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Surprise! A Security Flaw in Real ID!

File under, “That didn’t take long!”

WoW.com is reporting that there is a security flaw in Real ID that allows addons to expose your information to… well… anybody.  It is all up to the addon.

I expect to hear this story repeated again and again because some part of Blizzard, the part that wants you to expose your information, does not strike me as very interested in security.

Again, as I said in my previous post on the subject, the whole Real ID things seems to go completely against the grain of what I am told is Blizzard’s biggest problem, account security.

When you are fighting a battle to keep your customers from having their accounts hacked and looted, something I am going to guess costs them more money than, say, forum moderation, proposing a system that exposes more information about your users doesn’t seem to be the best plan.

Anyway, I’ve turned on parental controls for my own account and dis-allowed Real ID.

Now I just have to hope there isn’t a flaw in that…