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Marauder Economics

Starting out with level 4 missions was a bit of a trial. A new ship, a Raven, to get used to with its active shield tanking requirement as opposed to the passive shield tank of the Drake. When faced with such troubles in the past, I tended to buy my way out of them.

When faced with a couple of tough level 1 missions, I upgraded to a destroyer.

When the Moa wasn’t working out for me and I lost two Caracals on level 2 missions, I went to the Drake, a battlecruiser.

When level 3 missions got tough… well, actually, the Drake was so good that it powered through all of the level 3 missions, so I never considered a replacement.

But the pattern of upgrading to solve problems was set.

So, when level 4 missions were a challenge, I started looking at the market.

CCP had introduced a new ship class not to far back, the marauder. This class was described as the mission runner’s dream. More capacitor, more CPU, more offense, more defense, and they even doubled the range of tractor beams when fitted to them.

Hot stuff indeed. And so new that they do not even have an entry for it in their EVE database.

So I looked into pricing for the Caldari flavor of Marauder, the Golem… and my jaw dropped.

Golem prices were in the 750-800 million ISK range, which is way out of my price range.

Fine, I thought, maybe I can build a Golem. So I started looking for blueprints in the contracts interface. And, sure enough, there were some, and the first item on the bill of materials gave me some hope.

The first thing you need is a Raven.

Well, I have one of those! That covers about 80 million in ISK cost right up front!

Of course, the single run blueprint itself was 60 million ISK, but at least I was 20 million ahead.

Golem BPC Materials
1 Raven – 84,752,935.98 ISK (calculated here)
45 Contruction blocks – 247,500.00 ISK
1052 Gravemetric Sensor Clusters – 24,196,000.00 ISK
3002 Graviton Reactor Unit – 300,200.00 ISK
1577 Magpulse Thrusters – 63,080,000.00 ISK
975 units Morphite – 9,750,000.00 ISK
1 R.A.M. Starship Tech – 40,000.00 ISK
3215 Scalar Capacitor Units – 45,010,000.00 ISK
3795 Sustained Shield Emitters – 151,800,000.00 ISK
7185 Titanium Diborite Armor Plates – 68,257,500.00 ISK
1415 Quantum Microprocessors – 31,130,000.00 ISK

Materials 478,564,135.98 ISK
BPC 60,000,000.00 ISK
MFG 1,910.48 ISK

Total to build 538,566,046.46 ISK

A lot of ISK, but less than the cost to buy the ship outright. I have actually had that much ISK at one time.

Plus, with the Raven already paid for, that brought the cost down to 453,813,110.86 ISK.

Let’s get started!

But wait.

You cannot just build a Marauder with your everyday manufacturing skills. Sure, you can build a battleship, but a Marauder is something more… as in you need to spend some more ISK and some more time.

You need to have the skill Battleship Construction up to level IV. And to get that you have to have Cruiser Construction up to level IV, which in turn requires Frigate Construction at level IV.

And, for the the Golem, you need Caldari Starship Engineering at level IV.

And, while you are at it, Mechanical Engineering must be at level IV as well.

Caldari Starship Engineering – 10,000,000 ISK
Battleship Construction – 22,500,000 ISK
Cruiser Construction – 900,000 ISK
Frigate Construction – 72,000 ISK
Mechanical Engineering – 10,000,000 ISK

MFG Skills Total – 43,472,000 ISK

Bringing the grand total up to: 582,038,046.46

Plus I need to spend 23 days, 4 hours, 39 minutes, and 8 seconds training the skills. And the time is only that small because I already own, and have some training in, Mechanical Engineering.

Still, we’re on track. Just get the materials lined up while I train, build the thing, and off we go!

Oh, wait, I need some skills to fly the thing.

I need Caladri Battleship to level V, Energy Grid Upgrades to level V, Weapon Upgrades to level V, Advanced Weapon Upgrades to level V, and finally, the skill Marauders to at least level I.

But I own most of those skills already! I just need Advanced Weapon Upgrades, a mere 450,000 ISK, and Marauders for… eep… 57,600,000 ISK.

Man, they seem to have decided to make up for how easy it was to get into a Heavy Interdictor… a ship to kill other people… by making Marauders… a mission running ship… a serious effort.

So, adding on the skills to fly the Golem, the total goes to: 640,088,046.46.

I have had that much ISK at one time, but not for long.

Still, I could get there again, plus the Raven is already paid for, as I keep pointing out.

And to train those flying skills: 90 days, 6 hours, 39 minutes, 42 seconds.

So if I start today and do not get side tracked, I can be flying my Golem on November 12th, 2008!

You level 4 mission NPCs! You’d best make plans! Because I’ll be coming for you in my shiny new Marauder any month now!

That is certainly more likely that my Titan dreams!

A Titanic Proposal

In which the author takes complete leave of reality, virtual or otherwise, and then puts a lot of random things in bold type.

Krones over at Plaguelands has been playing one of my favorite EVEMon games, which is:


Actually, he was writing about a bit more than that in his post, but he mentions doing this in there, I swear.

Playing this was something I started doing as soon as I found out what a Titan was.

At first I thought a Titan was some sort of giant, armored, space Trojan, but it turned out I was just looking at the Amarr version.

Side Note: All non-authoritative posts about Titans, and you don’t get much further from authoritative than you do around here, must, by custom, make reference to the phallic shape of the Amarr Titan.  There is a good shot of its shape linked to this post.  The Amarr Titan is actually called an Avatar, a name that would certainly fit if it showed up in Second Life, where phallic Avatars are quite common.

Anyway, how do you play?

You open up EVEMon… you have EVEMon, right?  If not, go get it here and set it up for your character already. (You need a character in EVE Online as well, so if you don’t, don’t bother grabbing EVEMon.)

Anyway, open up EVE Mon, create a new plan, go to the ship browser, select the Titan of your choice (Caldari Leviathan for me, please), and click the “Add Skills to Plan” button.

It is likely that you will get a “Suggestion” at the bottom the window that will help bring in the date a little bit.  Go ahead and add that to the plan as well.

For Wilhelm, my main, the answer consists of 22 skills with a total training time of:

168 Days, 15 hours, 14 minutes, and 19 seconds.

That assumes perfect end-to-end skill training, something that even I am not obsessive-compulsive enough to accomplish.

With some time slippage between skills, I could still reasonably be capable of flying a Leviathan by April Fool’s Day, 2008, if I start on the plan this week.

Even my miner, who is considerably behind Wilhelm in skill points, could been guiding that Leviathan around in EVE by June 1st, 2008.

Both plans are dominated by a few long duration skills:

Advance Spaceship Command V: 27 Days
Caldari Battleships V: 43 Days
Capital Ships V: 76 Days

Three skills, 143 days of training.

Of course, this plan assumes a few other things as well.

The first is that I have the attention span to fulfill the plan.  I have 18 days to go before my miner can fly a Hulk and I can barely stand it.  It is far more likely that around day 40 I would suddenly decided I wanted to be capable of building a player owed space station and veer off on some other training plan.

The second is that I could somehow afford it.  These skills cost money.  The total estimated cost for the skills is 5.5 billion ISK, a number I am about 5.498 billion ISK shy of at the moment.

The most expensive one is the Caldari Titan skill, which is 5 billion ISK alone.

That pretty much dwarfs the second in line, Capital Ships, which is a mere 400 million ISK.

And the third and final assumption is that I could actually do something with this skill if I actually overcame the previous assumptions.

EVE Mon tells me that a Titan is worth about 50 billion ISK.  That is a lot of dough, Jack.

The problem is, I cannot just go out and buy one, even if I had 50 billion ISK jangling around in my pocket.  This isn’t a Caracal, a ship I now have experience buying.

I have to build the damn thing.

Building a Titan requires skills in and of itself, dominated primarily by the 67 days for Capital Ship Construction V.  At least that skill is only 75 million ISK to purchase.

So skills to build and fly put me out to August 1st, 2008.

And while I am out picking up those skills, I might as well buy the blueprint I will need for the final assembly of the ship, which runs a steep 63 billion ISK, but which is at least readily available.

And then we get to the bill of materials for the Titan.

Oh boy!  Look, we don’t even want to start listing this out, do we?  Go in game, find the blueprint on the market and look at the bill of materials.  I need over 6700 parts of 16 different types to assemble this dream ship.  Alliances spend a lot of time building these pieces.  But let’s assume we can buy them readily on the market.  A cursory look at the price of parts shows them between 5 and 9 million ISK a piece, so that is where the 50 billion ISK price comes in.

Then, with my skills all set, the parts on hand, and the blueprint ready, I just put it all in the oven for 8 weeks and, boom, my very own Titan!

I just have to have 120 billion ISK sitting around and about a year of training and construction time.  I would actually only need about 55 billion up front to get the skills rolling and to start buying up the parts, and could hold off on the 63 million blueprint until near the end.  That gives me plenty of time to earn the money for it!

And I had best earn a little extra money, since I probably want to equip the ship when I am done.

Then, within a few days of being done, somebody will come by and blow it up I am sure.

The one thing I do wonder, after the all of the silliness above, is whether it is worth it to skill up Capital Ship Construction and start building parts that could be used for a Titan.  Is there any market there, or are alliances pretty much self-sufficient when it comes to production?