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Tobold Prediction – CCP Bankrupt in 2012

Hey, it is Friday and Tobold has made a prediction for the 2012 MMO market over in the comment thread over at Hardcore Casual:

I am quite willing to bet you that CCP goes bankrupt in 2012. You might want to interpret their “great success” how ever you like, but financial reports don’t lie.

Yes, there was the whole Incarna debacle and the recent layoffs that brought with them a return to focus on EVE Online at the expense of the planned World of Darkness MMO.  But it is a long jump from there to bankruptcy.  Or is it?

Tobold elaborates further with his thoughts on the subject here, while SynCaine has his own view.

What do you think will happen to CCP in 2012?

I enabled the “other” field if you have a different vision of the future.  And, of course, feel free to justify your point of view in the comment thread for this post.

The Truth Revealed! SynCaine Loves WoW!

MassiveBlips is part of a network of “Blips” sites, including one dedicated to World of Warcraft called WoWBlips.

And, like all of the “Blips” site, they try to quantify things, ranking stories and sites for popularity.

Of course, these rankings are all automated and are somewhat dubious in many ways.  But the outstanding example of this has to be the following ranking which I noticed this morning:

Yes, there is Hardcore Casual, ever the WoW fan site, at the top of the list.

We all suspected his WoW hate was just a pose, right?  And now WoWBlips has seen through his charade.

Good luck explaining how this worked out.

(WoW.com is 95th on the list and I don’t even show up.)