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Class Quest Prep for Sunken Temple

We decided that we had had enough of Maraudon in our two runs and turned our gaze towards Sunken Temple, or The Temple of Atal’Hakkar, to give it its proper name.

The Temple of Atal’Hakkar out in the swamp

But there was some preliminary work to be done.  Some of it was the usual rounding up of quests for the instance.  Oddly, my usual starting point for that, Icy Veins, doesn’t seem to have the instance on their list.

Nothing between Maraudon and Dire Maul?

Still, there are other sources.  And some of those quests have lead-ins that we need to do, staring with one to just find the temple.

But there were also some special quests to pick up.  At level 50 all of us were offered a class quest, and while they all have different starting points, they all end up in the instance. (WoWhead has them all listed out.)  So we set out to get those ready.

Between the four of us we had to go to the Blasted Lands, Un’goro Crater, and Azshara.

The warrior quest was in the Blasted Lands and I had already been out there with Viniki to do the first part of it.  That, and the fact that it was somewhat on the way to any place else we were headed… not too far from the boat out of Booty Bay… made it the starting point for the day.  We got on the bird and headed to the Blasted Lands.

Making this even easier, I had already scouted the next step, which just involved killing a variety of mobs who were all located in and around a cave just south of Nethergarde Keep.

It all fits on one little map section

We landed there and Skronk got to use his newly acquired group fortitude spell to buff the group.

Everybody at once

It requires a reagent, which means something else to keep track of, but it gets everybody in one shot and takes less mana than hitting us one at a time, a process that was requiring a break for a drink in order to complete.

We rode out and were able to pick up the kills we were trying for fairly quickly.  The only problem we ran into was a Servant of Allistarj, a mob that just refused to die.  You would knock them down to one hit point, and then nothing would stick.

The Servant of Allistarj abides

We ended up having to just run away from them if we ended up aggrod.  That was a minor inconvenience, but it did slow us down a bit.  Later I looked up the mob and found that you needed to get them to one of the local pylons to finish them off.  That would have been handy to know at the time as one of those pylons is literally in the background of the above screen shot.

Still, we wrapped things up and I was able to update the quest chain with the Fallen Hero of the Horde just over the zone line in the Swamp of Sorrow.

Quest update please

From there we were off to Un’Goro crater and the druid quest for Moronae.  That meant a boat trip, some flying time, and a ride across Tanaris to the pathway down into the crater.

The path is at least well marked

There we needed stingers off of the Gorbashi mobs, which are in the south end of the zone.  The quest notes say they come off of the bugs in general, but we only ever got drops from the wasps.  Given the low drop rate, we were there hunting for quite a while.

A stand up fight or another bug hunt?

We persisted, killed a lot of bugs, then finally got the final drop.  Then there were some bloodcaps to be found, but those drop from the bloodpetal sprouts around the zone.  We found some of those fairly readily and were able to finish up and update the quest back at the path down to the zone.  From there we needed a devilsaur.

However, time ran out for Moronae.  He had announced a hard stop time, but misunderstood and discovered that time was when he actually had to be at his destination so the stop time was moved up considerably.  We had just enough time to run over to Marshal’s Refuge and the flight point, where he camped.

With Moronae out, the next stop was Azshara, where both Skronk and Ula would find their quests.

Azshara is a zone I mostly think about in its post-Cataclysm, crazy goblin rocket ramp state, a much different place than the WoW Classic version of the zone.

A Panda riding the rocketway during Mists of Pandaria

Even getting there was a bit of a chore.  We decided that the nearest flight point was in Ashenvale, but that required use to ride almost the full length of the zone before Azshara finally came into sight.

The bridge into Azshara

We remembered enough to go grab the flight point that, for the Alliance, is off to the right almost immediately after entering the zone.  Then we went in search of the quest giver Ula needed for the mage quest line.

This led to one of those quirks of the old days.  The NPC she needed to speak with is in a tower in the zone, but it is up on a ledge and you need to use what is essentially a teleporter in order to get up to it.  We found the area from which you teleport.

This will get you to the tower level

There is an NPC there you need to speak to in order to be teleported.  But you don’t just ask him to send you or click on a cog wheel item.  The NPC has a quest, and you take the quest, then complete the quest, after which you get teleported.

The quest isn’t part of the mage quest line.  Anybody can do it.  It is just one of those things that probably got setup before somebody decided on a standard way to teleport people.  Blizz wouldn’t do this as a quest today.  But back then, a lot of things seemed like they were figuring it out as they were doing it.

The quests themselves, it was a two-parter like mine and Moronae’s, were straightforward enough.  Go slay, get drops, return, go slay some more, get more drops, and you’re done.  We just had to go find the mobs.

Riding around in the high plains of Azshara

Skronk’s quest was even more simple.  We had to find a quest giver then run off to slay some non-aggro mobs for drops.  The drop rate was low, but we had the area to ourselves, so we were able to kill steadily until he had the final drop.  Both sets of quests took place in the same area of the zone.

Around here, which is the only part of the map I have filled in

Once everybody had their quests turned in, we were about set.

We still have to go back and finish off Moronae’s class quest preliminaries, as well as running down any lead-in quests, so there might be another week of ground work.  But we should be able to get into the instance soon.


Visions of a Sunken Temple

This is the second in my series of… well… at least two videos about World of Warcraft.

The first video was focused on the exploits of our regular instance group in their first year together in Azeroth.

This time around, the focus is on a single instance, the Temple of Atal’Hakkar or Sunken Temple.

If you are viewing this in a mobile device or RSS reader, the video can be reached via this link.

More information about the video is available after the cut.

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Sunken Temple – Round 2

Sunken Temple last Saturday provided us with a unique view of the changes that patch 2.3 introduced.

You know, that patch that some hard core players are still decrying in Ironforge at all hours, shouting for all to hear that Blizzard caved in to the noobs or some such.

Or maybe that is just my server.

Anyway, we ran Sunken Temple the Saturday before the patch and then the Saturday after the patch, so we had a pretty fresh comparison. Things certainly changed. Even us, being a bit higher level. Our line up for round two was:

51 Warlock – Bungholio
52 Priest – Skronk
52 Mage – Ula
53 Paladin – Vikund
54 Warrior – Earlthecat

Since we had spent some time over the course of the week picking up the remaining quests for the instance, we were able to just meet up at the summoning stone for the instance, buff up, and surge forward.

The first thing we noticed was that the yard trash (I cannot write that without thinking of Unrest in EverQuest) around the instance was all non-elite. The mobs were not all elite previously, but a good chunk of them were and we had to take at least some care in getting through them. Now we just ploughed ahead.

Even inside the instance there were a few more non-elites wandering around. It was not as drastic a change as outside, but there were a couple of points where people in the group said, “Wasn’t he elite last week? Or at least a higher level?”

The second question was correct all over the instance it seemed. According to WoW Wiki, the level range of mobs in the instance went from 44 to 60 down to 47 to 50. A more focused level range is probably better, when it comes down to it. Having mobs from level 44 to 60 seems, to me, to be a bit broad.

Once into the instance, we started on the first quest of the night, the Secret of the Circle. This involved fighting our way around a circular hallway and turning on lights in the right order. Once we cleared all of the mobs and got the order straightened out, we managed to get them all lit, which brought forth a giant serpent in the center of the circle… and a guardian. We slew the guardian, Atal’alarion, who coughed up the Headspike with his dying breath. Here we are squaring off against him.

Target marked

And then, after the victory party, posing in front of the serpent.

Victory shot

The serpent, the end of the quest, came up with some nice parting gifts wrapped up in a decorative Hakkari Urn.

We then went down the path we followed the previous week, which meant again slaying the guardians Gasher, Hukku, Loro, Mijan, Zolo, and Zul’lor to open the way to Jammal’an the Prophet.

We cleared a path from the guardians to Jammal’an’s altar without any drama and then took him down. He left us the Vestments of the Atal’ai Prophet that went to Ula.

As with last week, we’re all here on his altar for a group shot.

At the altar again

We then headed out to the middle of the circle that forms the main section of the zone and slew the two dragons, Dreamscythe and Weaver, as well as clearing out some of the dragon kin that were out there.

We then started clearing the way to the Avatar of Hakkar, to finish up the quest The God Hakkar.

This involved getting to the room of the avatar and then summoning him. As you wait for him to arrive, you must slay his minions, some of whom drop blood, which is used to extinguish braziers in each corner of the room. It is a running battle to slay, loot, extinguish, and move to the next brazier, but not insurmountable by any means.

Once the last brazier is out, the Avatar of Hakkar shows up. We slew him, looted his essence, and each of poured the into essence into the nearly half dozen eggs of Hakkar that we all had, which closed off the quest, leaving only the final turn-in way back in Tanaris. (As the reward, I took the Avenguard Helm.)

That done, we were only left with the Shade or Eranikus, who spanked us pretty thoroughly last week.

However, that spank was in part because we left his minions alive in the center of the instance, and they come running when he calls for help. So we first set about clearing that lot out so that we would have Eranikus to ourselves.

The last pair, before Eranikus are Morphaz and Hazzas, an pair of dragons. Last week I had a shot of us fighting one of them. This week I have both of them!

Double Dragon!

That done, we faced him at last. He had been changed since last week. Last week he was level 55. The patch demoted him to level 50.


So, in the end, the fight was not dramatic. Here we are, the opposite of the picture from last time, us alive, Eranikus dead.

Our turn to slay him

Eranikus left of the Rod of Corrosion, which the casters obviously wanted because the reverse psychology came out pretty fast. “Oh that thing, it sucks,” was uttered almost immediately.

And with that, we were done with Sunken Temple.

We ran around, turned in our quests, and called it a night.

The Patch

The most obvious changes post-patch were to the mobs outside the instance, which are all non-elite now, and to the level range of mobs within the instance. The level range in the instance, which is much tighter now is a double-edged blade. Which it makes sure that the is not half easy and half hard for a given group, it does also limit the level range that can access it. On the balance I think the tightened level range is probably a good thing.

At quest turn-in time, we also noticed a change with the patch. We had several quests that were over 10K experience at completion. Up to this point, the best quest I had ever seen was in the 6-7K experience range, so it looks like that change was for real.

And then there were drops from named mobs, bosses and mini-bosses. They are all supposed to drop blue, or rare, equipment. During our first run through, we received a few uncommon drops from bosses, especially from the six guardians. This week, we received no green drops from that group. In fact, we got no drops at all from that group. So, on the average, the drops were better, but we did not get as many. I suppose that meant we sold back less stuff, but I wouldn’t call that a clear cut improvement.

All Done

So that was Sunken Temple. Not one death on our part this time around, which makes the story less interesting. Screw ups, set backs, and desperate battles are more fun to read about.

We will have to see how we fare at our next target, Blackrock Depths.

Sunken Temple – Round 1

Instance night started off on something of a bad foot last Saturday night. As 9pm approached we found that logging into World of Warcraft was not possible. We all got stuck at the “Authenticating” message, though once or twice I hit “Handshaking” and then sat there until the connection timed out.

I foolishly went to the Blizzard support forums and got the message that the server was too busy.

The server that runs the support forum, that is. Every time there is a hiccup in-game, in gets slammed.

After a few attempts I managed to get in and saw more than a few threads with the word “authenticating” in the title, indicating that we were far from alone in this issue.

After about 20 minutes things were set to rights and we, along with all of the other desperate masses, were able to log in.

Of course, that did not stop somebody from starting a “Class Action Lawsuit” threat in the Blizzard support forums. There is at least one in every crowd, and since the WoW crowd is so big, you get multiples. The last I saw the person who started the thread was being shouted down pretty unanimously. Still, that sort of thing makes your head want to pop.


Meanwhile, back in the game, we decided to head towards The Temple of Atal’Hakkar, otherwise known as The Sunken Temple. We talked a little bit about going back to Maraudon for a farming run, but decided to press on to Sunken Temple. While we did not have all of the quests for the instance lined up, everybody had their level 50 class quest ready to go, so we headed on down to the Swamp of Sorrows. Our group:

50 Warlock – Bungholio
51 Priest – Skronk
51 Mage – Ula
52 Warrior – Earlthecat
52 Paladin – Vikund

We headed on into Sunken Temple to knock off everybody’s class quests, three of which had the same set of objectives (voodoo feathers) and two of which required the death of somebody named Morphaz. And, while we were there, we thought we might as well knock over Jammal’an the Prophet for another quest, then probably call it a night.

And we did very well in accomplishing our goals.

Of course, there were trolls, undead, and dragon kin all about coming for us.

Target marked behind

But we slew all who opposed us. Ula did get killed once in a hot fight where she ended up with a bit too much aggro, but that was our only death in the pusuit of our goals. (After reading the post on paladin blessings on Blessing of Kings, I think we might be able to solve that with some better buffing by me.)

We got in and killed the guardians Gasher, Hukku, Loro, Mijan, Zolo, and Zul’lor (which seems to be Luzor spelled sideways) who, in total, dropped all the feathers needed by Bung, Earl, and myself for our class quest.

We then cleared our way to Jammal’an the Prophet, though clearing out the area before the altar where Jammal’an lives is about as tricky as clearing out the cathedral in Scarlet Monastery, so we were extra careful. Fear wards are highly recommended and we cursed the designer at Blizzard who put a 30 second cool-down on that priest spell.

The fight with Jammal’an went well. At a couple of points he turned Earl into some sort of monstrous minion who would then turn and beat on me for a while.

But if that was Jammal’an’s ace in the hole, it was found wanting. At the end, we were the ones still standing.

Fighting the Jam

We slew him, took his head for our quest, and let the squishy casters roll out over the Gloves of the Atal’ai Prophet that he dropped. Then, having slain our main boss target for the night, we took a picture on his altar.

Post alltar-cation

(Note that some of us are wearing the new Twilight Cadre tabbard. It is IWW chic.)

But we had to move on. We still had Morphaz to eliminate.

As we headed out of Jammal’an’s annex to get to Morphaz, we found Dreamscythe and Weaver, two dragons, flying around the center circle of Sunken Temple. The apparently spawn on the death of Jammal’an.

So in what may have been my first real dragon fight in WoW, we pulled them one at a time off to a corridor and slew them. (Okay, yes, real dragon fights take 40 people 6 hours in pre-cataclysm Norrath, but this is probably as close as I am going to get these days.) Here we are taking on Dreamscythe. Or Weaver. They looked pretty much alike, so it is hard to tell.

Dragon fire on!

Having cleared them away (Dreamscythe only dropped some leather gloves, continuing our roll of back luck with drops that started when all of the guardians dropped either leather or mail items) we went down the hall and took on Morphaz and his sidekick Hazzas, who are also dragons and who look remarkably like Dreamscythe and Weaver. Okay, I understand the concept of art asset reuse, but come on Blizzard, four identical named dragons in a space of 100 yards?

Despite the fact that Morphaz and Hazzas came as a pair, we took care of them and wrapped up our last goal for the evening. Everybody’s class quest had been completed.

Then we looked up the hall and saw another dragon, sleeping peacefully.


We thought we might go in and wake him up. Sure, he was level 55, but we were on a roll. So we started in on him.

And then we learned/were reminded that every mob left in the area comes to help old Eranikus when you attack him. So while we started out well, not too far into the fight a good half dozen dragon kin rolled in and kicked the spit out of us. Complete wipe, no chance of anything else. Here we are, dead again.

Another wipe for the books

As more of a challenge than any real hope of continuing the fight, once the other mobs left the room, Skronk used the soul stone, revived, the proceeded to bring us all back to life. We formed back up and headed out under our own power, kicking in the teeth of a couple hapless mobs we ran across. Honor restore, we declared victory and Ula opened up a portal to Ironforge.

From there we all flew off, turned in our class quests and called it a night.

So our first venture into Sunken Temple went pretty well. We still have some quests to collect, bosses to slay, and, of course, a score to settle with Eranikus.