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Then I Splurged on Space Cosmetics

We had a special “home from the wars” Reavers fleet op last Saturday night.  Having enjoyed our time in Ravens down in Querious, Asher opted for another battleship doctrine, letting us vote on what we wanted to fly.  The Rokh won the straw poll and so that was what we were to bring to the fleet on Saturday after Asher got done being a guest on The Meta Show.

Of course, things started slowly and ended badly, because this is EVE Online.

We hung around in YA0-XJ getting everybody formed up and trying to get everybody a ship, but the guy who imported some Rokhs for the event was held up in real life.  So we flew around the undock attempting for form a conga line and occasionally shooting at Jay Amazingness.

Trying for a Rokh conga line...

Trying for a Rokh conga line…

We finally got things together, collected some money to cover Arrendis bringing a carrier for logistics, then flew off and died horribly in Fountain. (Horribly enough to get mentioned in that day’s null sec round up.)  At least we killed that bait cyno Rattlesnake that was sitting on the Dickstar POS in YZ-LQL.  And we didn’t have to slow boat back to Deklein.

One of the things that was kind of interesting… to me at least… was how many people grabbed SKINS for their Rokhs.  It wasn’t universal, but I would say a good quarter of the fleet was wearing either the Wiyrkomi or Nugoeihuvi skin on their ship. (You can see both skins in the conga line screen shot.)  I had used my last bit of Aurum to buy the Wiyrkomi skin before I undocked for the great “hanging about and waiting” and was gratified to see that I was not alone.

After we were done with our adventure, I jumped to my Jita clone to do some shopping, look at the market, and soak up the latest scams in local. (For the last, I see that the “first one to send me X ISK gets a Y” is now popular.)

While there I looked up the permanent Rokh Wiyrkomi SKIN and found it listed on the market for what I felt was an extremely reasonable 40 million ISK.  I wouldn’t have spent my Aurum on it if I had known I could get it for that price.

So I started looking at other skins and their prices.

  • Rokh Nugoeihuvi SKIN (Permanent) 68,000,000 ISK

More expensive, but also more distinctive.  I like the olive drab with white highlights Wiyrkomi pattern, especially on the Raven.  It feels more “military” for whatever definition, but it doesn’t show up as well as the Nugoeihuvi stripes.  So I bought that.  I have another Rokh hull around here somewhere, so I might use it some day.

  • Merlin Wiyrkomi SKIN (Permanent) 48,000,000 ISK

Sure, why not.  I might fly a Merlin again some day.

I then looked at the Kador skin for the Archon, but that was over a billion ISK at the moment.  I like it, the Kador skin blue looks pretty good and stands out, but I don’t like it a billion ISK worth.  But other Kador skins…

  • Punisher Kador SKIN (Permanent) 21,999,998.98 ISK

Hah!  I have a Punisher sitting in Amarr space that I go run level 2 missions with when I am bored.  Now it will be Kador blue.

Kador Punisher

Kador Punisher

What other blue ships could I get?

  • Abaddon Kador SKIN (Permanent) 44,999,987.56 ISK

I actually wanted the Apocalypse or Armageddon Kador skins, but those were pricey.  The Abaddon skin, on the other hand, was relatively cheap.  Yeah, I don’t own and Abaddon.  In fact, I have never owned one.  But now if I do, it will be blue.

  • Maelstrom Nefantar SKIN (Permanent) 52,989,999.85 ISK

Well, at least I own a Maelstrom still.

  • Heron Sukuuvestaa SKIN (Permanent) 2,800,000 ISK

For that price, I bought it on the off chance I might fly a Heron again some day.

  • Comet Police Pursuit SKIN (Permanent) 19,999,999.98 ISK

This was cheap because so many people wanted the Police Pursuit Comet under the old customization scheme, and each of those ships translated into a permanent skin.  Might as well own that too.  At this point I began to suspect I was just buying stuff to collect rather than use.  I decided to take a breath and calm down a bit.  And then I saw…

  • Dominix Quafe SKIN (Permanent) 883,748,000 ISK

Almost a billion ISK?  But it is a limited edition… can’t buy it with Aurum… and it is a current doctrine ship… and I already have the Megathron version… and it looks good.

A Quafe skinned Domi!

A Quafe skinned Domi stands out

It was spendy, but I decided I had to have it.  And, of course, once I had a couple of the Quafe skins, I figured I might as well complete the collection.

  • Tristan Quafe SKIN (Permanent) 67,925,000 ISK
  • Catalyst Quafe SKIN (Permanent) 290,000,000.07 ISK
  • Vexor Quafe SKIN (Permanent) 223,999,999.97 ISK

The Tristan wasn’t too bad, but I had to think a bit before I went with the Catalyst and Vexor versions.  The Vexor is a Reaver doctrine ship, so I will likely use it.

Asher hitting an SBU up close and personal in his Vexor

A Reaver Quafe Vexor in action

Meanwhile the Catalyst skin might be nice to have if, say, there was going to be some sort of Burn Amarr event this weekend.  And that gets me all the Quafe ships that I can fly.  The Obelisk, Thanatos, and Nyx Quafe skins wouldn’t do me much good. (Also, while they add a nice blue color to the ships, I think they should all have much larger versions of the Quafe logo on them.  If I were to fly a giant Quafe skinned ship, I would want to go for maximum billboard value!  But I think may only the Megathron version has the logo close to big enough for me… and it could still be bigger in my opinion!)

At that point I realized I had spent 1.7 billion ISK on cosmetic items and decided that was enough for the day.  Now I will have to go tally up my skins… I ended up getting a half dozen due to special ships when the Mosaic expansion hit… and see what options I really have.

Of course, what I really want is some skins for tech II logi ships, which tends to be my usual position in fleets these days.

Ship Skin Revamp Coming with the Mosiac Expansion Next Week

I am pretty sure that EVE Online players have been talking about their desire to customize their ships for as long as the game has been around.  Probably the most visible icon of this… dare we call it a movement… is the Hello Kitty Kestrel.

You would fly this, I know it

You would fly this, I know it

That, of course, is an extreme example to make a point, something you would never expect to see in-game or in real life.

Hello Kitty Nissan Silvia S15

Hello Kitty Nissan Silvia S15… love that tail pipe

(photo from the Deviant Art portfolio of no5master)

There is always some desire to stand out from the group.

Long range beams

Red beams because I want to be different! Also I was bored.

Of course, the specifics as to how any individual wants to stand out is all over the map, so I am not sure CCP has had an easy time getting to where they are now, nor do I believe it will please a very large percentage of the population of New Eden.

But at least we’ve got something.  And that something is ship skins.

CCP launched that plan a little over a year ago with skins for a few ships and what felt like a convoluted… and somewhat expensive… process to get them into the game.  It was about $2.00 to get a skin on a frigate through the manufacturing process, at which point the skin was expended and now a permanent part of the ship.  If the ship blew up… and frigates blow up with alarming regularity… the skin was gone.

Due to the price as much as anything else I would guess, the skins did not see a lot of use.  Well, I didn’t see many of them, though that might be as much because of another issue I’ll get to later.  In the end it seemed to become more of a PLEX alternative, a way for some to turn real world cash, used to purchase Aurum which in turn could be used to purchase the skins, into ISK by selling skinned ships for a premium in Jita.  Not a bad thing, but not much mass appeal in that either.

CCP has tinkered with the system a bit and added some new skins.  The dread skins that came in with Rhea are probably the ones I see the most.

How could any Goon pass up a Fat Bee Moros?

How could any Goon pass up a Fat Bee Moros?

But CCP announced a big change to the whole ship skin thing this week with a detailed Dev Blog on the topic.  The essence of of the change is that skins will now be bound to your character rather than a ship.

Skins tab in the character sheet

Skins tab in the character sheet

So if you have a permanent skin (and all previously purchased skins will be permanent) you will be able to apply it over and over to ships as you lose them or swap.  Also, there will be temporary skins that will have a 30 day duration.  And you will be able to swap skins in space, barring a few activities like when you have a cyno running.

This is in conjunction with a slight change up to Aurum packages and the list of current and new skins that will be available with next week’s Mosaic expansion (it should have been called Charybdis to go with the last expansion, Scylla) led at least one player to tally up how much all these skins might cost the avid collector.

Nearly $1,600 in skins if you straight up buy your Aurum for real world money at the best possible rate.  More than I would want to spend.  But then I have the problem that, even with more than 100 skins lined up for release, there are very few that apply to ships I fly.

Some ships have just been ignored.  In what reality would you have somebody work on a skin for the Ferox, but leave the ever present Drake on the sidelines? (Okay, they had a Guristas skin to work with already, but still.)  And the Tech 3 cruisers like the Tengu, with their different modules, are probably a pain in the ass to skin due to the variety of layouts you can create, so I might expect them to never get skins.

And then there is the Tech 2 problem.  Among the ships I fly regularly there is the Harpy, the Hawk, the Ishtar, and the Basilisk.  The first two share the same hull as the Merlin, while the latter two share hulls with the Vexor and the Osprey respectively, all three of which have custom skins available.  However, those skins only apply to the specific models rather than generically to the hull, so I have no real options for my daily rides.  I suspect that will change over time, but on day one I will have no real reason to run out and buy a skin, unless I want to drop about $20 to paint my hangar queen Archon blue with the Archon Kador skin.  It looks cool, but maybe not $20 cool.  If I had an Avatar though, I would totally buy the Kador skin.

The blue Avatar

The blue Avatar

So skins will be great for some and no doubt a disappointment to others.  Some people will want to paint their hulls themselves or have corp or alliance logos present, while others will want different ways to stand out in the crowd.  This month’s Blog Banter was all about such things.  And then there is the question to which I rather vaguely alluded to above, which is who will see these skins in any case?  You’ll see your own and maybe those in your fleet if you look around.

A Quafe skinned Domi!

A Quafe skinned Domi in our fleet

But space is big, something modeled well enough in EVE Online, so your foes are often just entries on your overview and maybe some brackets on your main screen.  You have to go out of your way to see their ships and they yours.  Ah well.

Anyway, I’ll probably be in for a couple, once they become available for ships I actually fly.

What do you think of this update to ship customization?  What ships are missing?  What would you buy if it was available?