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SOE Finally Gets a REAL Server Status Page

Update: Since the change over to Daybreak Gaming Company, the server status page is now here.

I have long complained that what passes for server status pages for SOE games like EverQuest and EverQuest II have often displayed information with little relationship to reality.

This is something that seems so easy, and which competitors like Blizzard have done so well, that I have boggled at SOE’s half-assed approach to the problem.  I swear at one point the EQ status page was static HTML that somebody just updated manually… when they had the time.

Now though, that might finally be at an end.

SOE has launched their new unified server status page.

EverQuest II Status

The page is a huge step forward.

Granted, it still needs some work.

Currently it only displays the status for EverQuest II, EverQuest, Star Wars Galaxies, and DC Universe Online.  I suppose the Vanguard servers are touched so infrequently that assuming they are up is safe.

And the region data column seems to be only partially populated.  Test might pass for a region I suppose, but where is “live?”

And the sorting of the servers is obviously based on some database key not visible in the display.  Alphabetical sorting by server name would be appreciated.

But otherwise, SOE seems to going in the right direction with this.  I will have to check back on patch day and see if status and reality actually align now for SOE.

It is interesting to see that of the EQ servers, only Fippy Darkpaw and Antonius Bayle are running at a load level other than “low.”


SOE seems to be continuing work on the page.  They have now added more games and tinkered with the information displayed, including the freshness of any given status.

The Game List, Sept. 2

Logical sorting patterns still seem to elude them, but you cannot have everything I suppose.

Server Status Pet Peeve

One of my MMO pet peeves, probably the only one that I have actually complained about multiple times on official forums, is the availability and reliability of server status information.

This morning I went to log onto EverQuest and, after going through three of the screens through which you must pass in order to get into the game, I got a notification that the server, Luclin, was down and that I should go check the network status page for details.

Of course, the EverQuest network status page showed all servers up.

At the bottom of the page there was an entry about the servers being down for six hours starting at 5am today. Since it was 9am, the servers were obviously still down for that maintenance period.

What irks me, of course, is that the server status, all that static text in bold green in the middle of the page, indicates that the servers are all up. The person whose job it is to change that text when the servers are down either forgot or is out of the office, and since it is obviously not automated, the text remains the same.

Okay, so EverQuest isn’t down that much any more and, well, it is EverQuest, so who even cares?

It is the fact that it shows a lack of attention to detail that bothers me. Here is something that could be automated, that should be automated, yet is left as a manual task that gets looked after some of the time.

It is a polish thing, if I can use that word safely while Darren is about.

World of Warcraft has a great Realms Status page that is very useful. It shows server status, server load, and tells you if there is a queue. Blizzard talks about polish and attention to detail and they demonstrate it here. The only problem I have ever had with that page is when there is some general server problem and a few hundred thousand people hit it at once. The price of success.

EVE Online has just one server, but the server status is right there in front of you when you launch the client. Plus, the server status is available via an API, so I can see server status when I am running EVE Mon.

And it isn’t just EverQuest that shows this neglect. I have seen enough instances of the EverQuest II network status page reporting “All Servers Are Up,” when they quite clearly are not up, to feel the need to verify anything I read there.

And when looking at other SOE games, I noticed that the Pirates of the Burning Sea server status page reports all 13 servers up and running.

Correct me if I am wrong here, but didn’t they merge down to fewer servers than that? I could have sworn that Guadeloupe, the server I played on, was one of those eliminated, yet it is still listed as up. Did I completely misunderstand something (not unusual), or do we have at least one Flying Dutchman server on the loose?

And I could not find any server status for Vanguard.

Polish includes the whole user experience. It includes all of the little things, like accurate server status pages. It can be hard to take a company seriously when it treats information like this so haphazardly.

Who else does server status well… or badly?