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An EVE Online Screen Shot Contest – Show Me the Planets!

I’ve been down this road before.

I have something special to give away.  Here, somewhere on my desk, is a Mystery Code from the EVE Online Second Decade Collector’s Edition.

The Mystery Code

Not at all like my desk

CCP gave me a copy, for free, after I had already purchased one for myself.  I gave away some of the bits and pieces to friends, but I held back the Mystery Code because I wanted to have a contest.

According to the CCP web site, the Mystery Code :will grant owners special benefits related to future CCP products and events” including:

  • 1 x PLEX
  • New and exclusive “Phanca” Cybernetic Arm
  • Exclusive “Templar MkII Prototype Fighter” for EVE: Valkyrie
  • More Mystery Code content will be announced soon!

Essentially it sounds like your account will be flagged to get some additional goodies at some future date.  And hey, a PLEX.  Gotta love that.

So I am having yet another screen shot contest.

How To Enter

Take a screen shot or dig through your old EVE Online screen shots.  The only restriction is that the shot must have a planet or a moon somewhere in view.  A spherical battles tation large enough to be mistaken for a moon is an acceptable substitute.  Example shot:

Buzzard and a Planet

More examples here.

You don’t have to have space ships or stations or titans or nebulae to be considered… but I can’t say that such things won’t help your chances.  Just have a planet or a moon.

Rename that screen shot to something I can associate with you.  Your character name would be good.  Append a digit if you are sending more than one picture.

Send your screen shot(s) to wilhelm2451 [at] yahoo [dot] com with the following information:

Your in-game character name:

A brief description of the picture: (ship types pictured please, other details if you can, actual system/planet would be awesome)

Attribution information: (Who should I say took the shot, link to your blog, corp, MySpace page, whatever)

See, simple.

Now for the fine print.

The Rules

A little less simple.

Entries must be your own screen shots.  Use of promotional material from CCP will disqualify you immediately.  We’ve all seen them…  well, I’ve seen them because I really like pictures of spaceships…  so don’t bother.  And the internet has tools for searching on that sort of thing… don’t make me get out the tools!

Use of the work of other people without the express written consent of Major League Baseball… or the person… is also forbidden.  Implied oral consent isn’t good enough.   Just be good and use your own screen shots, okay?

If I have already linked to or posted a screen shot of yours on EVE Online Pictures, you may not submit it for this contest.  Sorry.

You may enter up to three screen shots.

You must submit your entry via email to wilhelm2451 [at] yahoo [dot] com.  The subject of the email should say something like “EVE Online Contest” so I can find it easily in the spam folder if Yahoo happens to have taken a dislike to you, your domain, or your country.

You can send me a link to your entry via email if you prefer, but your entry should be obvious from the link.  If you send me a link to your EVE album in  Imgur or Flickr or whatever, I’ll probably browse through it, but I won’t pick an entry for you.

Your picture should be in .jpg or .png format.  If you send me a .bmp, I will likely convert it to one of those formats before posting it.  If you send me a picture in a format that PaintShop Pro cannot open or a corrupted image, I will send you a notification that your entry is invalid.

You can ask for clarifications or further information in the comments section following this post, but all entries must be sent via email to the address specified.

You must submit your entry Noon Pacific Time of Saturday, March 1st, 2014.  That will be 3pm Eastern Time or  8pm (20:00) UTC. which happens to also be in-game time in EVE Online.

If you are a winner, the Mystery Code will be sent via email to the address you used to enter the contest.   If you really, really want the physical card, I will drop it in the mail to if you provide an address.

The code and card are unused, but I make offer no warranty on what CCP will actually give you when you enter the code.  I just believe what the web site tells me.  There is a rumor that, if you enter a Mystery Code, you also consent to let CCP Guard sleep on your couch if he happens to be in town.

The winner will be announced in a post on Firday, March 7th, 2014.  The winning screen shots will be posted on this blog.  All screen shots submitted will, over time, be posted, with attribution, on EVE Online Pictures.  Unless your picture is crap.  I won’t be posting crap.  Don’t send me crap.

A second place prize of 100,000,000 ISK will be awarded to the runner up in the contest if there are at least 10 individuals entered.  I reserve the right, at my discretion, to toss some ISK to pilots submitting other worthy entries.  Not as much ISK as second place, but some ISK is better than none, right?

While I may consult with others to help winnow down the field of entrants, the winner will be decided by me and me alone.

Any questions, ambiguity, or disputes will be resolved by me alone and all decisions will be final.  There is no appeals process.

How Important are the Pictures?

I read once, in one of those guides on how to be a “successful” blogger, wherein success was defined as maximizing page views or some other SEO related metric, that you should include a picture with each and every post.

This was early on in the life of the blog, and if you go back and look at the posts for the first year or two, I clearly did not take that advice to heart.  In fact, I mentioned the paucity of screen shots from the first year of the instance group when making the video about our first year.  I was keen to have a time stamped screen shot of us standing with the corpse of the final boss of an instance, but beyond that I had few visual requirements.

Pictures certainly were not completely absent, nor anywhere as rare as they are for bloggers like Tobold or SynCaine (odd that they share that trait), but neither were they as common in my posts back then as they are now.  I used them to illustrate a point, and was not above a humorous post based on a visual gag, but I clearly did not buy into the “every post must have a picture” philosophy.

Over time though, pictures became more important to me.  Early on with the instance group I kept a scratch pad on my desk to take notes during instance runs.  That gave way to taking screen shots at key junctures, to the point that I am not sure where that pad of paper has gone.  And as my reports became more driven by what I saw, so I began to post more pictures because, frankly, it is easier to just show you some things that describe them in detail.

And lately, with my adventures in EVE Online, pictures have become even more important.  At least to me.  This is because me writing, “there were hundreds of missiles in flight” does not begin to express what was going as well as a picture like this does.

Pouring out missile fire

This is a literal example of a picture being worth a thousand missile descriptions.   In fact, with this sort of thing, we are actually getting to the point where still pictures fail and you need video to capture even some of the spectacle of the event.

It is no coincidence that my Fraps usage went up with my entry into 0.0 space.

And has time has gone on, I have noticed that some of my posts… especially the instance group posts… have begun acquiring more and more pictures per post.  My post last week about the group going to Deepstrike Mines in Rift seemed to need 21 pictures when I wrote it.

Over the course of the blog I have uploaded 4,025 pictures, totaling 1.1 GB it size.  I actually ended up not using 40 of those pictures as part of posts, though most of those are images I have used for the blog header.

I forgot to use this Mana Tombs picture

But that still means I have about 1.7 images per post, which doesn’t seem like much until you look at how many early posts had no pictures (e.g. October 2006, 38 posts and only 2 pictures), pictures hosted elsewhere (Image Shack for the first year of the blog, until WordPress.com made uploads easier), and then there are the pictures I have recycled through numerous posts.

How many times have I used this shot?

All of which is too many words just to get to a poll where I ask you, the reader, about screen shots embedded in posts.

If you wish to define or refine your relationships with my picture usage on the blog, feel free to leave a comment to clarify your position.  And there is still, potentially, a discussion to be had with how to I actually use pictures.  I generally put a 300×250 pixel thumbnail in the middle of the post that links to a much larger picture, because I like to be able to see the detail.

But I could crop them down so they fit within the 450 pixel width of this column.

I could also make them even smaller and wrap text around them, though I avoid that since I deal with browser compatibility regularly and, inevitably, what will look great on one browser when you do that will look like crap on another. (I am looking at you IE!)

So here is the point where you can opine on my use of pictures.

Azeroth Travel Poster Contest – Win a Sparkle Pony!

It has been over a year since I had a real contest here at The Ancient Gaming Noob.

As I noted previously, the collapse of the World of Warcraft Magazine has left me in possession of surplus codes for a couple of companion pets and a celestial steed.

Celestial Steed / Sparkle Pony / Greed Steed

So to dispose of these excess codes… even my daughter has a sparkle pony… there will be a new screen shot contest.

The basic premise is, as always, simple.

You send me an in-game, World of Warcraft screen shot which you have turned into a travel poster enticing us all to visit exotic Azeroth.

This screen shot can be edited, cropped, Photoshopped, lettered, bent, spindled, mutilated or otherwise modified in any way you see fit, so long as it ends up in .jpg or .png format when I get it.

I look at all the entries and pick a winner.

I send the winner the code for the Celestial Steed, which is valued at $25 in the Blizzard Store!

Simplicity itself!

The devil is, of course, in the details, which are spelled out after the break.

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EVE Online and the Age of the Cormorant…

Here I am, just about five years after first jumping into EVE Online.  As I said previously, I feel in my gut that when my subscription lapses in a few day, it will be a long time before I return to New Eden.  My capsuleer will be headed for a long sleep.

And the reason is that nothing about the game really inspires me at this time.

EVE requires inspiration.  Being a sandbox, you have to set your own goals and pursue them.  I have managed to create my own modest goals at various times.  Some were simple, like aspirations to fly certain ships.  Others were more complicated, like delving into manufacturing and tech II blueprint production.

Most came to fruition, some quite profitably.  My days as a minor tycoon, buying and selling in EVE’s dynamic market, made me about double the ISK that all my other activities combined.

A few failed or came to no real net benefit.  Tech II turned out to be a money sink, at least the way I went about it.  The cost of getting into a freighter never really benefited me that much.  And the W-space station plan failed, ironically in the huge volume of space, for lack of a place to raise our control tower.

But there was a point, early on, when just playing the game, just being in space and flying around, was inspiration enough.  I tend to think of that time as the age of the Cormorant.

The Cormorant, the Caldari destroyer, was the first ship I really flew on a regular basis.  This was primarily prompted by the fact that the very first mission I drew post-tutorial was “Worlds Collide.”

That mission and I have a history.

After losing my Ibis frigate, I decided to work my way towards the biggest ship I could potentially afford.  For me, that was the Cormorant.

I managed to scrape together the ISK to get the skills and buy the ship and fittings.  For the tier 1 version of “Worlds Collide,” this proved to just about adequate for a complete noob.  And so began the run with the first ship I really considered to be mine.

And today I can bring back a glimmer of that feeling, that sense of sheer joy for the hell of it, that sensation I got when playing EVE Online early on in my career, but just looking at some of the screen shots I took at the time.

This is why I take so many screen shots.

And so I give you images from the age of the Cormorant, with a little commentary after each.

Cormorant Docking

That was what EVE seemed like to me early one.  I was a tiny ship in a land of giant objects, my tiny little trails marking my path across space.

Cormorant Classic

The classic graphics version of the Cormorant.  Back then, this was the only ship model.

Asteroid Pass

Again, a small ship in the giant sea of space.

Guns Blazing!

My Cormorant cutting loose.  This has to be the mission “Avenge a Fallen Comrade.”  I was probably at the part where you must destroy the station, which allowed me to go into an orbit, turn on weapons, and then work on getting a screen shot.  The dust discharge from the rail guns in the wake of the ship is a nice touch.  I cannot recall if that effect is still in.

Scratch one frigate!

Explosions were both more and less dramatic back then.  I am pretty sure that this was a missile kill, just given the range.  The six rail guns would chew up a target over time, but a standard missile was close to a one shot kill and could reach out a long ways.  I would target the missile launcher separately at more distant targets while I would close for the guns.

Swooping Cormorant

Again, back in the mission “Avenge a Fallen Comrade.”  That odd-shaped asteroid is always the key.  Here are trails, a feature long since removed from the game, describing the arcing flight of the ship.  Of course, I probably have some screen shots buried some place that show the flaws in trails.  You could get very odd kinks in your trails and once in a while your ship would appear to be about 15 degrees off center from the trails.

But when trails were behaving, they were quite pretty.  I miss them.

Those are my Cormorant screen shots.  They represent a simpler time for me in the game.

Those pictures, and many more, are available at my “other” site, EVE Online Pictures.

EVE Online Screen Shot Contest Winners

The time has come to announce the winners of the EVE Online Screen Shot Contest.

The top two entrants will each win a PLEX, a 30 day Pilot License EXtension, which will give them 30 days of game time… or around 330 million ISK if they decide to sell the PLEX in-game.

Another group of entries will each earn 10 million ISK for submitting the best picture for a given list of categories.

About picking the winners

I had 112 pictures to choose from, entered by 26 individuals.

It was not easy to choose.   And the choosing was complicated by letting people enter five pictures, but then only allowing a single prize to go to any given person.  Some people sent me pictures that were contenders in five different categories.  Heck, you will see a few pictures that won that could easily have covered a couple of categories.  Conflicts in with people being in more than one category caused me to scrap the Rookie Ship category, as the people who were contending for that had winners in other categories.

In the end, once I picked a winner, all the other shots from that person had to be set aside.  So, aside from the two overall prizes, you might view the rest as the best picture that was qualified to win.

That said, there are some pretty awesome pictures on the list from a game that can really make you feel like you’re looking through a window into space.

Now on to the winners.

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EVE Online Screen Shot Contest is Now Closed to Entries

The time has come.  The contest is now closed to new entries.

I received entries from the following players.  These are the names that were requested to be used for attribution, along with the website if so requested.

If you entered but do not see yourself on the list, or if I have hosed your name or web link in some way, drop me a note.

That is 26 people in the contest, who together sent in a total of 112 screen shots.

Now for the tough part; picking the winners.

Well, that and figuring out how to use the contract system to award the two top winners their PLEX.

Since some people went out of their way to match some of the possible categories I had listed in the contest rules, I am going to stick with those.  I don’t want to run one of those “ignore the rules when it comes to awarding prizes” contests, if you know what I mean.  Those categories are:

  • Best picture featuring a rookie ship (Ibis, Velator, Reaper, or Impairor)
  • Best picture featuring a ringed planet
  • Best picture featuring a planet or moon (no rings)
  • Best picture featuring a space station (player or NPC)
  • Best explosion picture (we love things that go boom)
  • Best classic graphics picture (dig into the archives)
  • Best mining operation picture (rock breaking)
  • Best industrial ship picture (haulers of all sizes)
  • Best drone picture
  • Best guns/lasers/missiles blazing picture
  • Best spacescape
  • Best humorous picture
  • Best altered picture

I still might create a couple more categories if I find a shots that are truly deserving.

And, finally, because I like to include a picture with every post if I can, here is the very last picture entered in the contest. (Based on the time stamp of when I downloaded it.)

From ColdCuz:


Ogre Formation


Look for the winners next Sunday.

Last Chance for EVE Online Screen Shot Contest

Entries for the EVE Online screen shot contest have to be in my mail box 19:00 hours UTC (also 19:00 hours in-game on EVE Online), which translates to Noon (12:00pm) Pacific Time and 3:00pm (15:00) Eastern Time for places that observe daylight savings time.

So you have a little time left, but not much.

So far I have 97 screen shots sent in from 23 different people, which means I have far exceeded my initial goal of 10 people and 30 screen shots.  And there are some stunning entries.  It is going to take me the full week to sort out the winners.  But I could always use a few more entries.

The best, and most common, complaint about the contest is people frustrated at having to pare down their entries to just five choices.  I know it is tough.  On the other hand, I have to draw the line somewhere.

Rules, prizes, justifications, categories, and general information about the contest can be found here.

Meanwhile, here is an entry from CJ Didge entitled “Warning.”




I also want to thank Kirith Kodachi of The Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah for mentioning this contest on his blog, which has considerably more EVE cred than I’ll ever possess.  There was a noticeable jump in entries after that post.

EVE Screen Shot Contest – First Week Update

One week has gone by since I announced the EVE Online Screen Shot contest.

So far eight people have responded and have entered a total of 33 screen shots.

Considering my modest goal was 10 people and 30 screen shots, I think things are going okay.

But there is still time to enter and help me double my goal.

You have until October 10th to submit your screen shots.  Go read the rules and stuff.  Prizes include two PLEX and a range of 10 million ISK prizes for various categories.

In the mean time, here is one of the possible contenders for, at a minimum, the ringed planet category.

mining barge in an asteroid field

Thanks to Cj Didge for that entry.

EVE Screen Shot Contest – First Entry

Kirith Kodachi of the blog the Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah was the first person to enter the EVE Online Screen Shot Contest, which I announced yesterday.

A long time EVE player, the toughest part was, by his own admission, narrowing down his submission to just five pictures.

Here is one his submissions:

Wyvern at Battle

So, if nobody else enters the contest, Kirith stands to pick up two PLEX for his effort.

The contest runs until October 10th, 2010, so you still have plenty of time to enter.

EVE Online Screen Shot Contest – Win PLEX

It is time for another contest. As with my past contests, this one is specific to a single game.

This time around, EVE Online is the game.

If you don’t want to read my boring rationalization for the contest, skip down to the heading that says “The Contest.”

You might know that I run another blog that is focused on EVE called EVE Online Pictures.

The Shot That Inspired The Blog

It is mostly screen shots with very few words. The few words part can be difficult for me as I often feel the need to explain the significance or background of a given screen shot. But I manage to hold off that need most of the time.

The pattern of the site is simple.  I post two screen shots a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Some times I post more, but usually it is just two a week. I tend to pick them out and queue them up to post about a month in advance. It is a pretty low maintenance affair.

Only I haven’t been playing much EVE Online lately. I’ve been playing a bit of the economic game to extend my subscription, since I’ve been living on ISK purchased PLEX since May. And, of course, there is the skill training game. But I haven’t done much else since the Twilight Cadre wormhole expedition fell by the wayside.

Which means that I have not been taking very many screen shots.

I have a couple of thousand EVE screen shots sitting in various folders, so I could probably go on for a few years on what I have squirreled away, I tend to prefer posting screen shots I have taken recently. Digging through the old screen shots is kind of a pain and I seem to pick out the same shots each time through the pile. I’ve managed to post a duplicate picture only once, it is annoying to pick out the perfect shot to realize that it was also the perfect shot three months back.

My solution of late has been to hang out in Amarr, the Jita of Amarr Empire space, and to take screen shots of passing ships and the battles that erupt there from time to time. But those screen shots all seem to have the same “feel” to them, at least to me, so I hate to just keep posting them.

So I want so fresh screen shots. This is where you come in.

The Contest

The contest is simple.

You send me your best EVE Online screen shot.

I look at all the entries, pick the best ones, send out prizes.

What could be more simple?

Well, there are rules and stuff.  Click on “more” to see the whole deal.

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