, we only had to kill for a little while before all of us were finally level 29 and we could leave Gnomer behind us.

We were now ready for the actual goal for the evening, the Library in the Scarlet Monastery.

Ethelred got to break out his new druid form.  He is now, officially, a boomkin.

Doing the Funky Chicken

A proud moment for him.

Meanwhile, much to my surprise and in contrast to what we saw in the graveyard, we were actually offered the quest for the instance when we arrived.

The main quest for the Library is go take out Arcanist Doan, who looks oddly like William Techumseh Sherman, at least in his quest mug shot.


They even have the same scowl.

And this lead to some of the most challenging instance play that we have had in a long time.  Getting into the instance at the earliest level possible ensures the maximum challenge.  The individual fights were not so hard, but the fact that our levels gave us a huge aggro radius meant that we got adds on almost every fight.  Clearing the first courtyard ended up being one non-stop battle as we kept pulling additional bad guys.

Resting up after the courtyard brawl

And the wild battles continued into the Library proper.

Into the Library

However, we did not appear to be in any huge danger all the same.  Wild battles are not always dangerous battles, and even the adds piling on and the spell resists didn’t lead to any deaths on our part.  I do not think anybody was ever close to dying.  Whether that was a result of our long teamwork or Blizzard nerfs is up to the reader.

In the end, we reached Doan and did him in.  The battle was a bit anti-climactic after the fights getting to him.

Doan Done

Along the way three of us got another achievement.

Level 30 is enough for us to take on the Armory wing of Scarlet Monastery next time.

Xula and Ethelred were short of the mark, still sitting at 29, but took it upon themselves to get to 30 before our next run so that we can hit a new instance.

Until then, Maloney has a new spell to play with.

Wolf on Ice

And while WoW is fun, I have to admit that the challenges of original EverQuest are still a little bit more compelling at the moment.  Of course, I am playing a cloth wearing caster in both games, which as I said before, is kind of a new thing for me.

You Brought Me Here, Now Give Me The Damn Quest!

How do you pronounce Gnomeregan?

When I say it aloud, which is more often than you might guess, it comes out “No More Ray Gun.”

It is not as tough to pronounce as, say, Uosusuokko, but I always hesitate a moment before I say it. (I have never even attempted to say Uosusuokko aloud.)

And I had reason to say it this past weekend as the instance group was heading back to Gnomeregan.

We had a new plan.  In search of increased challenge, we were going to try to hit instances at the lowest level the Dungeon Finder.  After all, if you can DF into an instance, you should be cleared for all the quests therein, right?  That is only logical after all.

When we grouped up, we shook out as:

  • Xula – level 25 Gnome warrior
  • Earlthedog – level 25 Worgen warrior
  • Ethelred – level 26 Worgen druid
  • Maloney – level 26 Worgen mage
  • Nancyboy – level 26 Worgen priest

And Gnomeregan was the one instance on the Dungeon Finder list that we had not hit, so off we went.

Only when we got there we found that Xula and Earl, who were just shy of level 26, could not get the initial quest for the zone.  The only saw the dreaded gray exclamation point.

Those of us who were level 26 could get the quest however, and since Xula and Earl were close to level, we decided to just do some clearing of trash until they hit level.  Then we could run back and they could grab the quest.

Clearing Some Troggs

Soon enough, Xula and Earl hit 26.  At that point we found that we could simple share the initial quest.  I was not sure we could do that, as it looked like it came with a quest item, namely a parachute.

You no longer have to fight your way the long way down to the first boss.  You can simply jump over the edge about where we are in the above picture and float down to the Viscous Fallout.

Which is, of course, what we did.  We managed to land all over the place and there was a bit of a hectic fight as we each brought our own elite add to the party.  That was the most dramatic event for… well… most of the instance.

We then chased the Viscous Fallout around for a bit, as he is a wandering boss, until we finally chewed through most of his little helpers and caught him.

Engaging the Viscouse Fallout

He coughed up the Toxic Revenger blade, which went to Xula.

There is a quest turn-in near by, after which you begin the great yard trash clearing effort for which Gnomer is so rightly known.

Of the initial leg of that run, the only item of note is that there is still a bug that causes the gnomes to run around the outside of one of the pillars in the ring around the Electrocutioner 6000.

They Won't Go Through The Arch

We made our way around to the Electrocutioner 6000 after clearing out all the wrench throwing gnomes.

The Electrocutioner 6000

He did not put up much of a fight.  The most notable thing here was that, when he died, Maloney, Ethelred, and Nancyboy all leveled up to 27.

It was then just a clearing effort to get to Mekgineer Thermaplugg.

The Plug Abides

This is an event fight and you have to detail people to watch and disable the bomb chutes that surround Thermaplugg.

Maloney and Ethelred, the ranged DPS, each took one side of the chamber on bomb patrol, and the fight began.

And then it ended.

I think I only had to turn off one bomb chute, turning to hit Thermaplugg while I was waiting, and Ethelred might have had to turn off two.  But we burned down Thermaplugg so fast that not all the chutes came into play.

With Thermaplugg down, the achievement was ours and the instance was complete.

Thermaplugg Defeated

But the whole thing was quite a different experience from what we went through on our first run some four years ago.  Go back and look at all of the stuff I listed out before.  Entering through Dungeon Finder did not give us all of those external quests and so we never had to bother with Coke machines, punch cards, or essential artificials.

It was more akin to our run through the instance as a Horde group.  But it was even a bit abbreviated compared to that.

Gnomeregan “done,” we checked the Dungeon Finder and saw that the Graveyard instance in Scarlet Monastery had opened up to us.  With plenty of time left on the clock, we jumped on in.

And we were once again thwarted on the quest front.  While Dungeon Finder was happy enough to transport us to the dungeon, the quest giver did not find us worthy and we could not get the quest.

No Quest From Joseph

Joseph the Awakened was there and waiting for us, but only had the gray punctuation above his head. (Not visible in the picture due to the UI being turned off.)

Furthermore, the Graveyard, a short instance already, has been dialed back a bit more.  There are a few less trash mobs.  You’ll note that the entry hall where the quest giver now stands is almost completely devoid of any bad guys.  We ran through the instance so fast we were taking a victory shot before I remembered to take any screen shots.

Victory in the Graveyard

We’ll have to come back of course.  Not that we haven’t been there a lot already.  As Xula noted, it wasn’t even Hallow’s End and here we were.

The one confusing moment in the instance was when we finished off the main boss and did not get an achievement.  The Pavlovian response, “kill final boss, get pretty ding!” was interrupted!  It took a minute for us to remember that you have to do all four of the Scarlet Monastery instances to get the achievement.  But during that minute we tore around the instance looking for some hidden or rare boss that we might have missed.

Done so quickly, we decided to hit random and run through another instance just to get us all up to level 28.

The Dungeon Finder put us back in Gnomeregan.  There it was noted that we all had another parachute in our bags, so I guess that you just get one for going into the instance, no quest required.

We took the opportunity to look around for some of the side adventures that used to be a part of the instance.   We found, for example, that Emi Shortfuse was still there with the trogg tunnel event.  You can speak to her to run it and you get to kill troggs as before, finishing with Grubbis and Chomper.

After that we made our way down into the instance, eventually getting the whole group to 28 at about the time we hit the Electrocutioner 6000 again.  Xula got 28 on that fight, the last in the group to get the level, so we decided to stop there and call it a night.

Final Group Shot

Given where we stand on getting quests in instances, we might have to go out into the world and get a couple of levels before we head back to the Scarlet Monastery.

Graveyard Mania

One of the problems starting out on a new server is you can never be sure which character you roll will end up being your main and who will get left behind.

At least that is one of the problems I have.  Some people just roll one character I hear.

So when we moved over the Lightninghoof for the great horde/RP/PvP experiment, I rolled up a few characters.  We didn’t know how things were going to shake out, so I wanted a few options.

In addition to a druid, I rolled up a warrior and a shaman.  I had played neither class beyond a few levels, so they fit into our “new class/new role” criteria.

I gravitated to the shaman at first and thought he might end up being my main.  Grungur the orc shaman.  I spec’d him enhancement, the melee DPS tree.  He was fun to play, the class feeling different than my old reliable paladin or hunter.

I even invested in a trade skill for him.  I figured if he was likely to be my main, inscription would be good.  That would let him make some money as well as keep the guild supplied in glyphs.

In the end though, the group needed a healer, and early on a shaman pretty much has one healing spell, so I decided to go the restoration druid route for instances.  Three heals are better than one, right?

And going with Hurmoo worked out well enough.  I had gone the enchanting route with him and picked up herbalism for his other profession which let him harvest for Grungur.  That kept Grungar skilling up inscription which in turn fed weapon and armor scrolls back to Hurmoo to enchant and hand out or sell.

Good for the guild and good for my own money supply.

However, to keep the inscription rolling, I had to keep leveling up Grungur.  You can’t just sit at low level and max out your trade skill.  Each tier has a level requirement you must meet, and while Grungur was already past 20 when he needed that, for the next tier he needed to be level 35.

I made a little bit of that up by doing holiday daily quests.  I also went out and did quests the old fashioned way.

But finally I decided, based on our experiences up to that point, that very little beat running instances.  So to get him up to level 35 I decided that the dungeon finder was the answer.

Not only is the experience great, but you get decent loot now and again and if you go random at lower levels you get a goodie bag and some cash when you finish the instance.

Of course, I am impatient, so the thought of hanging around waiting for a DPS slot to show up did not appeal to me.  I base that opinion partially on this screen shot.

It seems that, more often than not, that a DPS player misses the ready check.  And while they represent 3 out of 5 of the team, so the odds dictate that should be the case, in my mind they have gotten bored from the long wait and walked away from their computer.

Under this mental influence I respec’d Grungur to restoration.  After all, by that point I had TWO healing spells, healing wave and lesser healing wave.  What more could I need?

Well, HealBot would be nice, so I made sure that was enabled.

Thus armed it was into dungeon finder.

I suppose I should not be surprised at how readily groups come up since dungeon finder works across servers in the same groups as battlegrounds, but it always seems odd to get a group so quickly.

The first run was nearly a disaster.  Razorfen Kraul came up and our group was more towards the “gogogo” end of the spectrum.  Grungur was the lowest level in the group by a couple of levels and was running out of mana while running to keep up.

He didn’t do too bad.  Only once did somebody die due to lack of mana, though I was bandaging people at then end of a few fights.  Line of sight issues caused more deaths.  Welcome to RFK.

In the end we survived, leveled, and got our rewards.

And then began the dominion of the graveyard of Scarlet Monastery.

RFK got Grungur to level 27, and from that point on he’s gotten nothing but the graveyard for groups.

I've seen this before

Granted, I do not think there is any quicker instance to run.  I went through it five times in a little over an hour one Sunday afternoon.  But you do start to tire a bit of seeing the same old landmarks.

Wasn't there a horseman around here?

So at this point I have undoubtedly been in the graveyard more than any other instanced dungeon in Azeroth.  With the combo of this as well as our times hunting the headless horseman plus actually doing this instance in the weekly group adds up to a lot of time spent banging on the scarlet crusade.

Still, as I said above, it is quick and you do get a nice little bonus at the end when you’ve finished.

You get a little extra experience on top of the bounty you already received, some extra coin, and the goodie bag.  Though for Grungur, it seems to be the same necklace 4 out of 5 times, with the only variation being a slightly different necklace and, once, some gloves.

Grungur hit 32 last night, again in graveyard. (I went back and did it again… 3 times… just to pick up some screen shots.)  So while I cannot really complain, having benefited so much, I do look forward to perhaps getting a different wing of Scarlet Monastery in these groups some day.

Going to the Chapel

But not to get married.

No, not everything I’ve done over the last week has involved outer space.  There was still time spent in Azeroth.

It was time to wrap up the Scarlet Monastery by hitting the cathedral and defeating High Inquisitor Whitemane.

As usual, I went and positioned myself at the summoning stone out of habit.  Tonight however we decided to use the dungeon finder to jump into the instance.  Our group was:

37 Orc Shaman – Earlthebat (Earlthecat)
37 Blood Elf Paladin – Enaldie (Ula)
37 Tauren Druid – Hurmoo (Vikund)
38 Undead Mage – Bigbutt (Bungholio)
38 Tauren Druid – Azawak (Skronk)

So in we went.

We were again magically transported across continents (or across the road in my case) to the cathedral.

Where we had to wait a bit because it turned out that Enaldie accidentally sold her weapon when cleaning out her bags.  And for some reason it wasn’t on the buy back list at the vendor so she had to go cruise the auction house for a new weapon.

While we waited, we spoke, as we sometimes do, of strange food we have encountered in our lives.

Available at the Mall of America

Shopping done, we moved on to the business at hand, which was clearing out the area from the entrance to the front of the cathedral.

And this is where the tale gets dull, since there were no issues doing this.  It was just pull, kill, pull, kill, whoops, I need to cast a heal, and we were there.

Got me to the church on time

At this point I’d love to be able to tell you that things got challenging.  But I cannot because they did not.

Clearing out the trash from the cathedral lead to some unanticipated aggro, but nothing that caused any alarm.  The big bad boss fight at the end flashed past even more quickly than the first time we did it and we were done.

Time for a shot of the team and…

Done with Scarlet Monastery

… and it was only 10:10pm.  We still had plenty of time to get into other sorts of trouble.

So we checked the list and Uldaman was next up, so we decided to head out that way… until we realized that only Bigbutt had the flight path out to Kargath in the Badlands.

Well, that is what dungeon finder is for!

We sent Bigbutt off to fly out there and pick up any quests we might need in Kargath and took a quick I/O break.  Being ever in search of preparedness, I started running from Hammerfall, the closest flight point I had, to Kargath just in case.  Kargath is a nice central flight point, if nothing else, and would open up travel between the Undercity and Booty Bay.

I had gotten most of the way through the Wetlands when we were all back, Bigbutt had the quests, and we were ready to enter Uldaman.

Oh, I remember this...

Some of use were experimenting with the dungeon finder along the way.

But shortly after entering, we realized that the lead-in quests for the instance require you to be just outside to complete them.  And since we jumped in via dungeon finder, which avoided that messy “getting to the door” part of Uldaman, we couldn’t just step back outside.

We were there already, so we did the first part of the instance.

Doing the map room thing

But we ended up just fighting our way around to the back door of the instance on the off-chance it wouldn’t notice and just let us step outside into the Badlands.

No such luck.

Fortunately I was already well on my way out there while Bigbutt was in the Badlands, so we met up at the summoning stone and pulled everybody through to go grab the flight point.  That made for a shorter ride for most of us.

Riding through the Badlands

We all made it to Kargath without incident, but by the time we were all there and set, it was too late to start in on the instance again.  So Uldaman will have to wait for another night.

Under Age in the Scarlet Monastery

We’ve been down this path before, literally.

Here we were on Saturday night looking at the Library in Scarlet Monastery.  As happened three years back, we were victims of our own success, having pushed through the previous content and now looking to take on an instance where we really at the low end of the level range for the task.

The previous Saturday I had not been on, but I was told that the group pulled out alts, reorganized, and with the addition of Gaff to the team, tried to run through the library, but were rebuffed in the end.

Before that we had run through the Graveyard pretty readily, but now we were going to try the Library again, which is targeted at groups of five that are in the level 32-36 range.  As we set out that night we were:

31 Tauren Druid – Azawak (Skronk)
31 Blood Elf Paladin – Enaldie (Ula)
31 Tauren Druid – Hurmoo (Vikund)
32 Undead Mage – Bigbutt (Bungholio)
32 Orc Shaman – Earlthebat (Earlthecat)

We decided to move forward to see how well we would do.

Azawak and Hurmoo, being stuck in the old school way of things, ran out to the meeting stone by Scarlet Monastery to summon people.

Waiting by the stone

This turned out to be unnecessary for the moment, as we ended up using the new dungeon finder to enter the Library.  However, it later came to pass that we well placed, and not merely because the dungeon finder stumbled on us and gave us the”additional instances cannot be launched” error.

It was only a momentary hiccup however, and we got into the Library almost immediately there after.

One of the first things we got to try out was Earl’s new full set of shaman totems.

Shaman totem array

Sticking close to the mana totem, Hurmoo never ran out of mana for healing.

We played a very cautious game.  Almost everything was at least our level, and usually higher by a level or two.  Each group we pulled was a set piece battle and only once did we accidentally get an unexpected group, an event we managed to survive with a single death.

And so we managed to creep slowly through the library.

Another hallway in the Library

Eventually, after clearing everything out (and reading all the available books furtherance of that one achievement) we stood outside the room of Arcanist Doan.

At level 35, he seemed perhaps a bit steep for our group, but we were there.  So in we went.

And down Doan went.  There was an uncomfortable moment when Hurmoo was silenced when he really needed to get a heal off, but things worked out.  Nobody died (except Doan) and so the Library was complete.

A look at the clock showed we spent a little over an hour doing it.  Plenty of time for a peek into the Armory now that we had the Scarlet Key from Doan’s room.

Using the dungeon finder again, we all left the Library.  Then Bigbutt, who was the group leader, tried to queue us up for the Armory.  However, it would not let us into the Armory.  Despite a load of good experience in the Library, Azawak and Hurmoo were still level 31 and you need to be at least level 32 to use the dungeon finder to get into the Armory.

Bad sign?

Well, we decided to try the Armory anyway, so it turned out to be a good thing that Azawak and Hurmoo were sitting there at the meeting stone for Scarlet Monastery.

The Armory was disturbingly red for Hurmoo. (and Azawak too I assume.)  Red as in every mob’s level being displayed either in that orange-ish red that says “careful now…” or in that deep, blood red which indicates that the number in question was probably displayed as a skull for you only a level or two back.

Azawak and Hurmoo both got levels pretty quickly though, the experience being quite good.  That turned some of the blood-red numbers to the slightly safer orange-red.  That was good, as we got into a pretty sticky fight at the top of the stairs past the fireworks barrels. (That seems to be the designated trouble spot in the instance.) Hurmoo came as close to running out of mana as he had all night as we dealt with adds, fleeing mobs, and more adds.  Deaths were kept to a minimum and once we recovered we moved forward until we were there.

Herod, the Scarlet Champion

Herod is level 37 and dressed sort of like that guy in the South Park episode.

Azawak, our tank, was level 32 and a bear.  Hurmoo, the healer, was also 32.  This seemed like it could quickly go bad.

But, as usual, we came all that way, we weren’t going to stop short.

And then the fight was a breeze.  Herod did his little spin trick and we all sat back and gave him a golf clap, then when he was done, we stepped back in and resumed wailing on him until he was dead.  And then the Scarlet chorus line showed up and died when Earl farted on them or something.  Seriously, they were dead so fast I barely saw them alive.

Victory in the Armory

And then we wiped leaving the instance.

We went to run out and passed a couple of respawns and decided to just press on through, only to discover the whole instance appeared to have respawned.  They killed us and we took the angel route at the graveyard then headed to the Undercity to turn in a quest from the Library.

Riding to the Undercity

On the ride we started in on the whole, “What the hell?” question about how easy the instance seemed relative to our levels.

Blizzard couldn’t have nerfed everything, could they?

We did consider that, despite the fact that we are all playing different roles now, we have picked up some experience over the last three years.

And even in new roles, that experience helps.  I’m sure having been the healer before has helped Azawak.  And I am not exactly new in my role as healer.  That was my role often enough in other games.

And we also seem to be much more gear aware.  Nobody is still wearing any of the same pieces they were wearing in the Deadmines.  I know the first time we went through Scarlet Monastery most of us were.

We have also divided up the trade skills and have been putting stuff in the guild bank for people.  We all have enchants on a few items each and glyphs loaded up.

So maybe Blizzard hasn’t nerfed everything.  Maybe it is us.

But I still don’t think we’ll pull off the Cathedral this weekend unless we put on a couple more levels each.