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The Elder Scrolls Online Wants My Opinion, But Only if I am Quick About it!

The launch of The Elder Scrolls Online came and went back in April.

I played a bit during the beta.  Not that much, just enough for me to get the flavor of the game which, in my narrow point of view on the subject, was an Elder Scrolls game.  The necessary elements were there.

But since I am not a huge fan of the whole Elder Scrolls series, I opted not to buy the game.  It just wasn’t for me, and that was fine.  On to other things.

Bethesda though, they noted that I played in the beta but then didn’t drop $60 on a box, virtual or otherwise.

Late Monday evening they dropped me a note to find out why.  It was a request to take a survey.

Asking for Feedback

Asking for Feedback

It arrived too late for me to consider taking at that moment, and Tuesday turned out to be a very busy day.  But Wednesday morning I had a moment free, so I got out the email and pulled up a blank document for notes to see what they had to ask.

I wanted to give them an honest assessment as well as seeing how they structured their survey.  Bad surveys can be amusing while good ones can be almost as instructive for those taking it as those administering it.

So I clicked on the “start survey” link and… got this:

You snooze, you lose...

You snooze, you lose…

Apparently they had enough responses… or weren’t that interested… or had some sort of artificial time limit.

So they may never find out why I was not among the reported 772,374 people who did join them in Tamriel

LOTRO Survey – Not for 64-bit

Turbine sent me an email asking me to take a survey.  They want to make the game better and all that.

Aragorn wants to know what you think!

The poll starts off in a common enough way.  They ask about what game systems you own, what gaming and news sites you read, what MMOs you’re aware of, and what MMOs you play.

Then, once you’ve gone through a couple of layers of that, the poll put up a confidentiality agreement.

They want to show you something new and cool.  You can’t tell anybody, but they want to know what you think.

You just have to download this plugin for your browser.

Only that plugin doesn’t work with 64-bit operating systems.

No special secret cool preview thingy for me I guess.

I have to wonder how this will skew their results?

I am going to guess that you’re more hardcore gamer is going to have gone for 64-bit to be able to access more RAM.

Anyway, the future path of LOTRO is apparently in the hands of those with 4GB or less of RAM in their system.

STO – Take a Survey, Get a Klingon

I got a note this morning from Cryptic about Star Trek Online.

They wanted me to take a survey!

We’d like to know more about you!

How often do you play the games you love? For that matter, what games do you love? What’s the one thing you’d change about Star Trek Online, if you could?

We’ve put together a special Star Trek Online player survey to learn how we can better tailor the game to your needs. If you visit our special survey page, you’ll find a few questions for you to answer. If you complete the survey, we’ll send you 240 Cryptic Points for your trouble.

This survey is open only to people who have purchased and applied a valid Star Trek Online retail key to their account, and you can only fill it out once, so make your answers count.

240 Cryptic points for taking the survey.  Hey, I would have given them my opinion for nothing, but if they want to give me something, so much the better.

And 240 Cryptic points happens to be the the price to unlock Klingons as a playable Federation race.  So here we are a month after release and they have given us a freebie… unless, of course, you’ve already purchased the Klingons.

Personally, I am going to save those 240 points for something else.  As cool as Michael Dorn is, and he is cool, my Star Trek dreams involve being Kirk, or maybe Riker, but not Worf.

Anyway, if you’re a paid up subscriber, go check your inbox (and spam folder) for the survey.  The questions are a bit light… a bit too light if you ask me… but it only takes a minut