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An Interlude in Booty Bay

After our run through The Altar of Zul and Jintha’alor the previous week it felt like we needed a level or two across the group before we should consider taking on Zul’Farrak.

Left with some time to consider this, I did a bit of scouting and decided that Booty Bay might be the opportunity for us.  Down at the southern tip of Stranglethorn Vale it has a flight path, a boat connection to Kalimdor, and, most importantly, a pile of quests, most of which are quite well suited to group activity.

The far end of Stranglethorn Vale

So when we all met up on Sunday, everybody flew on down to get stuck into the many quests out of Booty Bay.

Hanging out in Booty Bay

Our group for the afternoon was:

  • Moronae – level 47 night elf druid
  • Viniki – level 46 gnome warrior
  • Ula – level 44 gnome mage
  • Skronk – level 44 dwarf priest

Both Moronae and I had notched up a level since our last venture, but we needed to get Ula and Skonk further along.

What I had not considered, having done my scouting later in the evenings during the week was that maybe that was not representative of prime time on Sunday afternoon when it came to how many people would be out and playing.

No social distancing order in force in Stormwind

Still, we grabbed what quests we could scoop up and left town to get started.

Outside town

This is where I mention one of the minor annoyances of the good old days of vanilla WoW, which is where you could actually ride your mount.  Booty Bay was not one of those places, so every time we returned to town we got dismounted in the tunnel and had to hoof it the old fashioned way, save for Moronae, who has the minor speed boost you can get with cat form.

Anyway, first on our list was the start of the Bloodsail Buccaneers chain, which you need to get out of the way as it unlocks a few quests.  For that you need to run down to the cove near town and pick up a document.  This is usually complicated by there being a bunch of Bloodsail Buccaneer NPCs hanging around.  However, on a Sunday afternoon they were scarce, so we could just walk up and collect the document.

From there, as were down on the beach already, we headed a bit north for a quest involving the local naga.  We each needed 10 drops from them, which is a pain for a group, but it is one of the few quests out there that requires it, so we rolled in expecting to massacre naga.

And we found the naga were being pretty well hunted.  Ten drops is even more painful when you cannot even get the NPCs.  But we dove deeper into the naga domain and found an enclosed area up at the top of the hill where quite a few would spawn.  There were a couple of people going in and out of there, but the naga were close together, so not easy for the at level singleton.  With four of us though we were able to set up shop and pull everything that spawned.  Our effectiveness sent the occasionally interloper off to find less contested grounds while we built up quite the gut pile of naga corpses.

All the dead naga

The drop rate wasn’t great and we needed to clear quite a few waves of naga, but we managed to pull through eventually.  It speeds up once one person gets their fill.

From there it was back to town where we turned in those quests and picked up the three that unlocked for us.  We needed snuff and a wooden eyeball as drops from the local Bloodsail Buccaneers, but to get down the main quest line we would be killing so many that those drops would come naturally enough. On the main thread we needed two documents, orders and charts, along with ten Bloodsail Swashbucklers to finish the next stage of the main quest line.

That seemed easy enough except the beach where the Swashbucklers hang out was also pretty crowded.  The weather gets warm and everybody heads to the beach.  There was also the matter of the two documents, each of which in my experience spawn in one very specific place.  However, that is apparently only true if you catch them first or during a slow period.  Otherwise each document can appear in a number of locations between two camps, and they move after each person picks them up.  So we spent a bit of time running around figuring that out.

On the up side, when we got to the further camp, we found that Cowardly Crosby, the tailoring vendor, had the tailoring recipe for the Admirals Hat.  Ula, our tailor, snapped that up.  Those will probably make some money on an RP server.

We got the documents sorted, but spent some time fruitlessly trying to nab the ten Swashbucklers.  We took a bit of a break from to go up the main road a bit to take out elder mistvale gorillas for another quest.  Only five drops were needed there, and I had already done the quest, but it still took a lot of gorilla killing to get just those five for each of us.

That done we went back to roam the beach to do our best to find Swashbucklers.  We had a bit of luck, and found a couple on the islands off shore, and eventually bagged our quota.  It was time to head back to town.

At that point we were already a couple hours in and I was getting the feeling that my plan for free ranging quest completion was not going quite as smoothly as I had hoped.  But we were now line up for a three quests well suited for a group.  The first involved slaying Gorlash, an elite giant just a ways north from where the Swashbucklers were being hunted.

Gorlash on the beach

For four of us Gorlash was a doddle.  We brought him down easily enough.

From there is was back down into Bloodsail Buccaneer territory where we had three named mobs to find out in the ships off the shore.

At the first ship

As there were three names and three ships, it seemed to spark a distant memory that we would find one on each.  Of course, we had our own share of minor issues.  On the first ship, as we were clearing the deck, a Horde group ran past us and nabbed the target ahead of us.  Things be like that some days.  We were mostly disappointed that they didn’t get mobbed and slain by the remaining NPCs as they made their escape.  It was close though, and we certainly didn’t lift a finger to help.

So we cleared the ship, got some snuff drops, and setup to wait for the first of our targets.  Captain Stillwater arrived and we knocked him out quickly enough.

Captain Stillwater arrives

Then it was off the boat and on to the next one.  Here we were alone on the ship, so cleared our way in to wait for Fleet Master Firallon.

Firallon spawns

I’ll give Firallon this, he really looks the pirate part.

Having slain him, there was one ship left, but once we cleared our way in for the final target, a warlock showed up looking for the same mob.  So we invited Ketimelt to our group and killed the last named.  But Ketimelt still needed Firallon, so we went back to the last boat and killed him again.

After that we parted ways with the warlock and headed out for the last target of the night, three named zombies up around the Gurubashi arena.  Again, we arrived to find everything dead, so hung around until the first two we needed spawned… and then spawned again.  That seemed to indicate that the third one was somewhere else, so we had to look that up.  Directions to the beach in hand, we headed over there and joined up with a hunter who was also camping the same zombie.  After a bit of a wait, we nabbed him.  It was time to head back to Booty Bay.

Riding back south to town

There we turned in the quests we had finished and tallied up our efforts.  Both Ula and Skonk had advanced to level 45 and all of us seemed to have gotten at least a half of a level of experience out of the effort.  That was less than I was hoping for, but my optimism knows no bounds at times.

That was enough that our next effort will take us to Tanaris.  There are a few quests to be run there as well as at least one prep quest for Zul’Farrak.  And if we run those down quickly we can always go into ZF itself and start in on the quests there.

To Stranglethorn Vale in Search of 36

After our peek into the Armory in Scarlet Monastery the previous week we were feeling a bit under-level to consider trying to finish off the instance.  The gut feeling was that we probably should be level 36 as a group of four to have a hope of getting through the Armory to finish off Herod and the Scarlet Monastery floor show.

We were all in and around level 34 when we wrapped up that run, so there was between a level and two levels of extracurricular activity that had to happen to get us back there.

The question was where to go?

Having crossed over the level 30 threshold, we are now in the timeline of no fixed zone for leveling.  If you’re working through solo from 30 forward you optimally end up bouncing between a few zones like Thousand Needles, Hinterlands, and Desolace.

I do not know if it was a deliberate design choice, but in these zones you find that the levels of quests increment, often jumping a level or two with each step in chain, so that you can quickly find yourself bumping up against red quests and mobs where an accidental add means death.

But as a group that might be a more manageable proposition.  So in looking for a destination for us I wanted a zone that had a bunch of quests, the more the better, that we as a group could burn through.

Having run through pieces of those zones solo with my hunter, Stranglethorn Vale seemed like the obvious choice.  It has the series of quests from the rebel camp at the north as well as the first “slaughter the local fauna” Hemet Nesingwary quest hub, something that has become a tradition in WoW expansions since.

And the quests, for the most part, seemed about ideal.  For a group, killing a set number of mobs, as Hemet would ask, is about ideal.  Likewise, the rebel camp sends you off on a series of quests that almost require a group.  Both the Kurzen camp and the troll areas are teeming with mobs, packed in tightly and with sprightly respawn rates.  And the last quest in the Kurzen quest chain sends you after a level 40 elite.

Also in its favor is that most of the early quests are pretty well contained to the northern bit of the zone around the rebel camp and Hemet Nesingwary’s setup.

The general vicinity

That compares favorably with, say, Desolace.  I’ll get to Desolace later.

So that was our plan for the weekend, to dive into Stranglethorn Vale.

It was just a matter of getting people on together.  And getting there.  STV has a flight point, but it is down at the southern tip, at Booty Bay.  While I appreciate the sparse flight point aesthetic of early WoW, where every zone gets one flight point whether they need it or not, I have to admit that the later addition of the flight point to the rebel camp in STV was sorely missed more than a few times over the weekend.  Even a mailbox would have been appreciated.

Instead you have to hoof it from Darkshire into STV.

Welcome to Stranglethorn Vale

I set Viniki up down there ahead of time.  Oddly, of my alts in their 30s, I think he was the only one of the bunch that had not started on any of the quests there.  I camped him with Hemet so he would be ready when the time came.

Not the last time I’ll run into you

Saturday evening Skronk, Ula, and I were online, but Moronae wasn’t expected.  Skronk had his hunter out and was just starting in on the Kurzen quest line.  I grabbed my pally to join him, while Ula came along.  She was the furthest behind in experience, needing a little more than two levels to get to 36.  Skonk and my warrior, Viniki, were much closer to the group goal so we kept to our alts.

I was kind of glad to get my pally out.  While he had done some of the Nesingwary stuff, he was still early on in the rebel camp stuff.

Not for the last time, I wish it had that flight point

Specifically, he was a bit stuck on the quest Bad Medicine.  That requires seven drops, which are, of course, rather sparse.  In addition, the easiest source of the drops, the medicine men in the Kurzen camp tend to be both heavily hunted and a bit of a pain to solo with a pally.  They self-heal at a cycle faster than my interrupt, so each fight becomes a protracted event.

While we couldn’t do much about the competing groups… STV on a Saturday night had people running all over… we were able to press on into the caves where the headhunters also drop the jungle remedy potion needed to complete the quest.  So we were able to press on and finish that up.

Bad Medicine unlocks a couple of quests, including the first foray into the trolls.  That run was… interesting.  I had done it with my hunter a couple weeks back, so could guide everybody to the four tablets on which you need to click.  The challenge is more that the population density in the troll areas is pretty high.  It is easy to get way too many adds.  Even with other players around, getting through can be a challenge as the respawn rate is also very quick.  We had a duo wipe just ahead of us… horde, so we could only mourn… while we were fighting a group that had just respawned after their passing.

Trolls on the way out

But running the troll circle also brought us through areas for three of the Nesingwary quests, so we picked up various flavors of tigers, panthers, and raptors before finally circling back to turn in quests.

It is especially easy to see the quest levels ramp up with those kill quests.  The tigers are the easier of the trio as they start doable at 28 or so, with the final task of slaying Sin’Dall, a level 37 non-elite being soloable at 35 without much fear.

Waiting for Sin’Dall to spawn

At the other end are the raptors, which are level 40-41 when you are only on the third round.  We managed that at the end of the night, with a group that was 5-7 levels shy of the mobs.  A group of three can handle that, but the level difference means that the raptors resist spells regularly, and an add can be fatal.  We did have one death, though that was mostly because I had to remember that paladin’s can heal.  Fortunately they can also ress.

We also sorted out pages from the Green Hills of Stranglethorn quest.  I had been to STV already with my pally and, after collecting most of the pages, I bought my way through the quest at the auction house.  So I was able to hand over needed pages for Ula and Skronk, though in the end they too used the auction house to collect the last page or two.  I think I did this the hard way back in 2006.

The next afternoon was to bring Moronae on the scene.  However, some of us were early and so Skronk and I worked with a different set of alts, his pally and my restoration druid, while we waited for Moronae to show.  We dropped our alts when he logged in and started out with out mains.

Like Saturday evening, Sunday afternoon saw other groups hunting out in the Kurzen camp.

The Kurzen camp awaits

Having learned our lesson the previous night, we passed through the camp and into the caves and back down to where Sgt. Malthus lives to fight the mobs there that also drop the needed jungle remedy. Needing seven a piece and with low a drop rate, we were down there for a while.

Taking them all on

Aside from the occasional lost player, we had the place to ourselves for a while.  The spawn rate was rapid enough to keep us mostly engaged, while adding in the occasional surprise.

Skronk to be bonked by a surprise spawn

It took us a few cycles of spawns, but we eventually came up with seven jungle remedy potions for the three of us that needed them.  And then, on the way out, jungle remedy potions pretty much dropped off of every possible mob.  There were enough between us that I collected seven and set them aside to mail to one of my alts just to get past that stage of the quest.

What wasn’t dropping were pages for the Green Hills of Stranglethorn.  Unlike the night before, when we were getting quite a few such drops, this time around we all came out with one page.  And that was all I would get for the night.  Some times it rains those pages and overflows your inventory… usually when you’re on with you hunter… and some times they just don’t drop.

We went back to the rebel camp to turn in quests and pick up the next round.  Ula took a break while Skronk, Moronae, and Vinki went to go do the troll tablets run, which has the previously mentioned benefit of swinging through areas for raptors, panthers, and tigers.

We circled back from that to Nesingwary then to the rebel camp, where we happened to catch Private Thorsen doing his patrol, which allows you to get another quest chain going.  Unfortunately, Ula wasn’t back yet so missed out on grabbing that.

After a bit of a break we made out final run of the evening at the Kurzen camp.  We made a quick venture to the camp to knock out one last preliminary quest, then picked up the final goal.  We were after Colonel Kurzen himself.

I remembered this vaguely enough to know that we had to go all the way to the end of the cave to find him.  We found a solo druid who was trying to go that way as well and asked if he could join, so Skronk invited him.  We had the room.

And then we were into the caves and clearing our way to Colonel Kurzen.  That wasn’t particularly tough as the mobs are not elite, but there are a lot of them and you have to plow through row after row of them to advance and even non-elites can pile on if you pull too many.

We had made it through most of the cave and were just down the path from Colonel Kurzen himself, literally right outside his den at the end of everything, when a level 44 night elf hunter ran right past us as we were mid-fight and into Kurzen’s room.

I wasn’t going to let that stand.  I abandoned the mob I was finishing and ran into the room after him and tagged Colonel Kurzen with my gun.  It was on.

We were, of course, still involved with a couple mobs and Kurzen had a couple more with him, while the colonel himself is an elite with his own special routine.  It was not a guaranteed slam dunk at that point, and the hunter was content to let us work this out on our own.

Getting thing under control was… a challenge.  Things looked bad when Skronk went down before I could pull mobs off of him.  But we had two druids in the group, so there was a combat ress to be had.  Our guest druid got his off, putting Skronk back in the fight as we eventually got a handle on everything.  Kruzen went down, we looted his head, and that was that.

We had to fight some of the way back out of the cave, the respawn rate being what it was, along with stopping to get the the contents of the locked box that was on the quest chain that Private Thorsen set us on.  But from there it was back to the rebel camp to turn things in.

At that point Ula hit level 36, the first in the main group to do so.  Viniki was very close to 36, and managed to get there with a few kills later on.  Skronk likewise managed to get to 36 shortly thereafter.  And Moronae is very close to 36 and will likely get there soon enough; if not before out next run, then probably not too many mobs into it.

So we look to be set up to make another run at the armory in Scarlet Monastery.

The Cape of Stranglethorn

Once there was a zone called Stranglethorn Vale.  It was a place of jungle and raptors and trolls and missing pages from books and that bastard Hemet Nesingwary who would continue to haunt our existence through every expansion with his wildlife slaughtering requests.

It was a large and somewhat controversial zone… though some appreciated the quest design… that would try your patience for endless running (you didn’t have a mount when you got there back in the day) and managing your bag space.

It was where the Horde and Alliance really started to merge.  Before Stranglethorn Vale, each side had most zones to themselves.  Afterwards, everybody ran down the same list of zones.

And it was placed right in the middle of the leveling curve, in that danger zone when the fun of the first twenty or so levels had receded from your rear view mirror, but the level cap of 60 (way back when) was still somewhere over the horizon.

At one point I had five or six characters stuck somewhere in their mid-30s, bags full of pages from The Green Hills of Stranglethorn and logs full of quests with horrible drop rates, congested “kill a single named mob” choke points, or more variations on slaughter for hire, unable to progress due to a desire never to see that jungle again.

Stranglethorn Vale that was...

Stranglethorn Vale that was…

From the rebel camp to Booty Bay, from the Vile Reef to the Venture Company sites, from Kurzen’s Camp to the Nesingwary Expedition, from the Gubashi Arena to the pirates off the the southeast coast, Stranglethorn Vale has a lot going on.  And while you can blue sky daydream about the good old days in the Vale, you have to remember that Blizzard felt it had to boost the questing experience in Dustwallow Marsh, adding in Mudsproket and a whole range of additional quests around Theramore and Brackenwall.  At the time this was pretty much a mea culpa from Blizzard that old STV might be a bit more of a pain than the expected.

And then came the Cataclysm.  The zone was split into two, with the top half becoming Northern Stranglethorn Vale and the bottom becoming the Cape of Stranglethorn, which strikes me a bit like having North Carolina and the Carolina Strand as states… you tend to call out “north” only if there is a “south” right… but then the whole continent is called The Eastern Kingdoms, which is a vague, hand waving description more than a name in my opinion, so my problems with the geographic naming conventions of Azeroth are long standing.

I had already wrapped up the Northern Stranglethorn achievement with my warrior, Makarov, way back in March of last year when I was back in the game on a seven day pass and still not over my post-Cataclysm malaise.

Northern Stranglethorn Vale

Northern Stranglethorn Vale

But for whatever reason, Makarov moved on to the Plaguelands (of which there is an East and a West, so there), leaving the Cape of Stranglethorn untouched.  And so it remained, until I decided to go for the Loremaster achievement this summer.

More after the cut.

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Wrapping Up My Seven Days of Azeroth

I wrote some about my return to the comforts of Azeroth last week, but I still had a couple more days in which to play.  So I spent a bit of time wrapping up the zone now known as Northern Stranglethorn Vale.

I finished up all the quests from the rebel camp and the Nesignwary compound, the latter earning me the Green Hills of Stranglethorn achievement.  However, with achievements shared across characters, I technically had it already.

I am not sure about how I feel on the achievement sharing change.  On the one hand I am happy enough not feeling like I should repeat some of them or being able to divide up the burden between among characters.  On the other hand, each characters story is mixed in with the others.

After those two quest hubs, there is a third down at the south end of the zone where I got in the remaining few quests for the zone achievement.


That is one I did not have before.

I actually stuck around for one final quest, Be Raptor.

Go on, be Raptor

Go on, be Raptor

That was kind of a cute one.  You take control of a small raptor who has to escape from Zul’Gurub.  I am not generally fond of quests that make you be somebody other than your character, but this one was simple enough.  You have to get through a couple stages of evading to escape.  But if you fail, you only go back to the start of a given stage rather than the whole thing again.  I eventually escaped and collected a bit of upgraded equipment.  You get some nice blue equipment as choices.

At that point I was done with Northern Stranglethorn and needed a new place to go.  The quest givers handed me a quest to head south into the cape, which is the southern half of what was once Stranglethorn Vale.  However, given how far ahead of the zone I managed to get in levels, I thought I had better seek something closer to my level.

So I headed back to Stormwind to see what the big board had to say.

More after the cut.

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The Seductive Comfort of Azeroth

Blizzard sent me a note at some point early last week inviting me to come back to World of Warcraft for seven days, free of charge.  As is my wont, I set WoW to patch, just in case I decided to take them up on this offer.  After all, what else is my computer going to do all night alone?


The offer is apparently good for anybody with an account that has been inactive since last month at some point and lasts through April 2nd of this year.

That patched, I went on with my normal routine until Sunday afternoon, when I hit what Douglas Adams referred to as “the long dark tea time of the soul.”

I had cleaned up a bit around the house.  I had successfully gotten my daughter outside for a bit of sunlight and exercise.  I had completed stage one of the spring cleaning plan for my office, which determined that there was, in fact, a solid surface beneath all of those papers on my desk.  I had taken all the baths and shot all the tanks that one usefully could.  Now I was pottering around, looking for something to do.

Or, more specifically, a game to play.  I had an hour or two of calm and quiet.  I just wanted to get absorbed and carried off for a bit.  Some immersion was called for.  Generally swinging a sword does that for me.

The problem was that, as far as fantasy MMORPGs went, I was facing road blocks of one sort or another all over.

The level 15+ zones in Guild Wars 2 haven’t been cutting it.  My enthusiasm there is waning quickly.

In Rift I have found no real passion for the Storm Legion zones.  I couldn’t tell you why.  I enjoyed 1-50, but 51-60 just isn’t capturing me.  Even after the previous nights adventures, I had no interest in getting to level 52.  It feels like a grind.

In the various versions of Norrath my characters are all looking for new routes forward, which means work not play.

And… well… you know where this is heading.  But what happened when I went there?

More after the cut.

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Trolling in Stranglethorn Vale

After getting Hurmoo up to level 34 via the dungeon finder, he was ready for Saturday night.

Unfortunately, there would be no instance run, as Earl had some RL obligations to attend to, leaving the four of us to work on some more levels in anticipation of the Scarlet Monastery cathedral.  We started off with:

32 Tauren Druid – Azawak (Skronk)
33 Blood Elf Paladin – Enaldie (Ula)
34 Tauren Druid – Hurmoo (Vikund)
34 Undead Mage – Bigbutt (Bungholio)

So we decided to head into Stranglethorn Vale.

I expected Stranglethorn Vale (STV) to be a bit of a challenge for us, especially on a Saturday night.

STV is a contested zone, which means that everybody there is flagged for PvP.  Well, we’ve been in contested zones before.

But STV is also one of the first zones where both factions start really rubbing elbows.  You end up running the same quests after the same targets for the same quest givers.  You get in the face of the other faction.

If the other faction is around.

We started off with the Nesingwary quests, as we were not all at the same step.  Kill 10 is the order of the day with the Nesingwary expidition, and so we did.

Raptor Massacre... er... Mastery

The raptors weren’t tough, by Nesingwary’s camp was a bit dicey.  We got rolled over by a trio of level 40s heading back there and then got worked by a lone hunter.  The hunter was our level, but knew what he was doing.  We were spread out so hit him one by one and he killed us one by one.

Fortunately we were just targets of opportunity for him and he moved on.  Well, fortunate all around I suppose, since we were going to go at him as a group if he was still hanging about.  Fool us once and all that.

After that, we had three quests that required drops from the trolls in STV.  And so began the main even where we killed many, many, many trolls.

Trolling... literally

One of the quests needed 25 drops, so we killed for quite a while.  As a group with a tank, a healer, and DPS though, we were able to slaughter the trolls in large numbers.

Slowly we accumulated those bloody bone necklaces until three of us had all 25.  And then the fourth person noticed that they did not have that quest.

So we shared the quest and went back to the troll slaughter.  It is a good thing that these quests are now smart enough to know who needs the drop and who does not, so getting that last 25 necklaces went very quickly.

As we headed back to turn in the quests, we knocked off a few more raptors while avoiding that group of alliance level 40s.  The defense channel indicated that they had moved from targets of opportunity to hunting down and camping horde players.

We stayed clear of them and turned in our quests.

Slaying all of those trolls left us with quite a pile of pages from The Green Hills of Stranglethorn, everybody’s favorite inventory management quest.  We piled our duplicates into the guild bank.  Hurmoo had enough pages that he went to the auction house, bought the few he did not have, and headed back out to STV.

And then realized that he forgot one page.  Azawak was nice enough to buy it and drop it in the guild bank so Hurmoo only had to get back to Booty Bay to pick it up.

Turning in the Green Hills was enough to get Hurmoo to level 35, so our time in STV was worth almost a complete level for him.  Everybody else was up a level as well, so a good night for the team.

And, while Hurmoo was doing that last quest turn-in, it became clear on the defense channel that a group of horde 80s had arrived to teach the alliance level 40s a lesson.  One of them was hiding in a tent at the Nesingwary camp.  I passed that tidbit of information along before recalling and logging off for the night.

A Nesingwary Sunday

I was finally able to get my daughter away from her alts and back to her alleged main character on Sunday.

Too many alts.

She is truly my daughter in that regard, and then some.  She is coming close to the 50 total characters limit that World of Warcraft imposes on accounts.  I am waiting to hear the wail from the family room that announces that she cannot make another character.

But I managed to get her away from her many Blood Elf alts by basically telling her she couldn’t play unless she got out her level 40 night elf hunter to play with dad and grandma.

Threats worked.  Finally the three of us were back together, all mounted up on our epic cat mounts and ready to take on Stranglethorn Vale.

On the train in STV

On the trail in the 'vale

Our goal was to finish up the Hemet Nesingwary quest line including the terminal quest, Big Game Hunter.

Fortunately, we had worked on the Nesingwary hunting quest line previously, so we only had to finish up Raptor Mastery before going off to hunt King Bangalash.  With the three of us it was a reasonable fight.  One of the pets ended up with low health, but otherwise there was little drama.

We will have to go back to King Bangalash in a few levels as my daughter wants to capture him as a pet.  But she has a long list of animals she wants as pets, so we’ll see.

Once back at Nesingwary’s camp we turned in the quest.

Another achievement.

Then we spent some time working on faction with Booty Bay.  Somehow my daughter ended up hated by Booty Bay which means she cannot do any of the quests there.  So off we went to grind some Bloodsail Buccaneers.

Then, later that very night, I was out in Sholazar Basin with Vikund rolling up some leftover quests in hopes of getting closer to that distant Loremaster achievement when I hit another one.

This is the other end of the Stranglethorn Vale quests, the culmination of a vast slaughter of animals in the game, Hemet Nesingwary: The Collected Quests achievement.

Still a long way to go for the Loremaster, but I am done with the Nesingwary clan… at least until the next expansion.