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Log In To EVE Online for Generosity Celebration SKINs… also Surgical Strike is Coming

CCP has decided to celebrate the fact that capsuleers have raised well over half a million dollars in the various PLEX for Good campaigns over the years, with the most recent having kicked off last week in support of the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

The celebration takes the form of a login event running from downtime on April 9th until downtime on April 16th with SKINs and other rewards for those who log in.

Generosity with SKINs

Alpha Clones who log in will get the Frontier Safeguarder SKIN for the Osprey, Augoror, Scythe and Exequror.

Omega Clones will get those SKINs, as well as crates that may provide random Agency Combat Boosters, a random T2 Logistics Cruiser Frontier Safeguarder SKIN, a random Force Auxiliary Frontier Safeguarder SKIN, and another random Frontier Safeguarder SKIN for T2 Cruisers or Force Auxiliaries.

There are only four days of rewards, so you do not have to log in every single day for a week.  Just any four days in the range will get you there.

Day one of gifts

Since I love SKINs and fly logi and have donated to several of the PLEX for Good campaigns, I am all in on this.

Beware though when you claim your gifts.  CCP has a little change-up in how things work and, judging by surprised player (and CCP) responses, this was not communicated well.  When you redeem the gift, the SKIN is activated for the character on which you redeem it.  It won’t drop into your hangar, there will be no little red dot in your inventory, you can’t hand it over to an alt, it is staying where it is redeemed.

The tool tip confirms that this is expected behavior.

Activated on redemption

So don’t redeem this on your Jita alt expecting to sell it.  You’ll just end up with a sales alt with a nice SKIN they will probably never use.  Some people are saying that they didn’t get the SKIN, but it isn’t clear if they noticed the tool tip.  One sure way to check is to go to your SKINs inventory in your character sheet.

Where your SKIN ends up

While this does diminish my need to collect these SKINs on my random alpha clones… I have two characters on my main account that would use the Osprey SKIN and can’t hand them over… I’ll still go grab them all the same.  You never know when an alt might rise.

And if those aren’t enough SKINs for you, CCP has some new ones for Guristas hulls in the store and others on sale.  SKINs for everybody.

We can collect those while we wait for next week’s Surgical Strike update.

I didn’t do a post about that announcement because I had another post queued up and because there were enough questions raised that I figured I ought to wait until CCP came back to clarify and adjust, which they did.   We’ll get those changes as a follow on patch, but they are planned.

Overall though, I am in favor of more spaceships exploding… and nerfing Munnins… but there will be some adjustment time after the update hits.

CCP has also been talking to MMORPG.com about how they have shaken up their development process since the Chaos Era.

CCP Should SKIN All The Things

I suppose it is a bit odd to being doing a post about monetizing EVE Online in the shadow of all the various controversies going on, but I haven’t got anything else queued up for today, so why not?

Cosmetics items, especially SKINs, seem to be non-controversial as a cash shop item in EVE Online.  Yes, there are people who hate them and that wish CCP wouldn’t bother, but I don’t think anybody finds them game breaking.

CCP also seems to have some problems of its own keeping the SKIN gaming going.  We had those Ghostbird SKINs up in the shop for close to a year, giving  Caldari pilots some nice choices while the other empires were left mostly wanting.  The Ghostbird SKINs are gone now, but the holiday weekend did bring back some old SKINs that had been retired from the store.  But once the time runs out on that we may be back to a dearth of options.

So leaving aside current convulsions and CCP’s famine and feast cycle with SKINs, what else could CCP apply their SKIN talents with?

Most of these are ideas I have heard elsewhere, so I make no claim to originality even if I cannot remember where I heard them first.


Here is a big obvious one that people have been asking for, structure SKINs.  This one seems like a gimme.  Yes, we got corp and alliance logos floating around structures, but these place are just begging for giant splashes of color.   Do you think Goons would pass up something like a Hazard Control SKIN, with bright yellow bee stripes?  They most certainly would not.

Who doesn’t want to paint on that canvas?

The catch here is that, unlike ships, structures don’t have a single person controlling them the whole time they are in space.  There would have to be some mechanism for the owning organization to apply a SKIN.  Also, how do you sell and manage such SKINs?  If you buy one, do you get to apply it to all structures you own, or just one?  If so, they probably have to expensive.  If not, if they attach to only one structure, then they can be cheap and make up the difference with volume.

Corp/Alliance SKINs

There was at least an implication that we would be getting something like this back at EVE Vegas 2016 when they were showing off the new, easy to use, SKIN creation tech.  We saw them run with an Apocalypse with all sorts of SKIN options created off the cuff.  (A gallery of them here.)

Apocalypse battleship with some pattern and color variations

Some of us walked away thinking that custom SKINs for corps or alliances could be a thing, maybe via an interface like the one for corp logos.  Now, nearly three years later, CCP seems somewhat indifferent to the SKIN store.  Still, we live in hope.

As with structure SKINs, this would most likely require some code to go with it.  When you join a corp or alliance with a custom SKIN, you then get access to it for the appropriate ships.  Maybe.  The big stumbling block is making a corp/alliance SKIN that can be applied to all ships.  Still, people have asked for this before.

Fleet SKINs

And idea I have seen come up once or twice, the idea of a SKIN that the fleet boss could apply to all the ships in the fleet.  This suffers from similar issues mentioned above, like having SKINs that could be applied across a variety of dissimilar ships.  In addition, there is the possible issue of people getting annoyed at having somebody else apply a look to their ship.  This wouldn’t be a problem in a group like Reavers, where we like to play dress-up, but on main fleet I could imagine some complaints.


Going on down the list of things you could sell to null sec alliances, special decor for gates comes pretty easily to mind.  I know that gates now have flags and logos, but what if you could make them extra special?  Like so much, there would have to be an alliance interface for this no doubt, but it seems doable otherwise… at least in Delve where we have Amarr gates that look like they were made with leftover Apocalypse hulls.


I was thinking about maybe SKIN-like kits for lasers… you could have a Pride month Abbadon rainbow laser pack… but the color of lasers actually tell you what the enemy has loaded, so that is probably a no go.

But a cyno… you just have to sit and look at that thing for minutes at a stretch after you light it up.

Normal and covert cynos burning

So why not a pack of pretty cynos SKINs of different colors, just for variety?  Again, there is the question of creating a UI for this and, of course, if this would even be worth the effort.  There would probably be a pretty limited market for this.


Now exiting what we might consider SKINs and heading into something only slightly related, but why not?

Ships have two sorts of explosions, the orange one and the blue electric one.  What if you could buy something that would give your ship a different or more spectacular explosion.  I know, that might be somewhat defeatist, but it could still be fun.  We all get blown up once in a while, why not go out with a bang?

And the upside of this is that, unlike some of the other ideas, I think you could do this without any UI work.  Just sell an item in the New Eden Store that, when present in your cargo hold, triggers a special explosion when your ship goes up.  Seems doable… once the art team creates some new explosions.

Cat Ears

And, just to go completely off the reservation, let me just put in another word for hats.  Things are better since I last complained about the lack of hats.  We now have hats.  We have baseball caps and berets.  They aren’t very good, but they are better than nothing I suppose.  Still no Viking horned helms or, for Jin’taan, cat ears.

Of course, having seen how the hats we have now work, I am pretty sure Jin’taan is going to remain unfulfilled in his desire for cat ears.  CCP went the easy(-ish) route for hats where, like in many games, you can have a hat or you can have hair, but not both.  I tried this on a female avatar with long hair and, as soon as she has that Permaband hat on she has a shaved scalp.

Still, we could get better head covering hats.  Just no cat ears I guess.

What Else?

Anyway, those are some ideas.  Not all of them are worthwhile, but there has to be some money in it for CCP for a couple of them, enough to be worth the effort.

What else should CCP SKIN that won’t break the game or be more work that it is worth?

Where Are All the Ship SKINs?

The joke that isn’t really a joke has been about CCP being unable to run a store to sell EVE Online merchandise.  Granted, there are difficulties serving a world-spanning audience, and everybody who says, “They could make so much money if the just sold…” is completely wrong… I went over all that already… but it still seems to take them to get something going only to be disappointing.

The in-game store though, the New Eden Store, that ought to be different.  That has no shipping or currency conversion or inventory cost issues.  Just get the art team to make some nifty, infinitely reproducible ship SKINs and put them up for sale.   I know there are people who don’t like ship SKINs, but there are people who don’t like puppies and kittens as well.  And judging from the fleet ops I go on, there are plenty of people who do like SKINs.

Reavers fleets are always full of skinned ships

And if you have a titan it seems like having a SKIN is almost mandatory judging from what I saw of those fleets over the summer.

Something, something, titans will never be common…

So, with that in play, you would think the New Eden Store would be full of ship SKINs.

Not too full, mind you.  I get the whole scarcity and exclusivity thing.  And, of course, the UI of every online store becomes a burden when there are more than 20 things in any given shopping category, so you want to avoid bloat.

Even given all of that, I still fully expect that I should be able to open up the New Eden Store and find a SKIN for the ship I am flying, no matter which ship it is.

But, this is CCP, so of course I can’t.

It is the holiday season… you know, when people go shopping for gifts, a time when it is good to have a full selection of items available… and the Reavers had a Secret Santa gift exchange again this year.  The person I drew wanted an Apostle and I figured I could swing that.  But I hate to give just a ship.  I like ship SKINs and so throw some in with every Secret Santa gift.  I even have a few of the Blaze SKINs socked away to go with gifts at a later date.

So I wanted an Apostle SKIN.  But when I opened up the New Eden Store I found that there were no Apostle SKINs for sale.  Frankly, there are barely any Amarr SKINs for sale… or Minmatar.  There are just five Amarr and six Minmatar SKINs in the store.

I hope you are flying one of these ships if you want an Amarr SKIN

Gallente is a bit better.  They have some coverage, though it is far from universal.  Only the Caldari, of the four main empires, seems to have a good selection of SKINs.  They are mostly the white Ghostbird SKIN, which I admit I really like, but at least you have an option as Caldari. (The Triglavians, the new hawtness, have a couple SKINs per hull available, and the Gila is also well covered.)

But no Apostle SKIN.

I had to get out an alt in Jita to go shopping.  And that is okay.  I understand that SKINs from events and old SKINs area meant for the secondary market.  And I was able to find a Purity of the Throne, a Dark Iron, and an Exoplanets SKIN to go with the gift.  I had to run them out to Aridia in an interceptor so my main could pick them up and fly them back into Delve, so a little inconvenience, but not much.  I just feel lucky that I was able to find three quality SKINs without breaking the bank.  If he had wanted a faction battleship SKIN I might not have been so lucky.

I won’t pretend I am an expert on in-game, cash shop marketing, but it does seem like the holiday season would be a good time to have a selection of SKINs available for a much wider selection of ships.  And the art team at CCP has show itself able to knock out a good SKIN on short notice for fundraising events.  So what is going on here?

Gallente Federation Endorses Fart Lighting

It pretty much said that the Gallente celebrate fart lighting in the launcher today.

Oh yeah, blue flames man!

Or maybe this is just a sign of my misspent youth, which occurred before we all had the internet to distract us.  Or encourage us.  I think farts get lit either way actually.

Still, “Blue Flames” brings a number of things to mind aside from flatulence ignition, including a rocket car  a Chevy engine, something half remembered about the temperature of flames, and Quafe ship SKINs.

When I think of the Gallente Federation itself, I tend to think of the color green.

Green, Steel, Rust, and the type of tacky Gold you see on Acura or Lexus emblems

But (heh, butt) if you want the Sapphire Sungazer SKINs despite this unfortunate association in the launcher, they are available now from the New Eden Store.  I’ll have to check them out, but somehow I doubt they’ll be better than the Quafe SKINs.


It has been interesting times for people who like ship skins in EVE Online.

I am a fan of ship skins myself.  At least the good ones.  Unfortunately, there have been precious few of those, especially for Minmatar.  Even Johnny Bench can’t get paint to stick to that much rust I guess.

But things have been getting better, and look to be improving greatly going forward.

We had the Purity of the Throne event, which provided a clean white paint job for every Amarr hull.  I wear that on my Guardian for a medical white logi look.

My Guardian with the white skin

My Guardian with the white skin

And then there was the Crimson Harvest event, which had its own set of skins.  But then EVE Vegas came along and a whole bright new future of skins opened before us.

At the keynote they announced a new skin, the Star Captain, for the Amarr Confessor hull.

Expected to be popular in USTZ

Expected to be popular in USTZ

Then there was also something about skins that would work across multiple hulls, a hint about new skin technology coming “soon,” as well as the announcement that current skins would be seeing a massive price drop come the Ascension expansion.  Examples given were:

  • Astero Sanctuary for 400 AUR (~75% down from 1540)
  • Hulk ORE development for 250 AUR (~90% down from 2390)
  • Revelation EoM for 400 AUR (~90% down from 3445)

Cheap skins for everybody!  As EVE Hermit succinctly put it, stop buying skins!  They will soon be much more affordable.

With the talk of skins up front, I decided to go to the Art & Visual Effects Update presentation, though it was not an easy choice.  There were gaps of time with just a single presentation, and then during that one hour there were three I wanted to attend.  CCPlease… schedule better.  But with the skins, and my general joy in the visual aspects of the game, that panel won out.

And while some of it was review of what had already been put in the game, there was plenty to look forward to in the talk as well, including new explosions.

But on the skin front, the big item was “Pattern Projection Technology.”

If you want to see that part of the panel, it is part of the day two stream recording on Twitch.tv and starts at 2:09:25.

This involved a demonstration of how, with the current set of models, CCP is able to more easily apply decals, patterns, and colors to ships.

Apocalypse battleship with some pattern and color variations

Apocalypse battleship with some pattern and color variations

Up on Imagur somebody posted a gallery of the ships shown from that part of the presentation, though unfortunately the gallery starts with a possible new model for the Chimera carrier, which was unrelated to the skins segment.  The pattern projection tech begins on image two and goes through some stages showing more and more complex patterns, along with some test skins they were able to quickly create with this.

Further on they showed some skins that they plan to have available around the Ascension launch, including the Versus set, which looks perfect thing for Red vs. Blue to use to rally people to their cause.

Red vs. Blue, each with a seed of the other

Red vs. Blue, each with a seed of the other

There was not much in the way of details when it came to when we might see some of these new skins.  However, the fact that skins will suddenly be much, much cheaper come Ascension indicates to me that we will see some pretty quickly after launch.

Of course, the pattern projection technology led to people projecting their own wishes and dreams on the future of skins.  I heard one person assume that players would be able to work with patterns, something that one might have been able to loosely infer from the keynote (there was a passing mention of patterns for fleets), but which was never said explicitly.  And then, of course, any number of people took the club symbol used in the demo and mentally put their corp or alliance logo in its place and said, “I want that!”  I didn’t see anything that said we were getting anything like that, but we can dream I suppose.

It has been a long time since we first started talking about decorating ships.

You would fly this, I know it

I’m pretty sure this has been around since ~2007

CCP has been through a couple of false starts along the way.  But I think with the tech in place to make skin creation easier along with better pricing come Ascension means we will see more skins in space… at least on the undock or in fleets.  It is still tough to see other people’s ships when passing in space, but you can see your own.  And I want my ship to be colorful.

CCP Offers Breast Cancer Awareness Ship Skins

CCP announced today that they are making special pink(-ish) ship skins available via the in-game New Eden Store in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Pink Mining

Pink Mining

According to CCP:

100% of the proceeds from the sale of these SKINs in the New Eden Store will be converted from Aurum to real world cash, and will be donated to Bleika Slaufan (The Pink Ribbon Campaign), which is owned and managed by the National Cancer Association here in Iceland.

Named Rosada Dawn, the skins are currently available in the New Eden store in four different packages.

Pink Skin Sets

Pink Skin Sets

At the low end, there is the skin for the Procurer for 400 Aur

For 1,200 Aur the Small Bundle gets you skins for the Covetor, Procurer, and Retriever

The Medium Bundle is 2,000 Aur and contains the Hulk, Mackinaw, Noctis, Primae, and Skiff

And the Large Bundle runs 4,400 Aur and has the Bowhead, Rorquel, and Orca skins.

With some Aurum on hand I had to get the medium bundle just to finally have something to put on my salvaging Noctis.

Breast Cancer Awareness Salvaging

Breast Cancer Awareness Salvaging

I wish they had turned ALL the orange bits pink, but at least the ship is mostly pink and white.


So Many Wiyrkomi Skins

One of the more natural complaints about the ship SKINS program… and I will capitalize it just this once to acknowledge the force fed lore acronym, Super Kerr-Induced Nanocoatings… was that at its introduction, there were not a lot of skin choices.

Basically, why doesn’t MY favorite ship have a special skin?

There seemed to be a huge gap in the range of skins available.  There were skins for capital ships, no doubt because if you’re going to invest billions into a hull… and live in that hull forever in the case of super caps… you are probably likely to want a new paint job for it.

Then there were skins for a range of tech I ships, so new players could spruce up their look.

And in between, in the land of tech II hulls… there wasn’t much happening.

This pain was made more acute by the temporary bug in the skin system that allowed players to apply any skin to any ship if they knew how.  It was agony seeing every ship done up in the Police Pursuit Comet skin, knowing that it was a fleeting moment of awesome.

Police Pursuit all the things!

Police Pursuit all the things!

Some of the skins looks awful when applied to the wrong ship, but enough looked good enough… or even damn good… that there no doubt lived within many of us a faint hope that CCP would not fix the bug.  You can see some other examples at EN24, from whom I borrowed the above image.

Still, even with the tech II skin gap, I managed to find some skins to spend my ISK on.  And I actually got to use a couple of the skins I picked up in Jita.  We ran Ravens for a bit during the Reaver Querious campaign.

My Raven with the Wiyrkomi skin applied

My Raven with the Wiyrkomi skin applied

And I also got to use the Rokh skin for a one-way suicide venture to Fountain at one point.

Both of those used the Wiyrkomi corporation skin, which is a decent olive drab finish with some white highlights at key points.  It isn’t very showy as far as skins go, but it has a martial air to it.  This is a color you would paint a combat ship.  The Kaalakiota or Nugoeihuvi colors, with their red chevrons or red tiger stripes, may feel more savage, but Wiyrkomi is pretty good.

And CCP had its explanation for why it wasn’t rushing out skins for the tech II ships as part of one of its skins updates.

Another concern of allowing any SKIN on any ship is making Tech 1 ships resemble Tech 2 ships which would have visual gameplay implications. While deciding what SKINs to offer in the release of this feature we carefully selected SKINs for ships by making sure that if we offered a SKIN for that ship the same look was not used by its Tech 2 counterpart. This is the reason why for example there is no Sarum SKIN for the Apocalypse, as it would too closely resemble the Paladin.

Okay, I get that.  If you make a Merlin skin… which the had, including one done up in the flat olive of the Wiyrkomi corporation colors… it wouldn’t be much fun to then to have the very same skin on the Harpy of the Hawk, the tech II variations on the Merlin hull.

And then with the Aegis expansion and the Fozzie Sov patch we got a lot more skins, including a bunch for those neglected tech II ships.  The situation for me literally went from “no skins for any ship I fly regularly” to “skins for damn near every ship I fly regularly.”  And if they had done something for the Tengu… and with the subsystem configurations that change how the hull looks I get that such a skin will be a pain to make for any of the tech III strategic cruisers… I would have been pretty much setup.  Just look at the list for Caldari ships alone in those two drops:

  • Harpy Wiyrkomi SKIN (Permanent)
  • Hawk Wiyrkomi SKIN (Permanent)
  • Buzzard Wiyrkomi SKIN (Permanent)
  • Manticore Wiyrkomi SKIN (Permanent)
  • Kitsune Wiyrkomi SKIN (Permanent)
  • Crow Wiyrkomi SKIN (Permanent)
  • Raptor Wiyrkomi SKIN (Permanent)
  • Caldari Navy Hookbill Wiyrkomi SKIN (Permanent)
  • Flycatcher Wiyrkomi SKIN (Permanent)
  • Cerberus Wiyrkomi SKIN (Permanent)
  • Eagle Wiyrkomi SKIN (Permanent)
  • Onyx Wiyrkomi SKIN (Permanent)
  • Basilisk Wiyrkomi SKIN (Permanent)
  • Falcon Wiyrkomi SKIN (Permanent)
  • Rook Wiyrkomi SKIN (Permanent)
  • Caracal Navy Issue Wiyrkomi SKIN (Permanent)
  • Osprey Navy Issue Wiyrkomi SKIN (Permanent)
  • Crane Wiyrkomi SKIN (Permanent)
  • Bustard Wiyrkomi SKIN (Permanent)

That is 19 new skins, and I know just off hand that I have eight of those ships sitting in a hangar in either YA0-XJ or UMI-KK, which means I might even fly them once in a while.

You can open up that New Eden store and be treated to a veritable sea of olive drab ship skins.

My olive drab cup runneth over...

My olive drab cup runneth over…

The thing is, CCP seems to have changed its mind on the whole “making sure that if we offered a SKIN for that ship the same look was not used by its Tech 2 counterpart” aspect of their skin program.  While I haven’t bought the skins and compared them side by side, the Wiyrkomi skin for the tech I Merlin looks exactly the same as the Wiyrkomi skins for the tech II Harpy and Hawk.  Likewise you can compare the Osprey, Osprey Navy Issue, and the tech II Basilisk in the store and not see an iota of difference.  (If you can see such a difference, your eyes are better than mine!)

And there are similar skin matches between tech I and tech II in the Gallente, Amarr, and Minmatar line ups.  That Ishtar Intaki Syndicate skin looks a lot like the Vexor Intaki Syndicate skin and so on.

Which leaves me with a somewhat split opinion.

On the one hand, I appreciate CCP getting some new skins out there for all of these ships, and I know that cranking out this many skins… and they have promised us new skins every Tuesday this month… means that they cannot all be special snowflakes of uniqueness.

On the other hand, that is a lot of olive drab paint splashed over those Caldari hulls.  In that dev blog about skins coming this summer, the whole custom mask issue was explained, but there were also a lot of color options shown.  I feel like the tech II ships might have been treated to at least something a little different.

But with two more Tuesdays left in July, maybe CCP will show us something different.

Strategic cruiser skins maybe?

Well, once they get the game running again.  Fozzie Sov post-patch issues.

Then I Splurged on Space Cosmetics

We had a special “home from the wars” Reavers fleet op last Saturday night.  Having enjoyed our time in Ravens down in Querious, Asher opted for another battleship doctrine, letting us vote on what we wanted to fly.  The Rokh won the straw poll and so that was what we were to bring to the fleet on Saturday after Asher got done being a guest on The Meta Show.

Of course, things started slowly and ended badly, because this is EVE Online.

We hung around in YA0-XJ getting everybody formed up and trying to get everybody a ship, but the guy who imported some Rokhs for the event was held up in real life.  So we flew around the undock attempting for form a conga line and occasionally shooting at Jay Amazingness.

Trying for a Rokh conga line...

Trying for a Rokh conga line…

We finally got things together, collected some money to cover Arrendis bringing a carrier for logistics, then flew off and died horribly in Fountain. (Horribly enough to get mentioned in that day’s null sec round up.)  At least we killed that bait cyno Rattlesnake that was sitting on the Dickstar POS in YZ-LQL.  And we didn’t have to slow boat back to Deklein.

One of the things that was kind of interesting… to me at least… was how many people grabbed SKINS for their Rokhs.  It wasn’t universal, but I would say a good quarter of the fleet was wearing either the Wiyrkomi or Nugoeihuvi skin on their ship. (You can see both skins in the conga line screen shot.)  I had used my last bit of Aurum to buy the Wiyrkomi skin before I undocked for the great “hanging about and waiting” and was gratified to see that I was not alone.

After we were done with our adventure, I jumped to my Jita clone to do some shopping, look at the market, and soak up the latest scams in local. (For the last, I see that the “first one to send me X ISK gets a Y” is now popular.)

While there I looked up the permanent Rokh Wiyrkomi SKIN and found it listed on the market for what I felt was an extremely reasonable 40 million ISK.  I wouldn’t have spent my Aurum on it if I had known I could get it for that price.

So I started looking at other skins and their prices.

  • Rokh Nugoeihuvi SKIN (Permanent) 68,000,000 ISK

More expensive, but also more distinctive.  I like the olive drab with white highlights Wiyrkomi pattern, especially on the Raven.  It feels more “military” for whatever definition, but it doesn’t show up as well as the Nugoeihuvi stripes.  So I bought that.  I have another Rokh hull around here somewhere, so I might use it some day.

  • Merlin Wiyrkomi SKIN (Permanent) 48,000,000 ISK

Sure, why not.  I might fly a Merlin again some day.

I then looked at the Kador skin for the Archon, but that was over a billion ISK at the moment.  I like it, the Kador skin blue looks pretty good and stands out, but I don’t like it a billion ISK worth.  But other Kador skins…

  • Punisher Kador SKIN (Permanent) 21,999,998.98 ISK

Hah!  I have a Punisher sitting in Amarr space that I go run level 2 missions with when I am bored.  Now it will be Kador blue.

Kador Punisher

Kador Punisher

What other blue ships could I get?

  • Abaddon Kador SKIN (Permanent) 44,999,987.56 ISK

I actually wanted the Apocalypse or Armageddon Kador skins, but those were pricey.  The Abaddon skin, on the other hand, was relatively cheap.  Yeah, I don’t own and Abaddon.  In fact, I have never owned one.  But now if I do, it will be blue.

  • Maelstrom Nefantar SKIN (Permanent) 52,989,999.85 ISK

Well, at least I own a Maelstrom still.

  • Heron Sukuuvestaa SKIN (Permanent) 2,800,000 ISK

For that price, I bought it on the off chance I might fly a Heron again some day.

  • Comet Police Pursuit SKIN (Permanent) 19,999,999.98 ISK

This was cheap because so many people wanted the Police Pursuit Comet under the old customization scheme, and each of those ships translated into a permanent skin.  Might as well own that too.  At this point I began to suspect I was just buying stuff to collect rather than use.  I decided to take a breath and calm down a bit.  And then I saw…

  • Dominix Quafe SKIN (Permanent) 883,748,000 ISK

Almost a billion ISK?  But it is a limited edition… can’t buy it with Aurum… and it is a current doctrine ship… and I already have the Megathron version… and it looks good.

A Quafe skinned Domi!

A Quafe skinned Domi stands out

It was spendy, but I decided I had to have it.  And, of course, once I had a couple of the Quafe skins, I figured I might as well complete the collection.

  • Tristan Quafe SKIN (Permanent) 67,925,000 ISK
  • Catalyst Quafe SKIN (Permanent) 290,000,000.07 ISK
  • Vexor Quafe SKIN (Permanent) 223,999,999.97 ISK

The Tristan wasn’t too bad, but I had to think a bit before I went with the Catalyst and Vexor versions.  The Vexor is a Reaver doctrine ship, so I will likely use it.

Asher hitting an SBU up close and personal in his Vexor

A Reaver Quafe Vexor in action

Meanwhile the Catalyst skin might be nice to have if, say, there was going to be some sort of Burn Amarr event this weekend.  And that gets me all the Quafe ships that I can fly.  The Obelisk, Thanatos, and Nyx Quafe skins wouldn’t do me much good. (Also, while they add a nice blue color to the ships, I think they should all have much larger versions of the Quafe logo on them.  If I were to fly a giant Quafe skinned ship, I would want to go for maximum billboard value!  But I think may only the Megathron version has the logo close to big enough for me… and it could still be bigger in my opinion!)

At that point I realized I had spent 1.7 billion ISK on cosmetic items and decided that was enough for the day.  Now I will have to go tally up my skins… I ended up getting a half dozen due to special ships when the Mosaic expansion hit… and see what options I really have.

Of course, what I really want is some skins for tech II logi ships, which tends to be my usual position in fleets these days.