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WoW Custom Guild Shirts

Blizzard put out a note today that you can get a T-shirt or hoodie with your guild tabard and guild information printed on it via an officially sponsored source, SwagDog.

While any guild can go out make their own shirt, and certainly get something more unique, for a members one-off option, this is actually pretty neat.

The prices are a bit dear at $25 for a T-shirt through $50 for a hoodie, but I am tempted to order one for myself with the Twilight Cadre tabard and info on it.

The big problem is that the controls on the order page do not seem to be fully compatible with Firefox or IE6.

It could be that the site is getting over loaded since Blizzard just put this up on the main page, but the site itself says you should be using IE7 and I cannot go there.  Our IT department only supports IE6 for web applications they have created, so I cannot upgrade, even at home.

Still, I like the idea.  I bet this will be a money maker for Blizzard and their vendor once it gets rolling.

Update: This service is no longer available, so I killed the link.