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Spam Comment of the Year Competition is Now Open

I wasn’t really planning such a competition for 2011 or for any other period of time.

Then I got this comment.

I have a website with free WoW guides that cost money!!


That was just too cute and too good of a yardstick by which to measure all other spam comments.  This comment now stands as the best spam comment of the year (so far) for this site.  I will let you know when it has been potentially surpassed.

Meanwhile, just in case you are selling WoW Guides or in-game currency or anything of the sort and you want me to advertise your site, read this post first.

That is pretty much how I foresee any negotiations proceeding.

Good luck.  Now waiting for the next great spam comment.

(Note: Nothing you say in comments counts SynCaine… not for this competition at least.)