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Celebrating Katia Sae

Consummatum Est!

Katia Sae, March 9, 2019

Earlier this month Katia Sae announced in a blog post that she had finished her nearly decade long mission.  Starting from back in December 2009, and flying a variety of ships, she had successfully navigated into each and every one of the 7,805 player accessible systems in EVE Online without losing any of her rides. High sec, low sec, null sec, and wormhole space, she had visited them all.

Signal Cartel, her corporation, put out a press release immediately to help spread the news.

And word did spread as congratulations for her achievement came from all quarters of New Eden, including from CCP.

Last week CCP brought her to Polaris, the CCP home system in never unlocked Jove space, bringing her system count up to 7,806.

Bathed in the light of the Polaris system’s star

She also received recognition elsewhere.  Her achievement popped up at about the 3:15 mark in the ticker of a video from The Scope concerning the Triglavian takeover of CONCORD billboards in New Eden.

Sister’s of EVE Confirm Legitimacy of Katia Sae exploration claims…

She was also mentioned at about the 4:18 mark during the EVE Pulse episode of March 15 and was a guest on the March 10 episode of Talking in Stations.

But the big moment came at EVEsterdam when a new episode of The Scope was first aired.  The initial focus was again on the Triglavians and their message to New Eden, but follows on with Katia Sae at the 1:35 mark.

Katia Sae featured on The Scope

There it was announced that the Acura Stargazer Society had commissioned a statue of her to be raised in her home system of Saisio at the Abagawa gate, where the first jump of her journey took place.

Katia Sai Monument

During the presentation by CCP Fozzie at day one of EVEsterdam he stated that the monument was approximately the size Mount Everest, making it bigger than the gate near which it will reside.  He also pointed out that the solar system in Katia’s upraised hand has a just visible cloaked Astero in amongst the planets, a nod to one of the ships she used during the journey.

Solar System in her hand

The inscription on the monument will read as follows.

Katia Sae Monument Inscription

The monument should appear on the test server soon and will be live on Tranquility with the April update.

I am given to understand that this will get Mark762 to add a new entry to his EVE Travel blog.

So there it is, somebody setting off on their own in the sandbox with a goal and a dream being recognized.  Congratulations to Katia Sae.  I just wonder if CCP updated her Activity Tracker, since that only counts system visits since November of last year.  If not, there is room for somebody to complete that.  I don’t think you’ll get a monument, but maybe you’ll get a shout out.

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Signal Cartel Anniversary Contest

Signal Cartel has been around for a year now.

Those hug fleet running, snowball throwing, Thera dwelling, space hippies… erm… I mean those intrepid explorers who help keep us appraised of the state of Thera wormholes… are holding a contest as part of their celebration.

You thought I was kidding about hug fleets, didn't you?

You thought I was kidding about hug fleets, didn’t you?

It is an EVE Online screen shot contest, something near and dear to my own heart.  They are looking for a few good screenies from your toonies for which they might even give you some ISKies. (It was painful to write that sentence, even ironically.)

You can find all the essential details here.  Entries will also appear, if I understand things correctly, in the EVE Scout Flickr library, while the best of the best will join the showcase at the EVE Scout Observatory.

The deadline for entries is January 29, 2016, with any ISK awards slated to be distributed the next day.

I am already in with 6 entries.  I had to choose them quick because I could spend days sifting through screen shots.

Meanwhile, I wonder what Signal Cartel has planned for today, since it is apparently the 30th annual National Hug Day.