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Blog Comments: The New Web Hookup Angle?

Because I know you are looking for a true, honest, and loving relationship.

Tobold forwarded me a spam email sent to him with an endorsement from me… or at least my URL:

I am”miss Sandra single, how are you? hope you are fine and in perfect condition of health.I saw your contact in tagn.wordpress.com today and took interest in it,if you don’t mind i will like to know you much better,although i came online to look for a true and loving person that is ready for a true, honest and loving relationship, i believe you are the kind of person am talking about,if you don’t mind send me a mail now on my private box [email address deleted],so that i will tell you all about myself and a picture of myself.looking forward to hear from you.

Miss Sandra Single seems to have read between the lines of one of Tobold’s comments here and ascertained that perhaps all is not happy in the Tobold home-life.  It has certainly been implied elsewhere that all this game talk is indicative of something.

Are gaming blog comment threads now viewed as fertile ground for this sort of spam?

Some say “Yes” it would seem!

Has Sandra appeared in any other spam folders with my URL in hand?