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Yo Soy Sony, La Fea!

Wow, has it been crazy this month on everybody’s favorite MMO Telenovela, “Yo Soy Sony, La Fea!” (Literally, “I am Sony, The Ugly One” or “Ugly Sony”)

First, long time cast member and EverQuest II producer Scott Hartsman said good-bye mid-season to a stunned audience.

Then, seemingly minutes later, those wacky people at the SOE office moved a whole guild from the test server to a live server, in violation of the EULA. When other people noticed (And we all knew they would, right? I mean, they moved a WHOLE FREAKIN’ GUILD that was NOT known for its quiet, reserved approach to gaming!) and said, “Hey, how about me too?” there were lots of red faces and they had to move the whole guild back to the test server and follow up with a mildly passive-aggressive apology.

Then, just when we were all still clucking out tongues over that, a press release came out that said a company called LiveGamer had teamed up with several online gaming companies to offer a secure and reliable platform for real money transactions for in-game items and currency. And there on the list was Sony Online Entertainment!

But after barely a “ZOMFG!” from the community, another press release showed up in the India Times stating that Sony was selling their Sony Online Entertainment division to Zapak Digital Entertainment of India for a paltry $300 million.

Well that lit up the net as the staffers in San Diego suddenly wondered if they would still have jobs and began to inundate SOE chief John Smedley with messages that could be succinctly summed up as “WTF?!?!” had to take action.

Smooth Smed, who several seasons back brought in the Star Wars franchise over a game of liar’s dice, only to blow it all on the “NGE” bet (thus creating one of the longest running gags in the industry), stepped up to the podium and said that there was no such deal with Zapak and that SOE had merely been in negotiations about distribution rights for some SOE games over in India.

After the requisite thousand follow up questions (sometimes known as the “death by a thousand ‘huhs?'”) Mr. Smedley managed to also squeeze in that the deal with LiveGamer did not mean that SOE was going to open the flood gates of RMT on any of their servers not currently by SOE’s own Station Exchange RMT plan. He added that they were primarily interested in the technology and then put in a few jabs at the unscrupulous practices of gold farmers/sellers.

With that being the seeming last word on the RMT and Zapak topics, all fans want to know if that was the season finale or if, with three full business days to go in the year, Sony can top these actions with one last bang before the new year! And if there is more to go, how will they top it next season?

Stay Tuned!